You and I Together

Did I mention that I can’t seem to let go of Valentine’s Day? I’ve moved onto cheesy pick-up lines for inspiration. Awesome.

This is assignment one of an online class I’m taking. The Art of Poster Design. It’s supposed to be just a really cute ABC poster, but I just couldn’t resist. I think I might have a small problem. Are you ready for an intervention yet? Let me know when you are. I can move on [she said with great amounts of resolve + willpower].

How about a little review of the class so far? Awesome! The projects are fun and Jessica Sprague is, hands down, theĀ best teacher I’ve taken an online class from. And I’ve taken a few. Not only that, but the class forum is great for answering questions both large and small and even slightly embarrassing. For example, as I was making this poster all of my fonts were looking off and possibly bold, only I didn’t bold them. I have a new computer and I’m working Photoshop now instead of Elements. They are just different enough that every once in a while I spend obnoxious amounts of time fumbling around lost. So the font problem… I tried help, I tried Adobe help, and finally, I tried the class forum. Within 5 minutes I had the answer. Apparently ‘bold’ is sticky in Photoshop. Click it once and it’s there until you un-click it. Even if you change projects. Even if you close Photoshop. Bold. Sheesh. I wonder how long it’s been like that? I felt like such a dork. But hey! How about that class forum, eh?

ps. I sent kisses to the responder. I’m sure he blushed :).

pps. All of the fonts on this poster came from

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