I’m in Love…

Cupid’s Arrow has struck my heart, and I’ve fallen in love with these super cute ideas for Valentines Day…

Cupid’s Arrow Truffles on a Skewer

Such a fun idea for a party or in a cute box as a gift for your friends

I will be putting fruit on my arrows for Valentines Dinner with the kiddos!!


This quote from William Shakespeare


This just makes me giggle…

I can’t find the original source though…


Paper Bag Heart Garland…this would be super easy to make!!

Again – I couldn’t find the original source…


Chalkboard art ideas from Babble

Just paint chalkboard paint directly onto canvas, put it in a fabulous frame and hang it.

As shown HERE

screen-shot-2013-02-03-at-2-09-38-pm screen-shot-2013-02-03-at-2-10-13-pm screen-shot-2013-02-03-at-2-05-50-pm

These FREE PRINTABLES from Jones Design Co.


This would be so easy and would add a simple Valentines Day touch to a bookshelf…


And here are some ideas, tutorials and free printables from me :0)

Loving this toothpick arrow idea.

It would be cute with a raspberry or small strawberry, too!


to make the arrow:


1. Glitter a small square of cardstock (or buy glitter paper)

2. Spray with aerosol hairspray to set the glitter

3. Punch out, or cut out the arrow tips (you will need 2 per arrow)

4. Place a small dab of hot glue on the end of a toothpick

5. Wrap a strand of glitter eyelash yarn around the end of the toothpick

6. Place the sharp end of the toothpick through the fruit of choice

7. glue the un-glittered sides of the arrow point together over the toothpick



I love this for giving to a friend…

To make the pennant:

Download and print the image

{I like to use Newsprint paper for this – but any paper will do}


Cut into strips

Then V-Cut the ends of the pennant:


Make the Flag Pole:

Use Wooden Skewers (in the kitchen section – get the thick ones, not the thin)

Wooden Beads (found in the wood section of craft stores by the dowels)



****Place some double sided tape on the top of the dowel


Stick it in your flower pot or vase and make someone smile…


I’ve seen this cute Valentine going around – but had to “cute it up” with the tinsel spark and tag…

You can get the instant download tags in my etsy shop.

{Click on the image to download the tags}



And I saw this cute image floating around that is no longer available ;0(

So I made it into a tag…


And I don’t have a cute something to attach this to…but I thought it was cute…


And I PROMISE that finishes out my Valentines posts for the year ;0)

I hope that you have a happy one!!


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