DIY Jewelry Gift Box

I found these darling crown napkin rings for my friends birthday gift – but the packaging was not so cute.  So – I decided to make a jewelry style box to give her.  I thought you might like to see how I did it…

What You’ll Need:

A Paper Mache Box that will fit the items

Foam (I used egg crate foam I had laying around from packaging)

Fabric to Line the Foam with

Hot Glue Gun (Fabric Glue would work – it just dries slower and I’m impatient)


Exacto Knife (not necessary – but nice)

How To Make It:

Step 1: Cut your foam to fit inside the box.

Step 2:  Place the foam inside the box

Step 3: Using an exacto knife (or scissors) cut slits in the appropriate places.  Put the items in to check width & depth.

Step 4 – Remove foam from the box

Step 5 – Using the foam as a guide, cut the fabric slightly larger than the foam.  You will need enough fabric to tuck into the slits and wrap the sides of the foam.

Step 6 – Run a line of hot glue along one edge of your foam.

Step 7 – Place one edge of fabric along glue

Step 8 – Tuck fabric into first slit – while it is tucked in (deep) use your exacto knife to cut the fabric.

Step 9 – Pull fabric out of slit – with your fingers – spread the slit and run glue as deep as you can on each side of the slit.

Step 10 – Place fabric back inside the slit, make sure to secure it to the glue. Repeat with as many slits as you have.

Step 11 – Wrap & Glue the remaining fabric around the foam.  Tuck and glue as needed.

Step 12 – Place the foam back in the box. Put the items in place.  Then I used a butter knife to smooth out any wrinkles.



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