It’s Raining Now

Anyone know where that quote [in the title] is from?

At our house we’ve been working over some big, game changing possibilities. It’s a little daunting and I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride of life. Excitement and anticipation pull me up, up, up. Doubts and fears shoot me right back down. Today I decided to take action. Inspired by this and this I put together a Rainy Day File of sorts.

As I was preparing this post and went looking for the inspiration links I realized that it’s nearly exactly the same as the one at Oh Hello Friend. Hmm. Must have made a huge impression on my mind. Such a great idea. 🙂

Regardless, you’re still going to get the post I put together. Just call it my take on a fabulous project that turned out surprisingly close to exactly the same…

The papers I used are, very appropriately, from a paper pack called Cirque Du Ciel. I created a PSD file with the strips as masks if you’re interested, it’s in the box. You can drop in whatever papers you choose. The jump rings are from Michael’s I think they were $2.99 [even less with a coupon].

These were a little small to type up. If I were to do this again [and I think, at the very least, I will be adding to it] I will type first cut second. Handwriting is always nice and easy too.

That sexy beast for breakfast one is awesome. I laugh every time I read it.

To wrap up the project you just roll up your strips and secure them with a ring [though I think a paper strip or string would work just as well] I like that the rings are non-destructable and therefore reusable and they hold their form while trying to stuff the papers through. Fill the jar.

Add a label [also included in the paper strip download]. Done and done.

So that’s it. Easy peasy. This is what I needed in my life today. I really really love the idea of turning it into a jar of mini love notes though. I  think I’ll try that next.

One last photo of my lovely typewriter. I got it for $5.00 a few years ago. Didn’t even know I was looking for one. Awesome.

5 thoughts on “It’s Raining Now

  1. I know they say it in Disney’s animated Robin Hood. When the mice give Friar Tuck their last farthing that they were saving for ‘a rainy day’. And he does his goofy laugh and says, “Well, it’s raining now!!”. I don’t love that movie at all. It’s not my favorite disney cartoon or anything…HA!
    I love this project! So many possibilities – and I have typewriter envy. What a fun color too!!

  2. Love that idea Mindy! How cool would it be if you’d been married 50 years and had 50 different little notes? That would be awesome.

    ps. I thought it was a nice use of some really fun paper. 😉

  3. and then i said, “i am totally doing this.”
    our 12th anniversary is next week, how perfect would this be?
    pretty darn perfect.
    thanks for the inspiration my friend!

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