Ahhhh…Ribbon on Display…makes me happy!

I love Ribbon.  I would venture so far as to say that I’m slightly obsessed with it. Going into a scrapbook store and standing in front of the wall of ribbon is one of my favorite things!  And when my budget is a little tight – I can walk out of there with a few yards of ribbon for next to nothing and be happy I got something fabulous!!

So…I have a problem…that has been established.  The next issue…I don’t like using my ribbon.  I know!  I’m crazy.  (I have the same issue with scrapbook paper)  So…for me these ribbon holders are just too much fun…because I get to see my fabulous ribbon collection displayed in a fabulous way!  But for those of you who will actually be removing and using the ribbon – this candlestick holder is wonderful because the spool just spins while you pull.  WONDERFUL!

You probably won’t need as many as I have…one will probably suffice.  But…at least since I made a bunch to hold some (yes, this is only my cutest ribbons) of my ribbons you get to see more options.

And…it’s SUPER EASY and pretty cheap depending on the candlestick you pick out!  May I suggest thrift stores and flea markets?  You can get really cute ones for $1-$2!!

What You’ll Need:

1. A Candlestick.  There are 2 types.  Pillar and Tapered.  The pillar has a flat surface that you’ll need to drill a hole in.  The tapered has a ready made hole!  **Note – It is taking ALL of my willpower not to paint these white and antique them!  I really don’t think my willpower will last long though…***

2. A wooden dowel. If you already have your ribbon – you can look at the size you’ll need to slide the ribbon spool onto.  Take a spool to the store if you need to to make sure they’ll all fit on.  I used a 3/16 round dowel.   For my toole ribbon I used a thicker dowel – because the hole in the spool is bigger.

3. Hot Glue Gun

4. Lamp Finial.  This is totally optional – but I put them on top so they look more finished.

How to Make Your Ribbon Holder:

1. If you chose a pillar candlestick – you need to drill your hole slightly larger than your dowel.

2. Fill the opening with hot glue (this is step one if you have a tapered candlestick) Fill it all the way up for more stability!

3. Place your dowel into the glue – I used a level to ensure it was straight – hold it in place until the glue sets.

4. Slide on your ribbon spools.

5. Cut the dowel off at the desired height.  I used some awesome kitchen shears – but garden pruners work fabulously as well!  If you’re using a thicker dowel – I suggest figuring out the height before you glue and using a saw to cut it to the right length.

6.  Place your finial on top and admire your ribbons on display!!



p.s. I apologize for the blurry pictures.  One handed photography in bad lighting…not so good.

p.p.s.  For any other ribbon lovers out there…here are the links to some of my favorite ribbons…just in case you need to start a collection to display on your candlestick holder ;0)

p.p.p.s. (is that real?)  Last thing…I found this cute vintage spool at a flea market this week…it works great to put ribbon by the yard onto.  Or…I also used some small wooden spools from hobby lobby for smaller amounts of ribbon. (they are shown in the main picture at the beginning of the post)

Okay – I’m really done now.

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