Our Take on SMASH Books…


First of all…I apologize for being absent for so long.  Life got crazy and something had to give.  Sadly, my blog and my laundry were the first to go.  But, all of the awards assemblies and end of school activities have come to a close and things should settle down a little bit.

With that said: I would like to share what I have recently discovered: SMASH Books.
(Apparantly I’m slow…they’ve been around for awhile, but I just discovered them.)  They come in different themes that will fit pretty much any personality.  I was in LOVE with the product!  Not so much the price tag. Ouch. They were $12.99 at Target…but they are on sale at amazon right now…click the images for pricing…

The accessories they sell with them are absolutely creative genius.

Little sticky tabs, journaling prompts, tape, all wonderful.  The best feature?  The pen.  They call it a SMASH Stick and it has a felt tip fine point pen at one end, and a glue stick at the other.  I tell you…I fell in love.  But again, the price tag.

I have 4 kids, so the price tag goes up quickly…and all of the pages aren’t exactly what I love.  So inspired by the smash books, and by Jodi’s last Photo Friday Post, I thought: “I could make that”.

(my husband cringes every time I utter those words.)


You’re invited to do the same. I’m going to print out the pages for my kids, let them do their thing, and scan them to go into our family year book. (much like the books Jodi made for her Teachers) They won’t be quite as fabulous and “SMASHY”.  They won’t be able to add all of the paraphernalia sticking out everywhere…but at least I’ll capture some of their fun personalities and keep them busy this summer.

I have 2 boys and 2 girls with very different personalities – so I tried to capture their personality in the font.  Buy the book, use my page, create your own…or let your kids draw the whole thing :0)  Either way, lets document these fun times.

The first page I’ve created, is just a simple “I AM” page.  I printed it and had my kids write things that described them.

For instance: my 5 year old wrote:

A Lego Tornado

A Little Bit Fat (He’s not)

Diabolical (I may have whispered that one in his ear)

While my 8 year old daughter wrote:

Fabulous at catching butterflies

An Artist


They drew pictures on the pages, used different colored crayons, basically just made it their own.

So…here are the first pages for your downloading pleasure.  Click HERE if you want all of the images.

Or… individual pages can be accessed: just click on the image you want to download and it will take you to the box where you can print them or save them.  I left a white background so you can print it on whatever color cardstock you like, or add in your own digi paper. :0)

I used Splendid Fiins Ledger paper  for the background and the fonts I used are: 5th Grade Cursive, AL Modern Type, Clementine Sketch,  &  Agent Orange.



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