Superhero Party Decor Ideas

My oldest daughter turned 16 last month!  I’ve been dreaming in my head about the fabulous party that I would throw for her!  There would be glitter…soooo much glitter!!

To get the ball rolling, I created a pinterest board and shared the link with her so that we could collaborate and make it a special day that she would remember forever and ever.  And then the comments rolled in from her account to mine:  “Nope.”  “Not gonna happen”.  “Too girlie”.  Hurtful.  Just hurtful.  Ha Ha.  Actually – I wasn’t that surprised.  She’s not much for the frills and the fancy…so I did what I should have started with and asked her what she’d like to do.

It just so happened that the new Captain America: Civil War movie was hitting theaters that very weekend, and she really wanted to see it.  We had our theme.

Instead of SWEET 16 we were going to go SUPER 16!!  I started designing the invitations right away and used a pretty standard Comic Book layout design – but used muted (more girly) colors to give it a vintage feel.  She loved it and we were in business!

Comic Book Themed Party Invitation

If graphic design is something that you’d love to learn how to do – I have an online Photoshop for Newbies class that focuses on Graphic Design.

For more info CLICK HERE.

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Here are some of the photos of the buffet at the party:

SUPER 16 party decor Comic Book Super hero themed Birthday Party Ideas! -

I LOVE these Gold Party Fans from My Mind’s Eye Fancy Collection.  I’ve used them for my Christmas Party, my Ice Cream Party and  now this Superhero Party.  They’re just the best thing to have in you Party Decor arsenal.  Because I want to thank you loyal readers for being so patient while I was away – I’m offering a discount today in the shop on these versatile gold fans!  CLICK HERE to shop.

The gold glitter stars are just glitter paper cut using my Silhouette Cameo and hung with fishing line.

SUPER 16 - Comic Book Superhero Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Girls -

The comic book fans were made using old comic books.  I bought a bundle of them for $15 on Amazon and used the tutorial found HERE to create them.  Here is a closer look:

Comic Book Party Fans DIY - Party Decor Ideas -

This SUPER bunting was also made using the pages from the comic books that I ordered on Amazon and I printed the lettering onto mailing labels using my laser jet printer, and then foiled them using my laminator and heat sensitive foil. (Whew!  That’s a lot of links!  I think this will require a tutorial! I’m on it!)

Comic Book Paper Party Bunting Banner -

For the drinks I chose to do milk and punch to go well with the cake and cookies. I created the signs in Photoshop, and cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo – and then gold foiled them using the same process as the SUPER bunting.  For the sticks, I used skewers topped with a wooden bead that I had dipped into glue and then glitter – just to pretty it up a little. (I TOLD you there would be some glitter!!)

Comic Book Superhero Themed Party Decor - Gold Superhero Action Figures -

I thought it would be fun to use these Superhero Action Figures to hold buffet cards – but in their colorful natural state, they came off a bit cheesy.  So I grabbed my trusty gold spray paint and made them fit in!  They were so cute – she is currently using them in her bedroom (which is black and gold) and they look darling!  (I used the playskool brand because their feet were so big – they weren’t likely to tip over easily – but there were several other options to choose from if this look is too juvenile!)  Here is a peek of one a little closer:

Gold Super Hero Action Figure - Comic Book Superhero Party Decor Ideas -

The polka dot milk glasses were from Target  – and I took these pictures before they were filled, but I used white gatorade to fill the “punch” and milk to fill the “mighty milk”.

Comic Book Superhero Themed Birthday Party Drinks -

Underneath the glasses, I put more of the comic book pages – just to break up the whiteness of the buffet top.  I also spread some Giant Gold Confetti onto the table to give it some texture.

Superhero Cake - Comic Book Superhero Themed Birthday Party Ideas -

I love to bake – and I take pride in trying be a DIY girl – but I knew what I wanted this cake to be – and I knew my limits!  So I called up my sweet friend, Tawnna, from Happy Baking AZ and ordered this cute cake and 3 dozen of these darling cookies from her.  Best decision I’ve ever made.  This cake was the focal point of the buffet & it needed to look good!

(On a side note – it also TASTED incredible! We ordered the Salted Caramel Cake for the bottom layer and the Citrus cake with Raspberry Buttercream filling for the top – YUM!)

Superhero Cookies Comic Book Superhero Themed Birthday Party Ideas -

I used these fluted gold chargers, topped with a white doily, as the serving platters for the cookies.

Comic Book Superhero Themed Party Decor Ideas -

I hope you were inspired by some of things posted here!  In my next post I’ll give you all of the details about how I kept 20 teens entertained for over 8 hours!




You’re Invited…to an ice cream party!

Summer is officially over at my house.  The kids are back in school and my quiet house feels super lonely.  So – I’m glad that I have all of my friends in blog land to keep me busy & happy!!  Thanks in advance!!  It was really nice to take the summer off and just enjoy being a mom, having some fun with my kids, and not be at my computer all day every day…but…it’s GOOD TO BE BACK!

I thought that this month I would catch you up on some of  what we did over the summer – and hopefully inspire you in the process!

The first thing was my daughters ice cream birthday party!  Since she and her BFF share a lot of the same friends, and their birthdays are so close together, and we both wanted to do an ice cream party, we did it together – and I’m so glad that we did – because her BFF just happens to be the daughter of my BFF.  Perfect.

If your kids aren’t back in school yet – this party would make a FUN back to school get together as well!!  Whatever reason you do it – ice cream parties are always a good idea.

To keep the post from becoming a novel – I’ll break it up into different projects we did leading up to the party, and then have all of the pics from the party on Friday.

Obviously – when throwing a party – the first thing that needs to be done are the invitations – and these ones are DARLING!!

{if I do say so myself}

Ice Cream Party Invitation

They were very simple!  I added the clear glitter to make it look a little bit “frosty” – here’s a closer look: {scroll down for the tutorial}

Darling Ice Cream Party Invitation Printables!

To make your life easier – I’ve attached the printable files for these darling invites!  Just CLICK HERE to preview them and download.

You can:

Print & Cut out with scissors the old fashioned way!  This means that you will need to hand write the party information in yourself.

If you have photoshop, you can edit the file to add in your party info or make any changes.  You’ll need to download the fonts I used: Airplanes in the Night Sky & Engravers MT

{If you would LIKE to use photoshop – but don’t know how – I’ll teach you!!  CLICK HERE for more info on my Photoshop for Newbies Online Classes.}


**If you have a Silhouette Electronic Cutting Machine**

I’ve made a video tutorial that will walk you through creating the cards.  I can’t give you the studio files because I don’t own the artwork :0(  Sorry!


To Make 6 Cards You Will Need:

{adjust your numbers for the amount of invites needed}

Cardstock (mine was textured bazzil stock from Hobby Lobby) in these colors:

     For Scoops: 1 sheet of each color 


Light Pink

Dark Pink

     For Cones:

Light Brown

     For Back: 3 sheets

Dark Brown

     For Cherries: {1 sheet will make TONS of cherries!}

*Note: I put the cherries for the place cards on the same file as the invitation cherries.  If you don’t want to make place cards – just disregard those cherries.


Glue Stick or Pen


Step 1:

Print & Cut the Scoops, Cones, Backs & Cherries

**NOTE: I suggest printing on the NON-TEXTURED side of the cardstock on the cones, backs and cherries – that way if your cuts aren’t perfect – you don’t see the printed image.**

Step 2:

Start gluing pieces to the BACK starting from the CONE and work your way up, ending with the CHERRY on top.  HA!

Apply the glue around the outer edges, and then add a little scribble of glue in the middle.

Repeat with all of the pieces until your card is assembled.

*OPTIONAL: tutorial on adding the glitter to give it that “frosted” effect.

It’s super quick and easy and it really gives it some wow factor!  {This is actually of me glittering the place cards for the table – but the steps are the same}

What you’ll need:

invitations, printed & cut & glued together

glue pen (I like the EK Success Zig 2-Way Chisel Glue Pen)

clear glitter (I used Martha Stewart Coarse Crystal Glitter)

Step 1: Apply glue randomly on the cherry and each scoop of ice cream.

(I painted blue on the places that I applied the glue)





Step 2: Cover the entire card in glitter

(I do this on a glitter tray or piece of paper to cut down the mess and transfer the excess glitter back to the jar)



Step 3: Tap off excess glitter & admire your awesomeness!


This next picture shows the glitter better



**Note: I like to set the glitter using hairspray or Mod Podge Spray. It dries clear and isn’t sticky at all!

That’s the invitation – Wednesday I’ll show you how I made this darling chalkboard banner to go above the Ice Cream Creation Station!



and this one in the window:



See you then!!



DIY Jewelry Gift Box

I found these darling crown napkin rings for my friends birthday gift – but the packaging was not so cute.  So – I decided to make a jewelry style box to give her.  I thought you might like to see how I did it…

What You’ll Need:

A Paper Mache Box that will fit the items

Foam (I used egg crate foam I had laying around from packaging)

Fabric to Line the Foam with

Hot Glue Gun (Fabric Glue would work – it just dries slower and I’m impatient)


Exacto Knife (not necessary – but nice)

How To Make It:

Step 1: Cut your foam to fit inside the box.

Step 2:  Place the foam inside the box

Step 3: Using an exacto knife (or scissors) cut slits in the appropriate places.  Put the items in to check width & depth.

Step 4 – Remove foam from the box

Step 5 – Using the foam as a guide, cut the fabric slightly larger than the foam.  You will need enough fabric to tuck into the slits and wrap the sides of the foam.

Step 6 – Run a line of hot glue along one edge of your foam.

Step 7 – Place one edge of fabric along glue

Step 8 – Tuck fabric into first slit – while it is tucked in (deep) use your exacto knife to cut the fabric.

Step 9 – Pull fabric out of slit – with your fingers – spread the slit and run glue as deep as you can on each side of the slit.

Step 10 – Place fabric back inside the slit, make sure to secure it to the glue. Repeat with as many slits as you have.

Step 11 – Wrap & Glue the remaining fabric around the foam.  Tuck and glue as needed.

Step 12 – Place the foam back in the box. Put the items in place.  Then I used a butter knife to smooth out any wrinkles.



The Decorating…and our final giveaway!!

I promise that this is the last you will hear of the Garden Party!  There was so much to show – I thought it would be good to break it up into separate posts…but it seems to have dragged on!  So – I’m sorry!!

But – here are the things I did to set up for the party:

At the entry I had this FABULOUS picture that I bought several years ago from, none other, than our FABULOUS Jodi Pfunder!!  I’ve been harrassing her for a while to have her prints available in an online store for people to buy – maybe if you guys pester her – she will!  This is only ONE of SEVERAL wonderful prints!!  I thought it was just the right feel for the party…

Next – in the entry way I just did a simple photo I took  of the birthday girl and some flowering branches I picked up at Trader Joe’s.  I had these for her Baptism Luncheon – and so I just left them out for the party…cause it worked.

I also had this “candy bar” set up from the baptism luncheon.  I bought all white candy – since she was being baptized – but you could go with anything.  I have these apothocary jars out all year – and I just change out what’s in them with the season.  Most people know not to eat what’s in them, because I reuse the candy every year. LOL  But this time – there was fresh candy for them!

**NOTE: For the sign – I just picked up this awesome frame at home goods and sprayed chalkboard paint on the included glass.  (oh – make sure to prime it first!!)  To make it more secure – I hot glued the glass into the frame. I love it and use it all of the time for different things!

Remember the Giant Paper Flowers I was completely obsessed with?  Well, the flower was super easy to make – in fact – my friends that helped me don’t consider themselves crafty (THEY ARE!) and they wanted you all to know that if THEY can make them, ANYONE can make them!  Silly Girls.  They really were very easy and took about 15 minutes to make all 6 with 3 of us.

I made the stems…but I didn’t use the stems because I hated them.  I think it was because the only green tissue paper was a kelly green color – instead of a mossy green.  I hated it.  It clashed really bad with the flowers.

If you choose to make the stems I do have a tip though!  Instead of making the cement cups that she mentions in the tutorial – just hot glue the chicken wire stem onto a weight.

Since I hated the stems – I tied mine to the back of the chairs – and was happy :0)

To Set the Table:

I found the glasses at Goodwill – so I didn’t worry about letting the 8 year olds use them – and trust me – they felt pretty darn cool using fancy glasses!

The plates I found at Home Goods. They are Peppertree and the pattern is called”Ruffle”   (I did NOT buy them for this party!!  I’ve had them awhile…LOL)

For the Place Card – since Bea loves flowers – I just got a gardener 6 pack and put them in peat containers.  Don’t water them in these containers though!! It will soak through!!

For the name cards I pulled a flourish from this website and added their name in photoshop using this font. And the little stands to hold the card are from this website.

For the Napkins & Rings:

I bought the napkins awhile ago at Pier 1 – and I love them!

The napkin rings were easy to make!  Just use jump rings, or key rings, or any sturdy metal ring, and hot glue the paper butterflies onto them.

For the table flowers:

I used Daffodils and Creamy Yellow Tulips from Trader Joe’s.  And I couldn’t help but stop on the side of the road again for the yellow pom-pom weeds.  I just LOVE them!  No idea what they are though…here is a close up:

Aren’t they fun?!?!?

Last was hanging some fun from the light above the table:

She has a glittered “O” in her room that I pulled out & hung in the center.  (Super easy – just get the chipboard letter – paint on mod podge & glitter it.  I used German Glass Glitter because it tarnishes nicely.  Then just set the glitter with some aerosol hairspray.)

Then I hung curling ribbon, seam binding ribbon, vintage pink tinsel, and crepe paper that – wait for it – I put through the RUFFLER on the sewing machine!!  My friend mentioned it to me the night before – and I couldn’t NOT do it!!  She told me afterward that she had seen it done with 3 layers of paper  – instead of just the one.  It would look fuller and probably not tear as much.  So FABULOUS!

And – that is why – today’s giveaway is: RUFFLER FOOT!I don’t think I’ll stop until I’ve convinced everyone to get one!!  They are really so easy to use!

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Thanks for all of the comments and input – this was so much fun!  GOOD LUCK in the drawings!  Winners will be announced on MONDAY May 7th!



Garden Party Activities & Giveaway of the day!

What is a garden party without appropriate attire?  The girls had a lot of fun making these party hats.  The best part??  It was super easy to make and even easier on the budget!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Package of Paper Plates.   I wanted plain white – so I went with the Chinet – but in hindsight – they were a little stiff.  I would suggest getting the super cheap fluted edge ones.

Tulle Ribbon (or whatever kind of ribbon you want to use)

Flowers  (I used the silk flowers – but thought it might be fun to use the tissue paper flowers from last weeks post.  I think the girls would have fun making them!!)

Hot Glue Gun

**Note: Mine has 2 temperature settings – so I set it to the cool setting and let the girls do all of the work ;0)  Otherwise you may want to glue so there are no burned fingers!

To Make:

It really is as simple as

1. Cut a length of ribbon long enough that it can tie underneath their chin.

2. Run a line of glue across the bottom of the plate for the ribbon to attach. Make sure you cut the ribbon long enough that it can tie underneath their chin.

3. Let the girls design their hat, just glue the flowers as they create!

Our next activity – was painting their own garden lanscape.  My daughter loves to paint – she is quite the little artist – so this was definitely perfect for her.

What you’ll Need:

1 table top easel for each child (I’m sure your friends would loan you these…mine did :0)

I bought each girl:

1 package washable paints

1 package paintbrushes

**Note:  I didn’t realize one was included in the paints – so you don’t actually have to buy these!!

1 canvas (these are super cheap at wal-mart or a craft store)

I just tied them up with some ribbon and had them set out for them.  I offered some books that had pictures of flowers if they needed some inspiration…

Give them a pencil to sketch it out first…

And let the creativity flow!  This was definitely the quietest part of the party!!

And of course they got to take their masterpiece home!

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Tomorrow: The Decorations!  & of Course – our BIG FINISH GIVEAWAY!!



Garden Party Day 2…the Luncheon & Giveaway

Day 2 of the party post…and it’s all about the food!  I stacked up some of my cake plates

(I have a few…okay – I have an obsession.  I love them.)

Top Tier: I went really simple and just made cheese and jelly sandwiches – but if you put them on this fabulous cake plate – it makes them so much more desirable!

Middle Tier: With a side of grapes & apple slices (I sprinkled some Ball Fruit Fresh Produce Protector on the apples so they didn’t brown) and some yogurt to dip them in.

Bottom Tier: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.  I used these darling mini strawberries from our garden…because I thought little fingers needed little treats. :0)

The Drink:

My daughters favorite drink is a Shirley Temple…and it just happens to be super cute!

To make:

Put a little crushed ice in your glass

Pour some Grenadine Syrup (in the alcohol section – but not alcoholic!) into the bottom – this is kind of to taste – but I put about the bottom eighth.

Spear a cherry and a lime with a toothpick and drop it in.

Pour in Gingerale until the glass is filled.   **Note: I would buy cans of Gingerale if you have little people making their own.  They couldn’t pour it from the 2 liter **

Put in your cute paper straw and stir!

I had to show you a close-up of this cute thing I found at the flea market last week, I actually found 2 – the straws are in the other!  LOVE  THEM!!

The Cake:

This was super easy!  It’s just a 2 layered 6″ cake frosted with white frosting.                         (I like the betty crocker cream cheese and add a little orange extract…yummy!)

Then I sprinkled on some edible glitter

Then added these super cute paper butterflies.


Today’s Giveaway:  What else – but this fabulous cake plate and dome!!

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Tomorrow’s Post: The Garden Party Activities

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Garden Party…and a week of Giveaways!!

Well…the party was WONDERFUL!  Everything turned out pretty close to how I wanted them to!  But – as I was typing up this post – it was long and eternal – and I felt like all of these fun ideas were going to get lost.  So…I have devised a plan…and I think you might love it…let me know if you do ;0)

I will post a different part of the party everyday this week – food, decorations, activitites, etc  – but to entice you to keep looking – I will have a giveaway EVERYDAY through Thursday!

Starting today…


Here is the tutorial for how to make the “watermelon” ice cream:

**Note: This is one you’ll want to make at least a day ahead

What you’ll need:

1 carton lime sherbet

1 carton raspberry sherbet

1 package mini chocolate chips

A bowl (depending on the number of people you need to serve – choose the correct size)

How to make it:

Soften the lime sherbet and spread around the inside edges of the bowl – leaving a “bowl” inside.

**Note: if you run a large spoon under hot water – you can use the back of it to smooth out the edges.

Place this back in the freezer.

Soften the raspberry sherbet and mix it with the mini chocolate chips.

Spread the raspberry mixture into the lime “bowl”

Use the hot spoon to smooth out the top

Cover with plastic wrap and place in a freezer overnight.

About an hour before you need to serve:

Place your bowl in the sink and fill with hot water right up next to the rim.

Let it sit for about 30 seconds to soften (it may need longer)

Place upside down on a cutting board until it slides out.

Put it back into the freezer until ready to serve – and then slice it like a watermelon!

So – today’s giveaway:

a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart.  That way you can get everything you need to make this yummy & cute treat!

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Tomorrow: A Garden Luncheon (the food)& another great giveaway!!

You’re Invited…

It’s here…the week of the Garden Party for my 8 year old I mentioned in my last post.  I’m hoping to post the tutorials for things as I finish them.

Yesterday was the invitation … you can get the free printable here.

I just used the pre-cut note cards from Hobby Lobby.  You can cut your own if you’d like.  They measure 4″ x 5.5″.  Just stick them in your printer (landscape) and hit print!

To make the tissue paper flower – I used the same tutorial from design sponge that I will be using for the giant flowers – and just shrunk things down a bit.  The following images were taken from their tutorial:

Here are the materials you will need: (again – make them smaller.  My biggest petal was 6 inches)

**Note:  I used hot glue instead of tacky glue.  I’m not the most patient person and wanted a quicker drying time. :0)

Step 1:  Form the smallest petals into a “bouquet”.  Leave enough at the bottom to twist together.

Step 2: Layer the larger petals around the smaller petals until you have a full bouquet.  Play with them and scrunch them until they have the look you are going for…

Step 3:  Scrunch the edges of your center circles.  I used 3 layers of tissue paper – don’t forget to glue the layers together.

Step 4:  Glue a handful of moss into the center.  I got the moss from Lowes in the garden center.  It’s used for hanging baskets…

Glue all of the layers together and Walah…fabulous tissue paper flowers!!

I snipped off the back  where it was twisted so that the flower would lay flat and used hot glue to attach it to the card.

Next Project:  The Ruffled Table Cloth!!


It’s my party, and I’ll go overboard if I want to!

At our house – we get a “friends over” birthday party on the 5th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 18th birthdays.  This was decided, because, as I mentioned in my birthday banner post – we have all of our family’s birthdays in a 3 month stretch.  Pretty much every 2 weeks.  It got a little expensive & a lot CHAOTIC!  Thus, the limited birthday parties…

With that said – my daughters 8th birthday is coming up…and she said she would like to have a “garden party”.  So – I wanted to share with you my plans…and if you have any suggestions PLEASE leave a comment!!


Ruffled Table Cloth (tutorial to come later…)

Gigantic Tissue Paper Flowers: brace yourselves – these are SO fabulous!  Are you ready?

Okay…here they are:

You can get the tutorial HERE from designsponge.  I love them, I love them, I love them, I do.  My husband looked at me like I’d lost it completely when I showed them to him.  And then told me to get myself under control a little bit.  But I need them in my life now.  I have tunnel vision.  I see nothing else.


I want to have several things on my cute cake plates that I can’t seem to stop buying over the years…

Note:  Have you seen the new ones from Martha Stewart at Macy’s?  I could never bring myself to pay that much…but I SO love them!  Especially the little bird on top of the dome. LOVE

But back to the food:  I’ve narrowed it down to:

Macarons – not to be confused with macaroons – my friend made them for our bake group & I’ve been dreaming of them since.  They’ll be perfect for this party.

Here is the link to the blog she got the recipe from.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – in our garden right now we have a TON of strawberries with more on the way!  And they are small little things that are just adorable.  I thought – little mouths should have little chocolate dipped strawberries.  I can’t wait to make them!

Mini Cupcakes (gotta have the cake!)

Watermelon sorbets (I can’t wait to show you these…)


We will be making party hats…I will of course share pictures of all of this!

I’m also considering giving each girl a canvas to paint their favorite garden flower on…because my girl is an amazing little artist and LOVES to paint!!

These are my plans so far – if you have any suggestions or want to give me links to things that you think would work well with this party theme – please share!!


Happy Happy Birthday Banner!!

It is birthday season at my house.  There are 6 people in my family – and beginning in March – we have a birthday every two weeks.  It’s hectic to say the least – but it’s fun!!  Last year I made this birthday banner with my fabulous friend, and I have LOVED it!  It makes the place look decorated in a big hurry, and it was REALLY easy!

To make the penants:

1. Choose a fabric

**Note: We made ours out of printed duck cloth (canvas).  It’s a heavier fabric, so it hangs nicely.  (you could also use paper)

2. Decide what size you want your penants to be and cut a pattern out. (mine in 9″ wide at the top and 13″ long down the side)

3. Cut double the number of triangles you need for what you’re spelling. (front and back)  For instance –   I wrote out “Happy Birthday” so I cut 26 triangles.

4. Place each triangle “wrong sides” (side with no pattern or back side of the fabric) together and sew about an inch in from the edge around the entire triangle.  You can do a zig zag or straight stitch.  Whatever look you’re going for.  I figured the canvas doesn’t really fray, so I didn’t need the zig-zag for durability, and the fabric patterns were busy – so I opted for the straight stitch.

**Note: Don’t forget to back stitch where your beginning and end come together – we don’t want the stitches coming out!

5. Repeat on all of your triangles.

Putting the banner together:

**Note:  This is easier before adding all of your elements to the banner

1. Choose a ribbon or trim slightly longer than your triangles laid out end to end.

2. Pin the triangles to the trim in an arrangement that you like.

**Note: I tried to keep similar colors and patterns away from eachother.  It helps to lay it out first to make sure it looks good.**

3. Sew the triangles to the trim (make sure the trim is layered above  the triangle)

Decorating the Penants:

Obivously – you can wing it here …everyone has different tastes.  I will show you what I did – and would love suggestions on things you thing would be great!  Here is a close-up of one of my penants so you can see the layering…

Layer 1 –  paper medallion:

1. Choose paper for your medallion.  I used pages from a small paperback dictionary. But scrapbook paper, sheet music, a regular book, whatever makes you happy.  My fabric was so bright, I opted for something more muted.  If you use the dictionary pages, you need 2 pages per medallion.

2. Ink the edges.  This is optional, but it makes the paper stand out more.  I used the colorbox chalk on mine.  It has a softer look than ink pads, and the shape makes it easy to work with.  (you can click on the image below to get some!)  Just slide the ink pad along all 4 edges of each page.

**Note: you can ink them all at once.  Just hold them together.**

3. Fold down the length of the page alternating forward and backward (like you’re making a fan) all the way down the page.

4.  Fold the fanned page in half lengthwise

5. Spread the fan open at the top and staple or glue in the open position.

6. Place two of the stapled halves together to form a circle and staple into place.

**Note: Don’t worry that it comes apart in the middle – the next step is hot glueing them onto our banner.**

7. Glue the medallion to the center of your triangle.

Layer 2: Tule – I used tule to give it a little texture.

1. cut squares of tule – 1 per penant.

2. Place a dab of hot glue in the center of the paper fan medallion.

3. Scrunch up your tule square in the glue.  Play with it until it looks the way you want it.

Layer 3 – The Letters

**Note: I used chipboard letters, but if you have a electronic paper cutter – then I think cardstock would work just fine.**

1. Choose your letters – I went to my local scrapbook store and punched them out using their die cutting equipment.  Truth be told – I wish I had cut them bigger.  I made one for my sister in law for her birthday and used bigger letters – it looks a lot better!!

2. Paint mod podge onto the letter (I’ve tried spray adhesive, but it seems to not hold glitter so well.)

3. Cover with glitter (I used german glass glitter, because it’s so chunky and it tarnishes over time)

4. Shake off excess glitter

5. Spray with aerosol hairspray to set the glitter without losing the sparkle.

6. Repeat with remaining letters.

Yay!  Your banner is done!  At my house – we’ve decided it’s just easier to leave it out from March to June. ;0)