Wanna Scratch?

I don’t know about you…but I love to scratch these little stickers.  And not knowing what reward lies underneath makes it that much more fun.  So – I thought maybe it could motivate my kids to do their jobs :0)  And just because I like you guys so much – I’ve made the cards available for you to print.

Because I have 4 kids – I made 4 styles of cards.  2 girl, 2 boy.  I also added a file with the job lines blank – so you can fill in your own jobs in photoshop – or handwrite them in.  You can download them HERE

To print the cards:

I used 4×6 Blank Index Cards (which should be pretty cheap in the school supplies sales right now)

Set your printer settings to 4×6 paper size (most have this for photo printing)

Once you’ve printed your cards (I printed off 10 at a time so that I have them on hand, ready to go) you need to write the rewards in the gray circles…make sure to randomize them!!

Add your scratch off stickers.

I used THESE for the boys cards and THESE for the girls cards.

Place the sticker over the rewards – OR –  if you remember Mandi’s project study – you can also use  Sharpie Paint Pens

Once they’ve finished their week’s worth of jobs – they get to scratch off ONE sticker to reveal their prize.

To redeem their prize – they just turn in their card.  Easy Peasy.

Here are some of the rewards we wrote in:

Treasure Box (items that your kids LOVE, but don’t cost a fortune.  Small lego packs, squinkies, mini-figure packs, etc)

30 Minutes Technology Time (i-pad, xbox, wii, computer, whatever your kids choose or you have available)

$$Extra Buck$$ – They get an extra dollar added to their check book

Free Day – One day free of jobs.  This can be used retro-actively…like if they didn’t get their stuff completed one day.

Gimme 5 – Extra $5 in their checkbook (this will not be used very often – ha ha)

Ice Cream Date with Mom & Dad (this can be done in your kitchen after all kids go to bed – or taken out)

Extra Bedtime Story (for the little people)

Late Night (get to stay up late and play a board game or other activity with mom and dad)

What are some prizes your kids would love to have?  We’d love to hear & share the ideas around!

I think I might make some of these cards for my chores around the house!  Maybe it will motivate me!!  Ha Ha.

****UPDATE: I have made amends – click on the image to see them



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    • Thank you! It has been working SO great! I just posted today about the checkbook system we use to keep track of their allowance. They work great together! Hope you enjoy!

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