Photo Booths Are All The Rage…

It is officially Birthday Season at my house!  A few weeks ago, my son celebrated his birthday – and the trend of birthdays continued with my birthday 2 weeks later, then my daughter’s 2 weeks after that and so on and on and on…

Every 2 weeks until June we celebrate every birthday in our 6 person family – AND our Wedding Anniversary. WHEW!!  I’m tired just telling you about it!

Because it’s Birthday Season – I thought it only appropriate that I share fun Birthday Ideas with you!

The first one being A Photo Booth.  It’s super easy, and super fun, and you get fun pictures in the end: {my funny hubby HATES cameras!!  this was just about his limit…}


What you’ll need:




– I found mine at kensie kate.  She offers 12 pages of free printable photo booth props. (I added rhinestones to the Cat’s Eye Glasses)

**just a note – you don’t need that many – people seemed to gravitate toward the same ones**

– You can buy them pre-cut from a few places, like Etsy.

– Or you can use REAL props.  Fake Mustache’s, Feather Boa’s, Vintage Eye Glasses, {visit good will – think goofy ties and hats}, or THESE GROUCHO MARX GLASSES.


A Cute Photo Booth Sign

You can make your own – but why?  I’ve made one for you…you can download it HERE. {sorry for the blurry photo – horrible lighting!!}

– Just print it off onto cardstock and stick it in a fabulous frame on an easel.

Taking the Photo’s

A few different options:

You can use a nice fancy camera

You can use a regular ol’ point and shoot (not gonna get the best results with this one because of the delay)

You can also just use an iphone {or other smart phone}

– Just sit the subjects on a chair {if there is more than one, picture the image square when you take the photo – leave lots of room on the edges – and make them get CLOSE!!}

– I just found a spot of wall with no decor – nothing fancy…you could hang some fabric if you’re looking for a specific color, though.

– Make sure to use the flash – because hey – photobooths are notorious for those cool washed out pictures. {I know – it hurts to even THINK about using a flash when you love photography}

To Make the Photo Strips:

You can do this a few different ways.

If you took the pictures with a smart phone:

To get the vintage photobooth look, you can process them using filters from apps like Instagram

Step 1. Process the photos

Here is my process for instagram:

Process it once using “earlybird”, then open the processed photo, and process it again using “Inkwell”

Step 2.  Send them to your lab and print them in wallet size.

**NOTE – Instagram will resize the photo to a square – this is great for a photo booth – but it will look funny when you print it in wallet size.  Just trim the edges off.**

Step 3. Attach your photos to a piece of card stock {make sure to leave a border} around and in between.

Step 4. Trim off excess.

If you have a nice fancy camera:

I’m going to assume that you also have Photoshop – so here’s what I did to the photos:

Steps for Processing in Photoshop

Step 1: To get the vintage look – I processed them using Pioneer Woman’s “Vintage” Action from Set 1.

Step 2: I also added a vignette around the edges {there is a “Vignette” action under “Default Actions” that comes with your copy of Photoshop}

Step 3: Mask the photos to this Photo Strip Layered Template and tell me how much you love me for doing it for you ;0)

{Don’t know a thing about Photoshop??  Then you need to take my class…I’m just sayin’…}


If you took the pictures with a digital camera – and don’t have a clue how to use photoshop {and for some crazy reason, you don’t want to take my class} then you can:

Hire it out:

Websites like photoboother will do all of the work for you!

– Just follow the sites instructions to upload your photos and they’ll do the rest!!

However you do it…you don’t want to miss out on the chance to do this with your friends, kiddos, or GRANDPARENTS!!  How fun to have these!!



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  2. Love the pictures. Yeah for the hubby being a good sport! Hope you had a special birthday-cause special people deserve special days. :0). Love you

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