Cheap Store Bought Curtains CAN Be Fabulous!

I bought these curtains from IKEA.  I loved them because they have a texture like linen and the color is kind of an oatmeal natural color (they also come in white – and with RIT fabric dye – you could really make them any color you want!).  They hang great and the best part is – they are $19.99 for 2 panels!  They come with the tie backs that I used for the bow and also with hemming tape!

I wanted a more dressy look for my piano room…and this is what was born.  I kinda love it.  The best part (aside from the curtains are really cheap…) it was SUPER EASY!  Here’s How:

Check Your Length:

**Note: The curtains are long to begin with (98 inches) but I have 10 foot ceilings.  To make sure I had enough curtains for the poof at the top and the puddle at the bottom – I bought an extra package. ***

1. Cut the tabs off of the top and then cut the panel in half.

2. Sew the cut raw edge to the  bottom of each panel.

**Note: You may not have to do this – it just depends on your ceiling height.***

Hang Your Curtain:

If you sewed on extra fabric – hang the seam at the top.  That way you can hide it in the poof.

I used Clips for this – but there is a panel in the back that the rod will slide through.

Tie The Bow

In my pack – the curtains came with tie backs.  Buying the extra pack gave me the 2 extra tie backs to gather the curtains twice. These were perfect! ** Note: If you need to make your own – they need to be at least 28″ to tie a good bow.

1. Tie a bow at the very ends – this will leave a loop at the back.  Click on the image below for a Martha Stewart Tutorial…

To Gather the Top:

1. Slide the tied bow up the curtain to the place you would like your gathers.

2. Pull the curtain up through to make the “poof”.  Play with it a bit until you have the look you want.

3. Place a nail higher than the point you want your bow to hang.  This will allow the curtain fabric to drape through the tie back.

**Note:  I placed my first nail 20″ from the rod on both sides and 20″ below that for the second gather.  Make sure they are the same on both sides.  It will be easy to adjust the fabric to be even – not so easy to adjust the bow height!!

Repeat these steps for as many “poofs” as you would like to have. 

Since I used a full half panel of extra fabric…my puddle at the bottom is pretty big…but I like that look.

Please leave comments to  if there are any questions!!



8 thoughts on “Cheap Store Bought Curtains CAN Be Fabulous!

  1. So beautiful! Nice work. I’d love to see a picture of the rod too so you can get the “full effect” 🙂 These definitely say Piano Room but could also be use in a number of different spaces. Where did you buy the curtains from so cheaply with the tie backs? I’ve never seen that before.

    • Hi Jo! I got the curtains at IKEA. You can order them online or get them in-store. I love them. They look like linen without the price! They also come in white. :0)

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