Bake Group Fall Recipes 2015

Bake Group Flavors of Fall - Bake Group Fall Recipes - Purdue Avenue

I look forward to our fall bake group EVERY YEAR!  My husband summed it up perfectly {while having his own little tasting session with the extra goodies I brought home} when he said, “This just makes me excited for Thanksgiving.”  While it’s still 90 hot degrees here in Phoenix mid-day, it makes me long for cooler weather and more time outdoors, yummy soups & homey desserts!

This collection of recipes had some of my absolute favorites of all of the bake groups we’ve had.  What is bake group?  I explain it all in THIS POST.  If you love to bake – grab a group of your favorite baker friends & start one of your own!  It’s been SO MUCH FUN!  {I do suggest that you keep the group small to minimize how sick you are when you leave the table. HA!}

The first recipe is my contribution…I normally don’t feel good about the recipes I produce for bake group…but not this time!  I found a winner!!

Caramel Apple Shortcakes with Apple Cider Reduction - Bake Group Fall Recipes - Purdue Avenue

I modified the recipe, (you can print my version HERE) from one found in Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Cookbook & I cannot begin to describe how much I loved it.  This is fall’s version of the classic Strawberry Shortcake…so you really can’t go wrong!

Let me walk you through the layers in this beautiful treat:

Drizzled on the bottom is an apple cider & spiced rum reduction infused with vanilla beans

TOPPED WITH a shortcake biscuit that was sweet, flakey perfection

TOPPED WITH caramelized granny smith apple compote

TOPPED WITH a sour cream vanilla bean whipped cream (say THAT fast 5 times!)

TOPPED WITH the other half of the beautifully browned shortcake biscuit that was brushed with milk & sprinkled with sugar to give it a crunchy, caramelized crust that’s TO DIE FOR!

Tips & Tweaks

Tweak #1:  The original recipe called for Apple Brandy, but I happened to have spiced rum on hand from our last bake group (WHAT!  I thought you were Mormon!  HA HA – I am!  It cooks out!!) so I substituted it thinking that another flavor profile couldn’t hurt…and I was right!

Tweak #2: Absolutely, without a doubt, you’re going to want to double the Apple Cider Reduction portion of the recipe!  It doesn’t stretch as far as the other ingredients…and just double the biscuit recipe while you’re there.  It’s so easy and you’ll want more of them.  Trust me.

Tip #1: If you’re hosting a large group – you could easily use a smaller biscuit cutter to stretch the batches.  And they’d be darling bite-sized!

Tip #2:  Experiment with this one! I think my favorite part of making this was dreaming about all of the possibilities for tweaking this recipe seasonally.  It would be AMAZING with peaches, blackberries, FIG, a pomegranate reduction would be something I’d probably drink out of the pan!  Anyway – I’m getting carried away over here.  If you’d love the recipe as I’ve modified it – you can print it HERE.  If you want Bobby Flay’s version – I highly recommend his cookbook.  Several of our favorite dinner recipes are in there…it’s a can’t go wrong kind of cookbook!

White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites with Gingersnap Crust - Bake Group Fall Recipes - Purdue Avenue

Vickie found her recipe on OUR BEST BITES.  The texture of these cheesecake bites had me eating more than one!  It was light and fluffy, almost mousse-like.  The gingersnap cookies in the crust & topped with a light whipped cream, there was nothing heavy about it!  A whole slice would have been okay by me – and I would have finished it easily.  If you’re planning for a crowd – the bite sized portion was perfection!!

Tips & Tweaks

Tweak #1: To simplify the recipe, she left off the caramel topping…but she said it’s delicious with it, too!

Tweak #2: Because she made the recipe into bite sized portions, she changed the cooking time to 11 minutes @ 375 degrees.

Tip #1: She had no tips.  The recipe was very well written!  Love that!

Maple Gingerbread Cake with Salted Maple Caramel Sauce - Bake Group Fall Recipes - Purdue Avenue

Nancy modified this one quite a bit – and it was one of my favorites…the original baker Joann at Eats Well With Others trades out the traditional fall spice line-up for a Chinese 5 Spice blend that really grabs you on the first bite. (in a good way! not in a “ew – I wasn’t expecting that” kind of way)  The frosting is light and airy made using whipped cream, creme fraiche & brown sugar.  And those candied pecans add the sweet that you’re craving in the bite while adding the perfect crunchy element.

Tips & Tweaks

Tweak #1: She didn’t have maple sugar, so she replaced it with white sugar.

Tweak #2: Since she still wanted the maple flavor to come through she replaced 1/2 of the molasses with maple syrup.

Tip #1: If you don’t have or can’t find Creme Fraiche – sour cream makes a great replacement!

Tip #2: Look elsewhere for a caramel sauce recipe.  She ended up leaving it off of the cake entirely because after 3 attempts – she couldn’t get it to turn out, even though she followed the directions exactly.  (I’d love to taste this one WITH the sauce, but to be honest – it wasn’t necessary.  It was absolutely delicious!)

Magnolia Bakery's Caramel Apple Cake with Butterscotch Frosting - Bake Group Fall Recipes - Purdue Avenue

Randi didn’t only make this Magnolia Bakery Cookbook cake look DARLING, but it tasted incredible!  Chunks of apples throughout the cake batter give it an incredible texture, while maintaining moisture in the cake.  SO GOOD!!

Tips & Tweaks

Tweak #1: She swapped out the Caramel Cream Cheese Icing in the original recipe, for a Butterscotch Cream Cheese Frosting – also found in the same book.

Tweak #2: Wanting to serve mini cakes, she modified the recipe from 2 9″ rounds to a jelly roll pan & used a biscuit cutter to cut out the individual mini cakes. No modification to the baking time or temperature – but since all ovens are different, she suggested you watch closely the last few minutes.  She did mention that she watched it like a hawk in her oven because she was worried that it would spill over – but it didn’t!

Tip #1:  Use a potato peeler to create curls on top by scraping it across a bar of white chocolate!  Scrape along the length for longer curls!

Tip #2: To add a fall touch, she sprinkled on some cinnamon & edible gold baking glitter above the white chocolate curls.  This glitter glams up everything you put it on!

Sweet Karin was our hostess this month – and MAN did she a WONDERFUL job!!  Here’s a look at how she set the room up:

Bake Group Fall Recipes Tablescape

And a closer look at her place settings:

Bake Group Fall Recipes Table Setting

Everything was so festive – including these take-away gifts she made for us!  She graciously sent me the recipe card to share with you, so that you can make someones day giving this cute gift away!!  **YOU CAN PRINT THE RECIPE CARD HERE**

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal Free Printable Recipe Card - Bake Group Fall Recipes - PurdueAvenue

What is so beautifully displayed in those jars was an INCREDIBLE Baked Pumpkin Granola, a recipe that she got from one of her amazing baker friends!

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal - Bake Group Fall Recipes -

You don’t have to wait for breakfast to make this…it was EASILY passable as a dessert.  Think Apple Crisp – only Pumpkin Crisp.  YUM!  The bottom layer of this baked granola was a pumpkin flavored almost custard-like texture that paired perfectly with the topping that was crunchy-buttery-caramelized-nutty-sugary-deliciousness. This is one you’ll definitely want to share! (or not – we won’t judge.)  Here is the recipe:

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal Recipe - Bake Group Fall Recipes - PurdueAvenue

Be a part of our bake group via the internet!  Leave a comment describing YOUR favorite fall recipe & leave us a link to any that are tested and approved by you!


Happy Fall!

Bake Group: Mothers Day with Baking Chez Moi

Bake Group Pin It Image

Bake Group is one of my favorite things.  I get to feed my belly…and feed my soul with some of the amazing women I am blessed to call my friends.

What is Bake Group?  We basically review recipe books…via taste testing.   We choose a book, each pick a recipe, and have a little soiree while we taste the outcome & talk about how hard/easy the recipe was to make, what we might do differently, and wether it’s worth purchasing the book or not.

This month (and last month, actually – I still need to get that one posted, too!) we reviewed tasted  Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere by Dorie Greenspan.  The verdict??  You need this book in your life.  Not only do the recipes LOOK delightful, but all of them (& counting this one, we’ve made 9 of the recipes) – all DELICIOUS – all fairly easy to prepare.  That’s the sign of a good recipe book in my life!  We’ve had some great books, but this is by far MY FAVORITE!!!  Trust me when I say that you NEED this book in your life.   Here’s what we made today – and you can decide for yourself:

 Smoothest, Silkiest, Creamiest, Tartest Lime Tart

This is THEE BEST Lime Tart I've ever had!! No subtlety to the lime, but not too tart.   #PurdueAvenueBakeGroup #BakingChezMoi #LimeTartRecipe #LimeTart

That really is the title of the recipe in the book.  Believe me when I say that it’s the correct title.  Vickie chose this one…and nailed it!  She said that she was surprised at how much lime zest was in the recipe – but I’m so glad there was.  There’s nothing worse than biting into a lime tart – or key lime pie and trying to find the lime in it.  Not the case here.  The topping was a mixture of sour cream and confectioners sugar helping the zing factor along nicely.  The crust tasted almost like a shortbread cookie.  I REALLY LOVED IT!


Palets de Dames, Lille Style

Meant to resemble womens parasols - these are like a sugar cookie - only airier and lighter.  SO GOOD!! #PurdueAvenueBakeGroup #BakingChezMoi #sugarcookie #frenchcookie

Meant to resemble womens parasols – these are like a sugar cookie – only airier and lighter. SO GOOD!! #PurdueAvenueBakeGroup #BakingChezMoi #sugarcookie #frenchcookie

While the name isn’t easy to pronounce, these cookies were easy to take down.  The frosting was really more of a glaze and had hardened slightly – which I liked.  They are like a sugar cookie, only airier and lighter.  Which could pose a problem.  Sugar cookies tend to be heavy enough that it’s easy to stop at one…not the case here.

The author said that they are meant to resemble women’s parasols – they were darling to look at.  Karin said that she would double the batch, as this yielded only 20 cookies – even though the recipe said 40, and that tinting the glaze in a variety of colors would be easy.  Perfect for a party!


Carrément Chocolate, The Simple Loaf

This chocolate cake loaf was AMAZING.  With chunks of salted chocolate mixed throughout...a very good recipe! #PurdueAvenueBakeGroup #BakingChezMoi #chocolatecakeloaf #chocolate

This chocolate cake loaf was AMAZING. With chunks of salted chocolate mixed throughout…a very good recipe! #PurdueAvenueBakeGroup #BakingChezMoi #chocolatecakeloaf #chocolate

Randi made this beauty.  INCREDIBLE!!  There were chunks of salted chocolate mixed throughout the loaf cake – so every now and again you’d catch a bite that just elevated the whole delicious thing.  She said that it was very easy to make, and would make a beautiful gift for a friend.  She served it with fresh whipped cream and raspberries.  They cut the richness of the chocolate enough that eating a whole slice was no problemo!

Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake with Poached Citrus Topping

This cake is perfect for making a day ahead.  It soaks up all of the juices and was moist perfection!! #PurdueAvenueBakeGroup #BakingChezMoi #OdilesFreshOrangeCake #PurdueAvenue

This cake is perfect for making a day ahead. It soaks up all of the juices and was moist perfection!! #PurdueAvenueBakeGroup #BakingChezMoi #OdilesFreshOrangeCake #PurdueAvenue

I chose to make this one, because the author said that she liked it better the next day.  Since I was hosting – making my dessert ahead of time was VERY appealing!  {With that said, I should have photographed it the first day.  The citrus was plump and juicy looking – where the second day it looked a little sad.}

It was so easy to make.  The whole thing was done in 30-40 minutes – including baking time.  I will say, I wish I had done only oranges.  The grapefruit was a little too much bitter for me.  I think I would have liked pure sweetness.  The orange gave enough tartness to overpower any sickly sweetness there might have been.

My favorite part of this recipe was zesting an orange into the sugar and then rubbing it together with my fingertips to combine until the sugar was orange scented.  {You can see pictures of the process on my Instagram Feed}  The smell was INCREDIBLE!!  Such an interesting technique that I think I’ll incorporate into a lot of other recipes.  That sugar was mixed with eggs, flour, baking soda, salt, & butter for a simple batter.

For the topping, the citrus was sliced and poached – and then the poaching liquid was drizzled over the warm cake.  It just absorbed into the cake and it elevated the flavor like you wouldn’t believe!!  The hardest part of this whole thing?  Slicing the citrus.  Make sure that you have a sharp knife!!  I mangled the fruit pretty bad and went through WAY more than was called for!  Ha Ha.

Because I admire these women so much, not just as people – but as Mothers – I wanted to make something for them to take away besides a belly ache….since you don’t even get the belly ache – here is a little Mother’s Day Gift for you!  I put 2 on a page so that you can print one for a Mother that you admire, too!!

#MothersDayPrintable #PurdueAvenue #Motherhood #NeilLAnderson

#MothersDayPrintable #PurdueAvenue #Motherhood #NeilLAnderson

Download Button


Here is a shot of the place setting: I placed a small arrangement of flowers at each persons place setting using my collection of mis-matched crystal glasses.  {I scour Goodwill for them every time I go in!} The place card & Art Print were made using the Heidi Swapp Minc Foil {watch for that tutorial soon!}

Mothers Day Table Setting - visit the blog for a free Motherhood Printable!

And her is a full shot of the tablescape:

Mothers Day Tablescape

I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day!



Bake Group: Bring What You Love

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted our Bake Group deliciousness…if you’re new to what Bake Group is:  It’s like book club – only we use recipe books.  Instead of talking about what we liked about the book – we taste it.  Yum.  {And we talk about it…}

This month’s Bake Group Assignment was to choose any recipe from any cookbook that you haven’t tried before.  Everything was amazing!!  However, the pictures are NOT!  I’m so sad that they didn’t turn out well…my apologies in advance.  Just trust me when I say that they were DELICIOUS and you should try them ALL!!  I’ll start with what I made:

Strawberry Layer Cake


 {This photo was taken from the recipe book…}

I got the recipe from Entenmann’s Big Book of Baking. My friend gave me this cookbook for my birthday – and everything looks AMAZING!!  So, naturally, I tried something from there.  Since it’s getting to be summer, strawberries are DELICIOUS right now.  So – it just seemed right…I’m sorry – the recipe is copyrighted so I can’t share.

But – it’s basically:

For the cake: a yellow sheet cake cut in thirds – their recipe was delicious – but you can probably substitute with one since I can’t give you theirs…

For the Filling: is just mashed up strawberries mixed with mascarpone cheese.  So easy.

Then just slice some strawberries on the top and dust with powdered sugar.

***BIG TIP***I made it just before the party and was disappointed in how dry the cake was…but when I got home and my husband had some – he was talking about how yummy and moist it was.  Strange…so I tried it again and it WAS!!  Apparently – letting the cake sit for awhile to let all of the moisture from the cheese soak into the cake is a good thing ;0)

Next up on the Menu:

Lemonade Cupcakes


Let me just say that – apart from being the dang cutest cupcake I’ve ever seen {how clever is that straw?}  These were the most amazingly yummy cupcakes!

Let me break it down for you:

Lemon Cake  {that she soaked in a lemon simple syrup}

Lemon Curd Filling {that she folded some whipped cream into}

Lemon Buttercream Frosting

Are you drooling yet??  I love lemon anything…so she had me at hello.  She got the recipes for the Lemon Cake, The Lemon Simple Syrup and the Lemon Curd filling from one of my favorite recipe books: Miette (we did a bake group on that recipe book – I really need to post it!!)

She apologized that she didn’t let the curd set – so it was runny.  So she tried to fold in some whipped cream to thicken it – but it just ran right out of the piping bag.  What I think: HAPPY ACCIDENT!!  It seeped into the cake making it OH SO MOIST!!

But then she was STILL worried – so she made the lemon simple syrup and just held the cupcake upside down in it for a few minutes to let it soak in.  YUM!

So – I suggest recreating exactly what she did…I’m just sayin’.

The lemon buttercream frosting is her own recipe and it’s delicious and super secret.  Sorry.  I’ve found one that might work for you.

She sprinkled on some sanding sugar and topped it with super cute yellow paper straws and cute candy lemon wedges.  LOVED THESE CUPCAKES!!

Moving down the menu:



I’m sorry about the terrible picture – don’t let it reflect on wether you’ll try it or not.  YOU NEED TO TRY IT!!  Absolutely delicious!!  She got the recipe from Pioneer Woman.  Sticky, crispy phyllo dough mixed up with nuts and other deliciousness.  Yeah – you’ve GOT to try it!!

**Bakers Notes*** You can use any nuts you choose.  She used almonds, but thinks that pistachio’s would be delicious.  She also recommends using only half the recommended honey in the syrup.

Also from the Pioneer Woman there was

Italian Cream Cake


This cake was SO moist.  And at first I was a little worried about having walnuts in the frosting – but OH MY!!  Delicious.  This cake looks delicious – but has and entirely different taste from what you’d expect.  A nutty flavor that I absolutely LOVED!  You can get the recipe HERE .  Try it.  You’ll see.

And of course – she gave it a sprinkling of Edible Gold Glitter and topped it with some blackberries.


Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding


I’ve been a longstanding fan of Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding.  Made with Nilla wafers and sweetened condensed milk.  SOOOOO GOOD.

This one’s better.  The Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies are FAR superior to the Nilla Wafers of old.  Unlike the Nilla wafers that go soggy after a stint in the fridge – they were still crispy when I ate my leftovers later that night.  {Yea – it happened!  Don’t judge me!! }  She says it was a simple recipe…but she’s magical – so who knows…try it and see.  You can get the recipe HERE.

And last – was definitely the most ambitious




These took some time and patience – but I’m so glad she had both – because they were AMAZING!!  Not too sweet – so it made it hard to just eat one!  Her recipe didn’t call for them to be dipped in chocolate – but she didn’t feel like they had enough sweetness – so she did that and I think it MADE them!!

She really did her research and decided on making the Shells from THIS RECIPE {she added a bit of cinnamon to the dough} and the Filling from THIS RECIPE.  {as a side note – she LOVES Joe Pastry’s blog.  To quote her: “Everything I’ve made from there is delicious!!”  Might be worth a peek ;0)

That was it for all of the deliciousness!!  If you try something – let us know how you liked it!!


Just so you know…If you purchase through the links on my site – I will receive a small commission for sending you there. :0)


Bake Group: Tricky Treats

I always think that the previous Bake Group will be the best one…because you really can’t top perfection.  But, as usual, WRONG!!

Everything was super delicious this month.  I won’t keep you waiting…

This Pumpkin Cheesecake w/Pecan-Gingersnap Crust is from Our Best Bites Recipe Book.

But – Lucky for you – they have the recipe on their blog.  You can get it HERE.

When the baker was describing it – she said the topping is melted kraft caramels.  I was sold.  I love them.  Too much at times.

The whole cake was completely amazing.  I don’t love firm cheesecakes – so this was perfect.  Very soft and moist.  And DELICIOUS!!

Let me just say, first, that I couldn’t eat the chocolate spiderweb atop my cupcake.  It was too cute.

The nice thing about this cake, as the creator pointed out, is that it doesn’t taste like a muffin.  It still tastes like a cupcake.

And that frosting!!!  Oh my!!  HEAVEN!! Get the recipe for the cake HERE and the recipe for the frosting HERE.

So – to make the cute chocolate art deco on top – she printed out an image and put it under wax paper.

Then cut a tiny hole in her piping bag and used the image underneath as a guide to pipe the chocolate onto the wax paper.  GENIUS!!

Okay – this funny baker apologized over and over that the frosting wasn’t right.

But – oh my – it definitely wasn’t wrong.  I could have licked it off.  And I’m not a huge frosting person.

It was delicious and the cake was 3 perfect layers.  She does suggest that if you make this – to not cook the frosting so long.  She said it was probably at the right consistency after 1 minute instead of the 5 the recipe calls for.  You can find this one in the 2010 Southern Living Ultimate Christmas Cookbook  I can’t give you the recipe right out of the book – but this one looked similar.

This may replace plain old pumpkin pie this thanksgiving at my house.  It can be made as a whole pie…and it may or may not be served to guests.  I might hoard it.  SOOOO GOOD!!

So – she had me at cream cheese at butterscotch – but then there is a layer of pumpkin pie, topped with a gingersnap streusel.  Seriously.  I don’t think I need to say anything else, do I?

You can get the recipe HERE.

This recipe was found in the Better Homes and Gardens at my hairdressers!!  Ha Ha.

I was getting cute-ified and found this and knew it was what I wanted to make.

It sounds a little weird {it calls for mozzarella cheese} and I couldn’t decide if it was meant to be a dessert – but I finally decided it was.

There is whipped cream on top.  That makes it dessert, right?

But – some of the gals in bake group said they might make this in place of the sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving.

So – try it out and let me know what you think…you can get the recipe HERE

Last, but certainly not least…This apple cake was AMAZING!!!  Honestly – it would be good alone.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.  That frosting was the best thing I’ve ever had in my life.

It was light like whipped cream – but with WAY more flavor.  SOOOOO GOOD!!!

And – I’m sorry – but I just love the edible gold baking glitter and witches feet she added.

Delicous and Cute.  Win Win.

Sorry – can’t give out this recipe.  You can find it in the Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts Reinvented Cookbook.  Or I found one at a different blog HERE.

Let us know which recipes you try out and which are your favorites!!

Happy Halloween!!


Bake Group: Dessert Bar

I’ve mentioned my wonderful friends before…and I think one of the funnest things we do together is our bake group.  It all started because we got a wonderful cookbook from Harry & Davids – and my genius friend though it would be fun to have all of us try a recipe from it – so we could tell which recipes were fabulous – and which ones were not so great – or too much hassle.  And the bake group was born.  Sometimes we choose a recipe book to sample, sometimes we choose a theme (like Halloween goodies)  This time…a dessert bar theme.  It was WONDERFUL!  So many fun recipes!  Here we go:


Raspberry Lemon Squares

They were my favorite.  I’m kind of a sucker for anything with raspberry or lemon – and together – well…perfection.

She got the recipe HERE.

Her tip:  When cutting the bars – use a hot knife to slice and it will cut through like butter.



Pastry Cream & Fresh Fruit Tart

Very Delicious!  The recipe was from the Miette: Recipes from San Francisco’s Most Charming Pastry Shop

(we did one bake group with this cookbook and we all want another.  EVERYTHING was delicious!!)  This Blog had the recipe – but I really recommend just getting the whole book!

Her tip:  Make it for a small group – because the recipe is involved and you don’t get many.



Mini Lemon Coconut Cheesecake

Very good!!  You can get the recipe HERE.

Her tip: she bought a mini cheesecake pan.  She recommends Norpro 3919 Mini Cheesecake Pan  The bottoms pop out like a tart pan making it easy to remove the cheesecakes. I think I need one in my life!



Banana Cream Pie Bites

These were delicious!  However – they did not hold together well.  You can get the recipe HERE.

Her tip:  Maybe use less milk than the recipe calls for (or some cornstarch) so you get a firmer pudding.  Apparantly – they like to slide right off of the banana. :0)



Coconut Lemon Curd Cake

This was mine.  I apologize for the horrible picture – and for some reason, I only took ONE! (I never do that!)

These were delicious.  I had to alter the recipe just a bit to make them dessert bar friendly.  I followed THIS RECIPE, but instead of putting the batter in the 2 rounds – I spread it onto a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment and baked it for 25 minutes @ 350.  Then – using the Wilton Brownie Duo Cutter Mini Oval I cut out the pieces.  Doing it this way makes 48 mini cakes.  I just cut each rectangle in half and layered the lemon curd, then frosting, then coconut first in the center – then added the top back on, and repeated the layering on the top.  I sprinkled the top of the coconut with some edible baking glitter & garnished with a small lemon wedge.

My tip:  They were DELICIOUS when I made the first one and sampled it!  But- cutting them so far in advance dried out the cake a bit- so cut and layer as late as you can.



Petit Fours

These scare me.  They were delicious – but how do you get them to look so perfect??

Here is her recipe:

1 C butter                                                                1 egg

1/4 C. sour cream                                                1 tsp. almond extract

1/2 tsp. salt                                                           1 C. water

1 1/2 C. flour                                                         1 1/2 C. sugar

In large saucepan, bring butter and water to a boil.  Remove from heat.  Stir in flour, sugar, eggs, sour cream, extract and salt until smooth.  pour into a greased 15x10x1 pan.  Bake @ 375 for 20 mins or until golden brown.  Once cooled, level the cake and freeze. (Easier to frost a frozen cake) Frost the cake and cut the sheet in half.  Place the layers on top of eachother and cut into squares.  Place squares on a rack over a cookie sheet & cover with white chocolate or almond bark.

She sprinkled on some edible baking glitter, too. :0)

Her Tip: When coloring white chocolate or almond bark, use candy coloring – NOT regular food coloring to avoid clumps.  GENIUS!

I hope you will try some of your own…or even better: start a bake group of your own!!