Bring the Outdoors Inside This Spring by Forcing Bulbs Indoors

I live in Arizona – so spring began about a month ago…and I LOVE IT!!  I love Spring.  Easter for me rivals Christmas as one of my favorite holidays.  Everything about spring screams new life and the resurrection.  The bulbs that you planted last year and then they died away, come back to life just in time to remind us of the resurrection of our Savior.  So, as I see all of the bulbs and tubers that I’ve planted in the yard start to bloom at this time of year, I find myself wishing I could see more of it indoors.  This is why, when I decorate for Easter, I’m really just trying to bring my garden indoors.  It makes sense.  It reminds me of the reason we are celebrating Easter, much more than the Easter Bunny does.

So, I thought with this post that I would show you some of the ways that I bring the outdoors in as I decorate my home for this very important holiday….

Obviously, you’ll want to bring in pictures of Christ – I especially love this one – it shows his tender side.  The white tulips and ranunculus remind me of His perfection and eggs are definitely Easter friendly decor.  I just stuck the arrangements and nest formed out of dried grass into some milk glass vases that I found at goodwill.


My local grocery store sells these pots of adorable mini daffodils.


I can’t help but put them in my basket.  Last year I bought several pots of them.  Because they’re not cheap, I knew that I couldn’t do that EVERY YEAR…so after they died away last year, I saved the bulbs by wrapping them in newspaper, and storing them in the fridge.  (Much to my hubby’s dismay)  About a month ago – I pulled them out to force them to bloom indoors…

Enter my project for today:


You can use any bulbs – I just happened to use the ones that I’ve had in my fridge from last year…

So to make this fun project you will need:

Container of your choice.  I had this one hanging around…make sure that it’s cleaned and washed.


Fill it with potting soil to about 5 inches below the rim of the pot and water the soil well.  I poke holes in the soil before I water so that it absorbs below the top layer well.

Then layer in your bulbs or tubers – I pack mine in pretty tight. If you use different varieties they will bloom at different times, making the show last a little longer ;0)


Cover with another few inches of potting soil

Then top with grass seeds or moss


Add another thin layer of potting soil and water well.  Don’t flood it, just a nice slow watering (placing a bunch of ice cubes on top and letting them melt slowly is my method of choice)

Once you have it nice and wet, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in a warm, sunny spot in your house. (or take it outside until it blooms)

**Normally I use a plastic grocery bag, but this pot was a little too big for that…


Then wait about a week or 2 and your little indoor garden will start to grow.

If you feel like you don’t have much of a green thumb, and would like something like this for a centerpiece at your Easter dinner – you can do the same thing without the wait!  Just go to your local nursery (Lowe’s is my favorite because they guarantee their plants) and get some Moss {I used Irish Moss in this arrangement} and some bulbs that have already bloomed.  **Choose a plant that still has some buds ready to open to enjoy the arrangement longer.

Take the bulbs – roots and all (don’t worry about breaking them – they’ll recover) – out of the soil that they are packed in and place them randomly around the planter area.  Then fill in with the moss and soil from the pots.


Use a spray bottle to water this arrangement.  You’ll still want to keep them in a warm sunny place, or the flowers will wilt sooner.

Your kids will just love it if you hide some easter eggs in the scene as well…


or maybe a baby chick…


Then you can cut some of the flowers for smaller arrangements to use around the house.

I love these that I put into the antique bud vases I found last year:



Or use an egg cup…


If fresh flowers aren’t your thing…you can always get the same effect by creating a little outdoor garden scene in a basket using silk flowers like this:


I placed a piece of foam into the the pot to stick the stems into, and then covered it with moss.  Then add moss into the basket to fill around and a few tipped pots with a small nest and egg inside.

Then, of course, I had to give the whole scene a sprinkle of glitter…because everything should sparkle a little bit ;0)


However you choose to do it – bringing springtime indoors is a great way to decorate for Easter and giving some meaning to your decor with reminders of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For a great Easter Egg Hunt with some meaning – check out Mandi’s post from last year where she makes some Resurrection Eggs.


They have a free printable of the scriptures that you need to put inside the eggs!!




6 thoughts on “Bring the Outdoors Inside This Spring by Forcing Bulbs Indoors

  1. Love it. Last week I had a vase filled with white’ish daffodils the girl picked down the street. I love when she brings me flowers, but feel bad that I have to tell her not to because the neighbors? They don’t love it so much.

    • Also, looking at that photo reminds me that I still need a good [more message appropriate] nail for egg #9. Keep your eyes peeled for me.

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