At least that’s what he called it.

I had completely forgotten all about it.

And then, as I was borrowing the correct spelling of voilà [I am not proficient in the special character aspect of blogging and must resort to borrowing correct spellings on occasion], informed me that voilà is a great word to know and so is slumgullion. Then I was asked to guess it’s definition. Which I randomly happened to know.

You see, every other month we will have a Relief Society meeting called Fun with Foods. Last month a pastry chef brother from the ward was asked to come and share his favorite quick and easy breakfast foods. He let us each try our hand at preparing crepes and then he fixed us slumgullion. His favorite throw together breakfast.

I made it for breakfast this morning and considered taking a photo, but realized that sometimes photos are not necessarily the best selling tools. Which is to say, if I were to share a photo it’s very possible that no one would try the recipe simply because it doesn’t look appetizing. At all. But it is. I promise. And it’s so very simple…

For my kidlets and I [that’s five] this is what I used:

1/2 lb sausage [we like Jimmy Dean’s sage flavored sausage] or a few slices of bacon

5 slices of bread

5 eggs

  1. Brown the sausage [do not drain].
  2. Break the bread [bite sized chunks] into the pan with sausage and drippings. It isn’t necessary to break each piece individually… stack a few together and chunk them up.
  3. Stir the bread around with the sausage and drippings for a few minutes so it can soak up all that good, um, flavor.
  4. Crack the eggs into the pan and mix them up with the rest of the ingredients until done [I interpret eggs done when they are no longer shiny… these will cook up similar to scrambled eggs with a bunch of other stuff mixed in].
  5. Serve + enjoy. Seriously.

A few notes:

When he made this he actually used bacon. Truthfully I’m not a fan of bacon, but it gave a great flavor in this mix. Though I did avoid actually eating the bacon pieces. It’s more of a texture thing for me. We use sausage because I don’t buy bacon.

There are no rules here. Ladies kept asking him how many slices of bread he used, how many eggs, etc. He had no idea. He just threw some stuff in. I kept track of what I used so I could share. I know some people like actual numbers. I’m more of a tosser-inner myself. I think this makes just enough to feed those of us at home during breakfast. My boys think they would like more. It won’t fit in my skillet. I don’t want to use a bigger pan.

Wiktionary says slumgullion is a stew of meat and vegetables and the images that pop up [if one were to choose to google the word as I did] look much like what we call goulash around here. So I like that he called it slumgullion.

And my kids love it.

ps. The photo above is obviously not of slumgullion. It’s just fun. And every post needs a fun photo.

The end.

pps. Happy Halloween

ppps. I found a reference to slumgullion that may indicate where this particular recipe originated… Apparently Jack Kerouac talks about making slumgullion in his book The Dharma Burns. It was made with home fries and eggs.

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    • Yeah, bacon… It has a great flavor and all, but I just can’t make myself eat it. Especially when it’s still chewy [I may or may not have just had a gag reflex thing going on 🙂 ].

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