For Free? Yep. For Free.

Hello Friends!  I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful summer!  We had SO MUCH FUN!!  I’ve taken pics all along the way that you can see IN MY INSTAGRAM FEED.  We saw so many beautiful places!  I’ve accepted a position that I’m super nervous about and am planning a post to tell you all about it…so stay tuned for that!  But today.  TODAY – I just had to tell you about Creative Market!  Being a self-taught { & still working on it } graphic designer is so much fun!  I have a Word Art Pinterest Board with SO MANY images to inspire me!  Color palette, photo composition, a feel of the style that I like…anything will spark the creativity enough to create something unique that you would be shocked finding out where the inspiration sourced from!

If you’ve been interested in learning the ropes, I strongly recommend doing it!  It’s so much fun!!  One of the resources that I LOVE is Creative Market.  They have so many talented designers that do all of the “heavy lifting” as far as creating the graphics goes…so that I’m not spending hours in Illustrator trying to reinvent the wheel.  The prices are fantastic!  And the best part is their Free Goods Mondays.  The designers give away fonts, graphics, digital mock-ups, design elements, blog themes, you name it – it’s being given away free.  It’s awesome!

Free Goods Mondays

Why have I chosen to share this with you now? I’ve thought about sharing this treasure trove before, but I just received my Free Goods Monday email and EVERYTHING in it was fantastic.  Sometimes it’s hit or miss…that’s why I love having the image in my email.  I click over if there’s something I’ll use, if not…I just trash the email.  (They are great about not sending junk mail!)

To join their email list: CLICK HERE to sign up for an account. (I will get referral credit if you do) When you sign up for an account, you’ll get this list of available freebies every Monday – and if you love something – go get it!  You don’t have to download them all, just the ones that you’ll use.  It’s fantastic!  I’ve been a member for about a year and have HUNDREDS of great items that I’ve received for free just from this one email.  I love it!

Creative Market Free Goods of the Week

Take a peek, sign up and start collecting design elements to make your own party invitations, greeting cards, use it in digital scrapbooking, it’s been SO much fun!!  Probably the most downloaded item in my world is fonts.  People are always asking where I get my fonts, and the majority of the time it was at Creative Market. For Free.  Can’t beat free!  {I’m kind of a font-a-holic}  Here are a few of them that I HAVE purchased and have loved.

Norffo Font

Loveton Font

Trend Font

They are priced really well & if it’s something that you’ll use often…totally worth it!  If you need help learning the programs to use them in – you can always check out my Photoshop for Newbies Class.  I’ve condensed all of the years of classes I’ve taken into 4 easy classes of the most used features in Photoshop Elements that will have you creating in no time!!  I also teach live classes.  If you live in the Phoenix area and are interested – email me for more details!

I hope that this little tip will change your life!  It certainly helped me grow my arsenal of graphic design elements & fonts!



3 thoughts on “For Free? Yep. For Free.

    • I think that we must be soul sisters! Sometimes I feel more inspired from word art prints than an entire room! I am jealous that you are learning calligraphy! That one is on my bucket list for sure! Thanks so much for the comment!!

      • *smile*. Well, I started learning calligraphy several years ago and got the basics down, but it hasn’t been touched since. It’s still on my list to actually do someday. I love looking at all the beautifully written letters in museums and wish I could write like that!

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