That’s Purdy…and there’s a GIVEAWAY!!

We are giving away everything you need to make this project – INCLUDING THE RUFFLER FOOT!!  (Not including the sewing machine – lol) Just FOLLOW us and leave a comment and you will be entered to win our drawing! Don’t forget to tell your friends!  The more followers we have – the more we can giveaway!!  Check back next Monday to see if you are our winner!!

I borrowed the brain of my friend last week (a favorite past time of mine) and we made these FABULOUS table runners!  The great thing…it doesn’t have to stop at a table runner.  Once you make this project, you’ll get the concepet and  it opens up a lot of possibilities.  Place mats, dish towels, blankets, napkins…need I go on?

You will need:

1.5 yards of fabric for the main piece (we used canvas for durability)

1 yard of fabric for the ruffles (we used muslin)

Ruffler Foot for your sewing machine (or you can ruffle it by hand)

Sewing machine

To make the Ruffles: (I definitely recommend making the ruffles first – because you may want to adjust the width of your runner to the size of your ruffles. It took a few practice pieces to get the width right)

1. Cut fabric strips to 6″ Wide x 45″ long (it was easier to make the ruffle the width of the fabric so you have a finished edge on the end of the ruffles…)

Note: if you don’t want a finished edge you can cut it to just 3″ wide.

(I know raw edges are all the rage right now – but I fear the washing machine outcome)

2. Iron the fabric in half so that it’s 3″ wide

3. Feed the rough edge through the ruffler. (Note: the ruffle length can change by adjusting the stitch size on your machine.  A few test strips is a good idea to see how tight you want your ruffle and what fits with the width you want your table runner.)

To make the Runner:

 1. Cut the canvas to 2 pieces (we made ours measuring 50″ Long x 17″ Wide)

(Hint: one great thing about canvas – just make a cut on your mark and you can tear it straight!!)

2. Sew together 3 of the 4 sides

3. Press (iron) the seams 

4. Turn inside out

5. Fold in the open ends, pin together and sew shut

Putting it all Together:

1. Make sure the length is right

(Note: a little short is ok – as long as you’re pinning it – you can break the thread and slide the ruffle to the right place.)

2. Sew on your first ruffle.  (I sewed the first one to the edge of the runner so it hung)

3. This is where you need to decide the distance you want between your ruffles.  Just eyeball it until it looks right.  ( I spaced mine 1″)

I recommend sewing on one layer at a time – because dang it if those pins don’t hurt!

Yes – I learned the hard way!

4. Keep adding layers until all of your ruffle desires have been fulfilled…I stopped at 6 ruffles per edge – but to be honest…I really considered making the entire runner ruffles.  I still could….hmmm…..

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  5. Oh how lovely! I didn’t even know there was a such thing as a ruffling foot! I don’t ever want to make another ruffle by hand again. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial and giveaway with us. (And I’m a follower).

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