The Secret To **Fall Off The Bone** Ribs

Since the 4th of July is fast approaching and ribs were on sale this week {Buy 1/Get 2 FREE…GREAT deal!!} I thought it would be the most opportune time to share with you the recipe for the BEST RIBS you will ever eat in your entire life.  The secret is in the TRIFECTA: {I named it for you, Chicky}



How to Prep the Meat:

To make the ribs – the VERY FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step is to remove the membrane or the “silver skin”.  Otherwise your ribs will be tough and chewy.  It’s easy to do:

Step 1:  Remove the ribs from their packaging and lay them out on a cookie sheet to catch all of the yuck.  {I have these ones for roasting and reserve my pretty ones for baking}


Step 2: Slide your finger underneath the membrane {it is found on the bony side of the ribs – not the meaty side and it feels like rubber}


Step 3: Once you’ve got a piece of it – you should be able to just peel it off…you’ve just got to put some muscle into it.  Ha Ha.


{This was a really fatty rack of ribs – they aren’t usually that bad – so I cleaned the fat off of these ones a bit}

Step 4: Cut the ribs into 2 bone portions


That’s it for prepping the meat….now…

How to make them FALL OFF THE BONE tender:



Cook the ribs in the pineapple juice.  Yep – not only does it add a great flavor – but the acid in the pineapple juice will break down the proteins in the meat.

           Step 1: Pour 1 LARGE can of Pineapple Juice into a large pot {big enough to fit the number of racks you are making}

           Step 2:Turn the heat to high

           Step 3: Place the ribs into the pot of pineapple juice

           Step 4: Cover & and bring to a boil

           Step 5: Once they are boiling, reduce the temp to low and simmer for 3 HOURS!  I know that’s a long time – but it works it’s magic that way

***NOTE*** If you use a pressure cooker – they only cook for 30 minutes after they reach pressure!!  This {among other reasons} is where I highly recommend owning a pressure cooker!

I like my electric one. {Because I’m afraid I’ll make the other kind explode}  My sister in law uses a regular one.  They have the same results.

             *While they are cooking, line a baking sheet with tin foil.  {This makes clean up a breeze.  I recommend using the professional size foil.  It will cover the pan with no seams}

How to Make Them DELICIOUS!

Step 1: Remove the ribs from the pot and place them on a lined baking sheet MEATY SIDE DOWN.


Step 2: Sprinkle the ribs with Montreal Steak seasoning.  {It’s got a little bit of heat to it – so keep that in mind…}


Step 3: Squirt a little BBQ sauce on each rib – this is my favorite kind.  {If you like homemade – THIS recipe is DELICIOUS!!!}


Step 4: Spread the sauce around with a basting brush.  {This is a great way for cute nieces to help out…}


Step 5: Turn the ribs over and repeat the process on the meaty side.

Step 6: Bake the ribs for 15 minutes at 325 to set the sauce. {or throw them on the BBQ}

Step 7: Serve them up!

**I was so excited to eat my ribs – that I completely forgot to take a picture of the final product!!  I’m so sorry!!  Next time I make them I’ll put a photo up :0)

I served the ribs with grilled corn on the cob & Ruth’s Chris Chopped Salad.

And for a patriotic & DELICIOUS dessert try our Angel Food Cake Trifle


And…don’t forget about our Patriotic Stars & Stripes Bunting Banner Tutorial…cheap and easy to make and dresses up the table nicely!!



For great Photos of the Fireworks show: check out Jodi’s post 5 TIPS FOR TAKING PICTURES OF FIREWORKS


Happy 4th of July!!


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