Good morning everyone! Mandi here. I am just about ready to begin this Scrap-along! It will start in a few minutes at 11:30 am MDT. I’m going to go ahead get the little man climbing on my back situated with PBS kids and a snack… and cross my fingers that he’ll cooperate!.

This is where I’ll post the steps. They’ll be in color for distinction. If you need an intro on the how-to of a Scrap-Along you can see those below.

Let me know if you have any questions as we go along. I’ll be here, chatting and playing along with you.

Here is how a Scrap-Along goes:

* I will post a new instruction every 10 minutes for the next hour for a total of 7 different “rules” for you to follow in creating your layout. I will update this post with each of the instructions.

* At the end of the hour, when all instructions have been given, you will then have until next Wednesday to complete, save, and upload to gallery of your choice [or e-mail me a screenshot/copy and let me know in the comments so I’ll know to watch for it…].

Bubblegum Alley Meet Me Here kit teaser by Mandi Miles

* After you upload your layout to the gallery of your choice make sure to come back to this thread to let me know you’ve posted your layout with a direct link [ps. instructions on how to do that at end of post]… everyone who participates [determined by a finished layout linked up before next Wednesday] will receive a mini-kit courtesy of Bubblegum Alley Design Company [that’s me, Mandi].


Are you ready? Today we’ll be dreaming of places to meet. Here we go!

1. Choose 2 photos. One of a person and one of where you’d like to meet them OR of something than represents the message you’d like to convey [ie. could be a photo of yourself]. If the meet place is a dream there are some great photos on Wiki Commons. Also, keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical place, the place that keeps coming to my mind is in the middle.

2. Choose one background paper and any coordinating papers you think you’d like to use. Add your chosen background to your layout canvas.

3. Add your photos to your layout with any frames and/or techniques you’d like.

4. Make a connection between the photos in some way… i.e. overlap them, have an arrow from one to the other, lines/dots.

5. Using a favorite font write the words: MEET ME HERE. Use your favorite technique to jazz them up… i.e. embossed, stroke + shadows to make a sticker look, shadows + warp to make a paper cut look, grunged for a stampy/painty look… you choose. 

6. Choose and add up to three decorative elements of your choice. 

7. Complete your layout with journaling or a favorite quote. 


So that’s it. Send me your links and I’ll send out your freebie. Thanks for playing along!

Here’s mine:

Mandi Miles | Meet Me Here

ps. How to post links in comments:

1. Copy + past the code below into the comments

2. Replace the yellow section with your link

3. Replace the bolded portion with your words to identify the link

<a href=”http://www.location of image to link“>Here’s mine! Or other words of your choice here</a>.

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    • Yes. Absolutely. I understand. I’m still trying to work out today’s post. Pine Wood Derby, FHE, crying baby, wandering toddler… etc 🙂

      • Busy lady! I understand the wandering toddler one. Mine took off during Pack Meeting tonight and thankfully his grandma found him running around on the front lawn of the church when she came. He also escaped during Story Hour at the library last week. *sigh*

  2. I’m not totally happy with it – and it took me 2 hours instead of 1 :0P
    And I’ve got to walk away at some point…so here it is! Here’s my Link!.

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  4. Very fun!!! Sorry I wasn’t here to chat. 🙁 I am so playing though. Partly because I know that anything you design will be worth the time to do a layout. AND… I get a layout finished. Win on so many levels! 🙂

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