I Am Here

Christmas Whites Treasury by Amanda of Her Beautiful Life... Fantastic.

Just thought I’d pop in to share… My Merry & Bright printable was featured in this fantastic collection of Christmas Whites at Etsy. So exciting. Mostly I just love how the print looks with all of the other beautiful projects.

On a different note, I’m sick.

Well, mostly we’re all sick around here. I’m just the only one who can’t mask the symptoms with drugs and feel like a normal person. But, I’m planning on getting some December Daily goodness up tomorrow.

If all goes well.

I’m in need of some accountability.

So there you go.

ps. Don’t forget about the FIFTYOFFDIGI and PURDUEAVE15 codes good for both the Purdue Avenue Shop and Bubblegum Alley [links in the sidebar]. Codes are good until Saturday night.

8 thoughts on “I Am Here

    • Thanks 🙂

      As far as sick goes, at least there’s no vomit this time. Then again, croup is no fun either. I always think their windpipe is going to completely close off and they’ll be toast.

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