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Hi!  I’m Erin. I’m a creative junkie.
I love to try anything and everything.  I’ve been told that I’m a “Jill of all Trades”…but I think that’s because I look at things and say “I could do that.”
And then I try, usually fail, think “oh – it would have totally worked if I had done THIS or THAT differently” and then try again until it works out and then I blog about it.  Or I abandon it, and you never know…ha ha.

The point is – I’ve work out the kinks – so that you can be awesome on your first try!!
I believe that nothing is more satisfying than looking at something – loving it – and saying “I made that.”
I want to help you say that…about a whole bunch of fun stuff…

12 thoughts on “Meet Me

  1. Hello,

    I am really interested in knowing where to find the “Your the Bomb!” project you have on Pintrest with the bomb made our of Rollos. The gift tag is adorable and wonder if it is a printable? Thank you so much…Lorina

  2. This message is for Mandi, I am trying to obtain the Decorative Prescription Label for the Mason cookie jar found on Sugar Dot Cookies site which refers to your Purdue Avenue site. I am not very computer savy and do not have a Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc. Please let me know how I can download this label for my graduating daughter’s party.

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