A Place For Everything…

I am a firm believer that if you have a place for everything…then everything will be in it’s place.  You never have to wonder where something is if it has a specific place that you know you will find it.  For those of us that are riddled with ADD – this is a necessity.  Nothing would be found otherwise.  Ever.

So I’m going to start with my craft room and hopefully inspire you to get your organization on.  Life is blissful when it’s organized.  When it’s not – chaos takes over.  I can’t handle chaos…so I’m a little anal.

The problem I see with organization is that it comes with a price tag most of the time. There are really good cheap alternatives to what I’m showing you…and I’ll try to suggest them as I go along.

First thing is getting some furniture that makes sense for your needs.  I knew that I needed a large work space, because I do a lot of fabric cutting and “spreading out” when I project.  So – instead of a desk – I use a kitchen table.  I found it on Craig’s List (which is a great place to find cheap fabulous furniture.)

It was a little beat up – so I painted it and I love it!

These canvas frames are greta and easy and cheap ways to usefully fill the wall space above your desk:


Once you have your workspace – it’s time to find places to stash your “stuff”.  My husband calls it my crafty crap.  But – it is my happiness.  So I’m a little offended by it being called “crap”.  Again – Craig’s List is a great place to look for these things.  My friend used a dresser and an armoire and had some shelving installed.  It works fabulously!!

I was blessed enough to be given some office hutches that perfectly matched the built in bookcases in my room. (Thanks girls…) And they have been HEAVEN!!


This one is great – because it has closed off cupboards that hide the “less pretty” things I have – but are still things that I use and need to have handy:


And I love having the drawer – because I’m kind of obsessed with drawer organizers.

Seriously – it might be clinical.




You can find drawer organizers pretty much anywhere.  Walmart, Target, Staples (though – they only carry black…weird…) But I am especially in love with THESE ONES
that have a top level that slides back and forth for even more places to put stuff!!!

The other was open shelving – so I had to organize the stuff in a way that didn’t look like chaos.


Enter: these fabulous IKEA boxes. (For some reason it is only showing their biggest size…if you click on the box and click “size” it will show you all of the available sizes) I LOVE THEM!!!  I’ve had them for awhile – so I was worried they wouldn’t be available anymore – but lucky you…they are.  I love that I can see exactly what is in there and they come in several different sizes.  So – from glitter to chipboard pieces to rub-ons to fabric.  You can organize them and not cringe at the storage box. For a cheaper alternative – you can use shoeboxes and modpodge some fabric onto them – or just paint them and then attach a bookplate
on the front.

Here is a close-up of the boxes


So pretty.

I was lucky enough to end up in a home that had beautiful built-in bookcases.

{But if you weren’t – no worries –  there is another post coming this month that may help!!}

But – if you were – here are some thoughts on how to organize them:

Bookcase-1I love the craft specific furniture that has built in rods for wrapping paper…but it’s easy to get the look.  Just pick up some Cafe Curtain Rods  They are spring loaded like a shower curtain rod – so you just twist them into place.  I used the holes that are used to adjust your shelving as guides to keep my rods straight.


The wrapping paper is in the front and I’ve got the ribbons in the back.  All I do when I need some is pull off the amount I need and use a Scotch Paper Cutter to quickly cut a piece off.  It works great!!

If you have a collection of some kind – you can display it on the shelves.  Like this:


I love Martha Stewart.  I love her magazine.

It appeals to the “I want to know how to do EVERYTHING” person in me.

As a result – I can’t throw them away.  Slightly “hoarder-esque” of me…but there it is.

I don’t love the wooden holders they are in – but that will be a post for another day.  {I have big plans} but I do love the idea of having them out on display instead of packed away in a box forgotten about.

If you’re the scrapbooking or paper-crafting type – here are some tips for storing that kinda stuff:

Paper Storage

I got these metal ones at Target.  They hold 3 rows of paper each – so it makes it easy to organize by color or pattern or texture or whatever floats your boat. The point is: they hold a lot. ;0)

And if you’re a punch freak like me  {because you haven’t been able to purchase the silhouette that you dream about at night} here is a clever way to display/store your punches.  If it looks to messy for you – you can install them inside of a cupboard.


I used this rod from IKEA {you’d think they pay me for this…but they don’t – HA!}

Once you have the big furniture taken care of and you have the storage boxes you need and everything has a place – it’s time for the fru-fru.  {I call it that – because my husband does.}  But – just because it’s fru-fru doesn’t mean it can’t be functional.  Here are just a few suggestions:



Like this tape dispenser from Anthropolgie that I use for my Washi Tape!!  I was out Christmas shopping, and well, I couldn’t help myself.  So – I wrapped it up and said to my husband “There really is a Santa!!”

Normally I wouldn’t spend that much on a “fru-fru” item – but – well…

I just couldn’t put it back.  You understand, don’t you?

Well, that was eternal, wasn’t it??  Ha Ha.  Hopefully it was helpful and has inspired you to organize your creative space.  If you have a question about any resources I didn’t mention – I’d be happy to help!!  Just leave a comment – you know I love them!!


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  3. These are some wonderful inspirational ideas to keeping your studio organized. I love how everything has a place. It will help you when you go to create! I love the punch storage idea and canvas pin board. Definitely going to be thinking about those as I work on my studio space. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Why thank you!! I’m a big collector. I have a hard time using what I buy – because then I won’t have it in case I need it. (Looney Toons, right??) So I needed a lot of places to put things!!

  6. Awwww. She would love what you’ve done with them Erin!!! I do too. When are you coming to NC to get me organized. Your family won’t mind, will they? It couldn’t take more than a year or 2 to get me organized & properly fru-fru’ed.

    • Thank you…so sweet!
      I do think you need to come here for the fru-fru fest, though. I don’t know where to shop in NC! And you still owe me a trip to Sweet Salvage!!! ;0)

    • Thank you!! It makes me happy, too!! I think that’s why I have such a problem in IKEA. I can walk through most of their sections without a problem…until their organizational stuff…then I lose any self control…Ha Ha.
      I’m glad you liked it!!

  7. Oh my gosh, this kind of thing is just too exciting look at all those beautifully organised shelves and boxes! Love the idea with wrapping paper. This is it project house now for me…

    • Yay!!! I’m so glad it was helpful!! It makes all of the time posting worthwhile!! ;0)
      Good Luck with it!! For me – it’s fun – I hope it’s fun for you, too!!

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