Cowboy Party Food

Co-hosting a baby shower with a cowboy theme was terrifying to me!  My style is far from country & I didn’t want to spend a lot of money…so here’s how we pulled it off:

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Obviously, with a cowboy theme – we went with cowboy party food:

Cowboy Caviar

This is an Italian dressing based bean dip, best served with Fritos scoops.  IT IS COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE!  {CLICK HERE for the recipe}

To display:  I had these fabulous buckets that I found at a consignment shop in St. George, Utah.  They were in my kiddos playroom with cars & wooden blocks in them.  I’m a big believer in using what you’ve got!



Garden Cups

We used large condiment cups with ranch dressing in the bottom and sliced carrots & celery nestled in there.

To display: I found the cute tin cans at Target in the dollar section.  But you could just save an empty can or two for other things they may want to add to their cups.  We used cherry tomatoes & cucumber sticks.




Pigs in a Blanket

These turned out surprisingly well.  I’m not much of a Hot Dog girl…but it just worked with the theme and we were trying to go with finger foods.  We used cocktail weenies and wrapped them in refrigerated croissants.  Just cut the croissant dough into small strips to wrap the cocktail weenies and bake according to the croissant package directions.

To display:  I had this galvanized metal tray that I had picked up years ago.  I’ve seen them everywhere lately, for sure at Target in a slightly bigger size…but that could be a good thing!  I lined it with parchment after washing, because this, too, had a home in our playroom!




That was it for the savory foods…we spent more effort on the sweets.  (why wouldn’t we?)

Pie Pops

Okay…so they were destined to be pie pops…but I couldn’t get the dang sticks to stay in!  They were still tasty, though.  {Any suggestions on getting the stick to stay in??}

We used pre-made pie dough and cut 2 circles per pie (one for the bottom and one for the top).  Place a small spoonful of pre-made pie filling in the center of the bottom circle then cover with the top circle.  Press the edges together with a fork and brush with a light egg wash.  Cut a slit across the top for venting & bake according to the pie dough package directions.

To display:  I had this sectioned wooden piece (again from my playroom) that I had picked up at Home Goods in the office supply section!



Hay Bales

They were just rice krispie treats…but I’m sure that you knew that already.  My husband made them, because his are the best.  I’m not allowed to make them at our house because mine are “inferior”.  Not sure why.  We just use the recipe on the box of rice krispies.  He claims it has something to do with my inability to turn the heat from high on anything I make.  I have no patience in cooking.  Low just takes too long!  So I guess my tip here is to keep it on low & they will be wonderful.  We packed them in thick so that they would cut into long cubes instead of flat rectangles.  More hay bale looking.



S’Mores Cups

My absolute FAVORITE dessert at the party! My friend & co-host, Audrey, makes them.  These babies are DELICIOUS and I don’t even like S’Mores!

{CLICK HERE for the recipe}


And just because I had an extra tier on my stand, we added in some COW TALES that they could take for the road. (yeah…I spelled the sign wrong…sigh)

Cow Tails

We also added a “Watering Hole” on the Island in my kitchen.  We offered Lemonade in this darling Drink Dispenser & Bottled Water.  Simple.

I also grabbed some flowers & put them in a Mason jar inside of my daughters boot.  I sat it all on top of some rolled out BURLAP to add some texture.



Here is a full shot of the spread:







We kept it simple (isn’t that the Cowboy way?) as far as serving ware.  Plastic forks in one of the tin cans from Target, brown paper trays from Restaurant Depot {if you don’t have a card THESE PAPER TRAYS are a good alternative} & paper towels off the roll.

The table skirt is a DIY from the blog {CLICK HERE for the tutorial!} and I rolled out some darling wrapping paper that I scored at Home Goods to protect my tablecloth and add a nice background.

If you’d like to use the Buffet Cards…

you can download them HERE.  (for personal use only, please)



I hope that this post has been helpful!  With the 4th of July coming up this weekend, I hope that you can use some of our ideas in your own entertaining!

Happy 4th!!


p.s. You may want to check out Jodi’s post on Photographing Fireworks to be ready to capture your own wonderful shots!!



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