The Love Game

I saw this super cute idea on Pintrest…

game of love

But the thought of taking my mattress off and measuring and tracing all of those shapes and writing in everything made me tired.  Ha Ha.

And then I had a moment of brilliance (they happen from time to time)

And I thought…


I can just print them, cut them & iron them on!!  And my need for simplicity is fulfilled and all is right with the world.

{Pat, Pat, Pat}   {Yes, I’m patting myself on the back.}  {And using the cute brackets a lot}

So, because it’s Valentines Day and I love you all…you can download the template for my board game pieces.



For the title at the top of the sheet I made this that you can download as well.

Then just cut out the words and iron on to the sheet…




****in the download I’ve already mirrored the image for you***

{If you want to make your own…the fonts that I used were FIFTH GRADE CURSIVE and BUDMO}

So here are the steps to creating this for yourself at home…

Step 1:

You’ll need to purchase from the store:

1 fitted sheet the size of your bed (Walmart has them in individual sheets so you don’t have to buy a whole set)

2 packages of iron-on transfer paper

1 red sharpie marker if you are handwriting your game pieces (not needed if you are using photoshop)

Pink & Blue Felt (Just enough to cut a heart out to move around your board game)

Step 2:

Download and print the heart game pieces and the title sheet onto your iron on transfer paper.  (run a practice piece first so you know which way your paper feeds)


Step 3: For Photoshop Users (If you are handwriting – skip to step 4)

Open up the downloaded image in photoshop

Place text boxes int he center of each heart and type out your game pieces

{Don’t forget to rotate the text box for the upside down heart}

Flatten the image (Layer > Flatten Image)

Flip the image Horizontally ( Image > Image Rotation > Flip Horizontal)

(This mirrors the image so when you transfer the image to the sheet it isn’t backwards)

Step 4:

Cut out the iron-on hearts {I stapled about 3 sheets at a time together to make this process go faster}


Cut out the words to the title individually – so they can be put across the top of the sheet


While you are cutting – I cut out felt hearts (one pink, one blue) to use as our game pieces

Step 5:

With the sheet on your bed, and a hot iron ready to go (you may need an extension cord)

Place a cookie sheet (or other hard surface that can take some heat) under the sheet on the spot you will be ironing

Place the image, printed side down onto the spot you want it to be


Iron it into place according to your iron on transfer package directions.


Repeat this step until your board game is set up.

Then go back and CAREFULLY peel away the backing.


If your letter starts to come up, leave the backing on and re-iron.


Step 6: For Hand Writing the Game Board

Once the hearts are ironed into place:

Using a SHARPIE (I suggest red) write in your game pieces

**I’m not going to give you too many suggestions as to what to put on your game pieces. {Sorry – my mom reads my blog – ha ha!!}

Some that I WILL suggest are:

Make sure to put in “move ahead” and “move back” spaces

Also add in “remove 1 item of clothing” or “replace 1 item of clothing” spaces (there IS an ultimate goal here, people)

Wrap up “Gifts” with instructions inside – so some of my pieces will say “choose a gift and follow the instructions inside”  I’d have about 5 of those.

(think Nightie, or massage oils, ugh, TMI)

OF COURSE!  You’re going to want to have “Draw a Kiss Me Card” spaces – probably 5 or 6 of those. You can get the Kiss Me Cards Deck HERE or the printable cards HERE

Step 7:

Make the bed as usual and your hubby will be pleasantly surprised when he climbs into bed that night!!

Have some dice ready by the side of the bed.  {May I suggest THESE fuzzy red dice?  Hillarious!!}

Although – if you use only 1 – the game will last longer…so I guess whatever you want – 1 or 2 ;0)

Step 8:


Don’t forget to have a playlist ready of your favorite Love Songs.  Here are some of my favorites!


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