Christmas Eve Dinner

A few years ago – my husband and I were into watching Hell’s Kitchen.  Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington always sounded DELICIOUS!! My husband was always drooling a little bit when they would show it.  So – for Christmas 2 years ago – I surprised him and made it for our Christmas Eve Dinner as one of his presents.

Since it was Christmas – I wrapped it like a gift ;0)Beef-Wellington

He absolutely LOVED it!  And it’s become a tradition to have this Christmas Eve.

You can get the recipe HERE and watch the instructional video HERE

To make the bow on top:

Cut the extra puff pastry into 3 long strips

Fold both ends of one strip into the center (so that there are 2 loops)

Wrap a small piece around the center to hide the seam

Place the bow in the center.

Lay long strips down both sides of the bow

Cut 2 small pieces to hang and notch the edges

The tradition at our house is that we get to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve – our PJ’s.

So I set a really fancy schmancy table – and each person has their gift to open on their plate.

We open them, and change, and eat our super fancy dinner in our new Christmas PJ’s.  I love it.

It helps that the PJ’s have an elastic band with this deliciousness…I’m just sayin’…

That’s what we’ll be doing tonight!  Have a Very Merry Christmas!!  And don’t forget to enter our GIVEAWAY!!


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