Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

I’m loving the brown bag look this year.  I’ve made my advent calendar out of them…


It’s really easy to make them…

Step 1:

Trace a star onto a brown paper bag


Step 2:

Stitch around the star.  Just pivot your needle to get a sharp turn.

**Pivot means to leave the needle down – raise the foot – turn it the direction you need to go next – lower the foot.**

**Also – just a note – if you give yourself a excess thread to start – you can use that to hang your star!


Step 3: Cut around the star outside of the stitching – make sure to leave a little space so that you don’t cut the stitches.

Step 4: Stamp or handwrite the numbers.  I only do 12 days of Christmas – because an activity every night for 25 days makes me super tired!


Step 5: Punch out as many tags as you have stars, then write 1 activity on each one – then slide them inside of the star at the opening we left in step 2.


Here is a list of possible activities:

Visit Santa

Hang your lights

Decorate the tree

Watch your favorite Christmas Movie

Make neighbors goodies and go caroling to deliver them

Drive around looking at the lights while listening to Christmas tunes

Make cookies for Santa (this is Christmas Eve for us)

Draw family gift exchange names and go shopping!

Make an ornament (we do this every year and the kids decorate their tree with them)

Do an act of service for someone in need

Write our “Gifts to Jesus”

(every year – we write something we will try to improve about ourselves and wrap it up – we open them the following year to see how we did)

Go see the lights at the temple and listen to the Nativity while drinking Hot Cocoa

(the LDS Temples do a fantastic job putting up beautiful lights and have a Nativity Scene telling the story of the birth of Christ.)

Those are ours…what will yours be?
Step 6: Hang the stars wherever you like.

I hung mine from the ceiling by tying a knot in the thread and stapling them in place.

Hanging from the tree would be cute too!!  Or just tuck them into some garland and don’t hang them at all…



On another note…but along the same lines…

I LOVE paper mache boxes.  I’ve been collecting them for a few years – and I’m hoping to someday replace wrapping paper all together.

I love the idea of being able to slap their gifts into “Brown Paper Packages” and “Tie them up with String”.  And be done.  That would be a favorite thing…ha ha.  (By the way – here is a link to Some GREAT TWINE!)

Here are some ideas of how to make them fabulous:

1. Keep it pure. Just the box, some string and some Jingle Bells


2: Cover them in fabric or paper

**Spray the box with spray adhesive (or use mod podge) and smooth fabric into place.

Wait for it to dry and then trim the excess fabric ( I use an exacto knife to trim)


3. Line them with Vintage Tinsel

**Just run a line of glue around the edge of the box, and press the tinsel into place.  Super easy!


4. Polka Dot It

**I used the end of a glue stick and a craft paint stamp pad.  The bottom of an eraser will work,

or anything you can find around the house…


The great thing about these boxes is that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they nest together for easy storage.

And they can be used for Birthdays, Christmas, Impromptu presents, other holidays!!  Just keep reusing them!!

If you don’t want the expense of the boxes – but love the look of Brown Paper Packages – Target has a GREAT wrapping paper in their stores.

It’s just Brown Kraft – but has gray pinstripes – so it makes it look a little more sophisticated.  I am loving it.


And – you can get the chalkboard gift tags in my shop – ;0)



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