Jewelry So Cute…You Could EAT IT!

One of the activities for the Ice Cream Party was letting the girlies make this DARLING candy jewelry.


Candy Jewelry Design

 & Earrings

Candy Jewelry Earrings

Here’s a closer look at the Candy Jewelry Supplies: (sources listed below)Candy Jewelry Station

What we used:

1. Crushed Rock Candy (just crush up some of the extra swizzle sticks we used in their glasses when setting the table)

Crushed Rock Candy

2. Large Gumballs (these colors were found at Hobby Lobby, but you can also get them separately on Amazon: pearl shimmer gumballs)

3. White Pearl Shimmer Sixlets Candy

4. Pearl Bright Pink Sixlets

5. ring blanks

6. Earring Blanks

Candy Jewelry Hardware


What you’ll Need To Assemble:

1. Items listed above

2. A Glue Gun w/Temperature Control set to cold glue  (or a few of them to speed things along)


How to Make Them:

For the Earrings – just put a dab of glue on the earring blank, and let them place their candy of choice. (the rock candy was my favorite!!)

For the rings – just add glue as needed for whatever candy they’re trying to add.


And don’t forget the darling Jewelry Jars that they can take their creations home in!  Click HERE for the tutorial & Resources

Ballerina jewelry jar with chalkboard label


The girls had a wonderful time making these!!

Bling Bling


Come back Wednesday for the games we played!


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  1. SOOOO Cute!!! Looks like a grand time.. I can’t believe it’s back to school time :`( I’m sorry I missed out on the Amazon Prime, but it’s back to reality for me.

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