I had six little rascals here at the house on Tuesday. Fun times. Of course we made valentines. Of course.

This is a mash up of a couple of projects I’ve seen on Pinterest… masking before painting + putting the watercolor paint directly on the paper so there’s no mucking up the paint pots. Everyone has their own. It went beautifully. And there is some definite artistic instinct in a couple of the kids. That’s fun to see.

If I were to do this again [and I think I definitely will], I would try that frog tape that supposedly seals at the edges when it gets wet. This blue tape is fine, but kids are really wet in their watercoloring and there was bleeding under the tape. It’s absolutely ¬†wetness problem, as some kids had more than others. Please note that in her tutorial Amy uses contact paper. That isn’t something I had on hand, thus the painters tape. I don’t know if it would work any better. I think the problem was the water color paper texture. Also, ¬†Depending on the kids I would possibly limit the color pallet even more than I did. We had a couple with some really ugly colors [ever mixed purple and yellow? Blech].

Here’s the low down:

  1. I free-hand cut the letters out of painters tape. First with scissors and then, when that was a little bit sticky + awkward, I stuck the tape directly onto my cutting mat and used an exacto knife for everything except the O + B. Much better.
  2. The paint I used came from Wal-Mart. Go with the cheap stuff. Nobody’s passing out awards here. I think it was $7 for a 12 pack. Obviously some colors we didn’t use, but I’m sure we will eventually.
  3. Apply the paint and let it dry completely. This is something you’ll want to prepare a bit ahead of time [at least a few hours]. I liked putting the paint directly on the letters. It saved the paper from over saturation and pilling.
  4. I used watercolor paper. I love the texture and I’m willing to pay a bit more for it. Plus, it doesn’t roll and bow as much. A definite plus.

That’s it. Easy peasy.


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