Chalkboard Menu Board Wall


I love all of the chalkboard fun happening out there.  So – I decided to create a menu wall with it!  My kids LOVE it!  And I love it – because I can remember why I bought cabbage!!  I’m a lot better about making dinner – when I’ve made a menu and shopped for it!  And it makes me happy to look at it!


Here’s how to make them yourself!!

Step 1: Find your Frames.

Some of mine are picture frames, some are mirrors.  I just looked for specific shapes.  I hunted goodwill, flea markets, craft stores, antique shops to find a variety of picture frames & mirrors that would look good together.

I didn’t want them to all look the same.  Luckily I found a top and a bottom that kind of line everything up well.

Step 2: Remove and Clean the Glass/Mirror

Just pop out the glass (or mirror), clean it well.  I recommend using a window scraper, or razor to remove any build up or glue.

Step 3: Prime the glass

I used a gray primer in a spray can.  I didn’t want to see any brush marks.

Step 4: Paint with Chalkboard Paint.

I like: Rust-Oleum 1913830 Chalkboard Spray, Black, 11-Ounce.

{Again, I prefer the spray paint as opposed to canned chalkboard paint because it goes on so smooth with no brush marks}

Step 5: Let it dry

Step 6: Paint the Frame {optional}

While your chalkboard is drying, you can paint the frames.  Most of the frames I chose were gold…which wasn’t the look I was going for – so I painted some white and some ivory.  Once the paint was dry, I used a piece of sandpaper to “rough up” some of the edges.  This actually makes the details of the frame stand out more.  It looks really one dimensional if you leave out this step.

Step 7: Glue the Glass into the Frame.

Place the glass back into the frame and run a line of hot glue around the back.  That way, it isn’t wiggly while you’re writing on them.

Step 8:  Hang Them

When hanging them – try to arrange them with what works best for your space.  I tried to keep any that were too similar away from eachother.  You may notice that I only have 6 days…I’m still on the hunt for frame #7 :0)

I had pondered on using a mask to paint on the days of the week…but decided against it for now.  Sometimes I forget to thaw out the chicken for a meal and have to make something else instead – this way I have the option of moving things around.  But I look at my circle frame and can just envision “Tuesday” written following the lines of the circle on the top…sigh…

Step 9: Stand Back & Admire Your Skills

{Just be prepared for people to try taking them off of your walls.  HA!}

Here is my wall…all done. Really – the hardest part of this project was finding the frames!!


Chalkboard Menu Wall


I hope that you’ll be inspired to make a menu board of your own!!





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