His & Hers Soiree: Party Recap

I hope that you’ve been inspired by this neutral colored/neutral gendered theme party…I just want to do a recap of all of the fun ideas in one post.  If you want to pin images to quickly get to one page of this party – this will be the place to do it.  I also encourage sharing…on facebook, pintrest, twitter.  Share the love.  ;0)


Here is a picture of the entire table.  So fabulous…



And some close ups so you can see just how wonderful it all really was…visit our Food, Glorious Food post for more details on the free printables and resources.









We also had our post about the Hanging Decorations.  Visit it for tutorials on making the italian crepe paper fringe garland, the bunting banners,  and other resources…



And of course, everyone’s favorite…at least it was {#MINE!#}…The Ruffled Table Skirt.  Visit the post for a tutorial and resources…



That was it for the party recap…and also the final clue for our treasure to hunt to win this Party in a Box!!


All of the sources for the items seen in this Party in a Box can be found HERE.

Visit THIS post for more details on how to win…don’t forget – the key words and phrases can be found in ALL of last weeks posts.  {big hint – even Monday’s}

Good Luck!!  The first person to post the correct phrase will win!!


Congratulations to McKenzie Kennedy on being the first to piece together our Mystery Phrase: “This Amazing Party in a Box is MINE!”

Congratulations McKenzie!

If you’re feeling like it should have been you…it still could be!!  I am giving away a SECOND Party in a Box!!  See our Facebook Page for more details on how to win!




24 thoughts on “His & Hers Soiree: Party Recap

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    • Ha Ha!! I understand!! Good Luck on the FB giveaway!! The font is called Peoni Pro – I bought it on MyFonts.com. I’ve never bought a font in my life – but after learning about font glyphs in illustrator – I HAD TO HAVE THIS ONE!!!

  3. I was stalking my email – I should have been stalking the blog! 😉

    What fun! Gorgeous kit. I’ve shared on Facebook and am hope, hope, hoping!!! 🙂

  4. Dang it!!!! I knew what it was and I got distracted looking at all the pictures again! Boo:(. Love all these posts…it was super cute and fun!

    • Thanks so much Vickie!! That makes me happy that the pictures distracted you – but sad that you didn’t win!! You still can, though! Go to our Facebook page to see how!!

  5. Awwwww. Missed it by THAT much! Would have been greedy of me to win twice, but I would have gotten over the guilt… 🙂 This party in a box IS amazing though. So are the ladies that created it!

    • Flattery will get you everywhere with me Kristen!! Ha Ha!! You can still win – go and see our Facebook page for more details!!

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