No Storage Space?? Shelving is the Solution!!

I would like to continue with the organization theme…because January seems to be the time I feel like getting it together.  Today’s post is all about what to do when you have a lack of storage space in your home.

I’ve told you before that I have amazing friends with amazing skills – and that I’d love nothing more than to steal their brains for a few days.  Well, my good friend let me do just that for this post.

2 of my closest friends and I all have the same house floor plan.  And while I love my house – one thing that it’s lacking is storage space.  It’s a fairly large home – so it really kind of irks me that I have nowhere to store things.

One of the spaces that seems to lack above all others is the kitchen.  It’s lacking cupboards to begin with – and then add to it my obsession with serving stuff.  Platters, Cake Plates, Cloche’s, Pitchers, Napkin Rings, Plates, Chargers, Napkins, Tablecloths…where do you put it all???  Here is the solution that my friend devised.  {And I will be replicating as soon as the budget allows!!}



This shelving is from IKEA. {I promise – they don’t pay me for this stuff!}  And is fairly cheap.  You couldn’t buy the wood to build it yourself for what it costs to put together!! To make it you will need 2 of the side units and as many of the shelves as you would like.  (They have different depths and widths – so measure your space and change the size in the drop down menu!!)

She painted hers black and added casters to the bottom.  I have plans of painting mine white and adding crown molding to the top and paneling to the back {Don’t worry – I’ll show you when it’s all done!!}

But I love that all of her favorite pieces are out on display, but easy to get to when you need them.  (kind of a functional fru-fru mentality like in my last post)

The crates are great! They look fabulous and they are holding her larger platters and cloche’s in them.  A few other things to put in them: Your tablecloths, napkins, silver trays, glasses…you get the idea. ;0)


And I just love the canisters.  Perfect for storing silverware, napkin rings, place card holders,

or the immense paper straw collection that you have. (oh – is that just me?)

Things that there are a lot of and you don’t want them out where they can get dusty.


I love the way she arranged the plates and pitchers.  They look fabulous all stacked – but she can easily grab what she needs.



And I am really excited about being able to display my cake plate collection the way she has…



Because this is how my collection is stored now…


…all shoved away in the top shelf of my pantry.  Out on display I will get to see them and enjoy them –

AND I’ll be able to get to them without doing a circus performance!!

Not to mention that I will gain a lot of useful space in the pantry for things that really belong there!!

I have this same shelving collection in a few places in my house.

In my playroom (I’m so embarrassed that I’m showing you this – all of the shelves aren’t painted because I have grand plans that don’t involve red)


As you can see – they have narrow shelving as well that attaches to the wide shelving so you can mix it up.  They also have the corner shelves and the crates at the bottom.  (I added the wheels – but they were also at IKEA)

I also used this system under my stairs for some of our food storage.  (Like I said – my kitchen is seriously lacking in space!)


{I tilted the shelves by putting the back pins 2 holes higher – so that the cans will roll forward and it rotates my food for me!}


I did leave the bottom shelf straight to store things that don’t roll, like flour and sugar and pasta :0)

To keep the cans from rolling right off – just cut a piece of wood 2 inches longer than the inner width of your shelves and slide them in to act as a stopper. I used 1.5″ x 3/4″ sticks from Lowe’s and had them cut to 33″ long to fit this shelving system.


So – if you feel like you just don’t have places to put things – like me ;0)

I guess the moral of the story is – go to IKEA.  Ha Ha.  Just kidding.

The moral of the story is – that shelving is a fantastic solution!

You can use storage boxes  like I did in the last post  to store your napkins and tablecloths.  Use urns to store utensils or use apothecary jars to store napkin rings.  Think about what you have and find a stylish way to display it.  Good Luck!  And happy organizing!!


8 thoughts on “No Storage Space?? Shelving is the Solution!!

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  2. What’s the name of these shelves? And do you know where the cute wood crates came from? Also, in your pantry, did you just add strips of wood to keep the cans from rolling off? I may have to come study yours!

    • Hi Wendy! They are the IVAR system. There is a link directly to what you need if you read through the post. I don’t know where she got her crates. My guess would be Home Goods. I’ve seen them there. :0)
      And yes, I just added a strip of wood in the front. It’s just sitting there – I didn’t attach it. If you read in the post – I have the cut lengths and everything if you use the same system :0) I’m glad you like it!!

  3. Erin! I love it! Love the cute shelves & diplaying the cake plates 😉 i am most fascinated with you shelving under the stairs. That is fabulous! Love it 😉 my organization skills are definitely limited but i will say having bins helps a lot & the wire shelves u can get at walmart helps to stack stuff in cupboards. I am convinced no matter how much cupboard space or how big the pantry is we will never have enough space 😉 the more space you have the more you buy (or maybe thats just my sickness? lol)

    • I believe that I suffer from the same disease ;0)
      Great suggestions on using the bins and wire shelves!! You are welcome to study the pantry under the stairs in person if you’d like ;0)

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