His & Hers Soiree Treasure Hunt!

Throwing a party that Dudes will be attending?

My fabulous friend, Randi, has thrown another spectacular party that left even the men impressed…


Ya…I know…you want to know how every last detail was done…so for the rest of this week – I’ll pick apart the details and give you the resources and free printables so that you, too, can throw a fabulous Soiree.  Best part?  Tucked into the posts this week I will give you key words that you can use to decode a secret message.   They will look like {#this#} Be the first to put the secret message together you will win this “Party in a Box”.  Key decorations from this party all neatly wrapped up in a box just waiting for you to throw a FABULOUS party!  Good luck!  It should be SO much fun!  Make sure to let your friends know so that they can play along, too!!


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