I have made amends…

So…after 1 whole day – it’s obvious…the scratch-off job cards just aren’t working for my family.  I have one child that just can’t seem to go a week without leaving something on his card blank.  It’s frustrating him, because he doesn’t get to scratch off his prize – it’s frustrating me – because he isn’t doing what’s expected of him.  Too much frustration!  I think we need to try this with baby steps.

Plus – I didn’t like that it wasn’t broken into morning and night routines.  They need to pray twice – brush teeth twice, etc.

So – we discussed it – and this is the solution:


I laminated the checklist – so it can be reused everyday – and put it on a clipboard with a dry-erase marker.  If they complete their checklist they get a “caught being good” card – which will have a scratch-off sticker with a reward underneath.

This way – they get a fresh start everyday.  The week was just too much…and one bad day meant no reward for the good days.  I think this will be a much better system for our family!

But – I think I’m still going to use the other cards as a bonus reward for the kids that go above and beyond and have the perfect week!!  Maybe I’ll make those prizes a little more enticing…hmmm…

Plus – I can randomly give out the “caught being good” cards for outstanding behavior throughout the day.  YAY!  I can just envision it now…my children will behave – my house will be clean – we will close to God.  Yep.  It’s gonna happen!

You can download them HERE.



14 thoughts on “I have made amends…

    • I know!! I’m such a check box slave. Have to do whatever it takes to check that little box. It owns me!
      Luckily – my children are the same way. Good Luck!

  1. Great use of positive reinforcement. It’s a pity more parents don’t realize that is the best way to encourage good behaviour! Even if it’s a work in progress, I say, “Bravo!”

    • :0) Thank you! I know – the kids are soooo excited to scratch off the stickers. I’m still going to use the first cards as a bonus prize if they’re able to be good the whole week. Hopefully once the habits are established we can go strictly to one card per week :0)

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