Road Trip Survival Kits!

Vacation Time is upon us & if you have a long (or short) road trip ahead – I thought I’d share my sanity secret with you!  I made these Road Trip Survival Kits for my kids.  They are color coded so they know who’s is who’s.  (most things in my house are color coded.  towels, dishes, toothbrushes, etc.  It makes it easier!  Instead of saying “who left their towel on the bathroom floor? I know exactly who the offender is…ha ha!)

Anyway…back to the kits.  The bags I used are the niftiest part….they are Hanging Travel Toiletry Bags from the luggage section. (Although, looking back, I wish I had bought them online.  They have some with separated sections with zippered pockets, things would stay sooooo much more organized than these wide open ones I bought a few years ago…)

Why get these instead of something else?  Besides having lots of pockets and lots of room, 1 reason stands out:

These bags come with a hook securely sew in, so you can hang it on the headrest of the seat in front of you in the car!

So that leads us to what you want to have at arms length on a road trip?  Obviously, you will know what your children like, so I’ve just stuck in some suggestions…

Coloring supplies:

I like colored pencils as opposed to crayons, because I live in Phoenix…crayons melt.

You can get these handy cases in the school supplies section at target.  Again, color coded, so there is no question who’s is who’s.

I love these Pocket Doodle Books.  And they are the perfect size to fit into the small bag.  They have them for girls, for boys, for kids, monster themed, etc.  My kids like them more than regular coloring books because they leave room for using your imagination and almost ends up like a journal.  Here is a sample page:

But, they are a little on the pricey side…here are some cheaper alternatives you can find with the coloring books at most stores:

Obviously, you’ll want to buy age appropriate things.  Older kids really love the mad lib books.  I love listening them crack up at the fun stories you end up with.

Next on the packing list:  A Water Bottle…Color coded of course!  Obviously, you can just use a throw away one if you’d like. I got these at Target, they came in a 4 pack for $6.

The next item has proven necessary on past road trips.  Especially if you have a 5 year old.  That kid is messy!!  Nice and conveniently placed in their bag so they can clean up their own mess and you don’t have to stop reading your book in the front seat!

The All Important SNACKS:

Obviously personal taste will come in here, a few suggestions are:

Ring Pops – they last forever and usually don’t get dropped on the floor because they are attached to their finger instead of a stick.

Packaged Nuts – I don’t feel as guilty about sticking in some sweets if I’ve added some nuts in there.

Licorice Ropes – They seem  to be a big hit in the car.

I try to buy pre-packaged things, but for things like veggie straws that don’t come that way – I love these containers!  Here is a link: Bernardin Freezer Jars – Plastic – 8 oz Or, they are in the canning aisle with all of the preserve bottles.  They are Freezer Jam Jars  & I love them for making a trail mix, pretzels, frozen grapes, or any other kind of snack packing you’re going for!  Unfortunately, not color coded – so I just write an initial so I know who’s is who’s.

Other ideas are:

polly pockets or lego mini figures

travel games (like magnetic checkers – check out your game aisle)

Handheld gaming devices

Their own disposable camera to document the trip (It keeps them interested in what’s outside the window)

We’ve been using these bags for a few years and they have made the road trips SO much more pleasant.  Letting them have a say in what goes in to them helps immensely!

Happy & Safe Travels!


8 thoughts on “Road Trip Survival Kits!

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  2. I have this on my mind too right now…coming up on that season! One thing that I always do for the kids too is I print up a map of where we’ll be traveling each day and then give them their own laminated map with a dry erase pen (that I tie to the headrest in front of them) and I periodically call out cities we’re passing by so they can keep track of where we are. It greatly reduces the amount of times I hear the question, “how much farther????”

    • That is GENIUS!! I mentioned it to my husband (he’s a little obsessed with maps) and he was ready to run out and get them! Wonderful idea! Thanks so much!

  3. i am another color-coder!! life is so easy going the color-coding route. my girls also love the pocket doodle books, wish i knew they came in a “girl” version. but i am sure my middle daughter would make that one gross anyway. thanks for the great ideas! i will have to add those to our travel bags.

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