His & Hers Soiree: Party Recap

I hope that you’ve been inspired by this neutral colored/neutral gendered theme party…I just want to do a recap of all of the fun ideas in one post.  If you want to pin images to quickly get to one page of this party – this will be the place to do it.  I also encourage sharing…on facebook, pintrest, twitter.  Share the love.  ;0)


Here is a picture of the entire table.  So fabulous…



And some close ups so you can see just how wonderful it all really was…visit our Food, Glorious Food post for more details on the free printables and resources.









We also had our post about the Hanging Decorations.  Visit it for tutorials on making the italian crepe paper fringe garland, the bunting banners,  and other resources…



And of course, everyone’s favorite…at least it was {#MINE!#}…The Ruffled Table Skirt.  Visit the post for a tutorial and resources…



That was it for the party recap…and also the final clue for our treasure to hunt to win this Party in a Box!!


All of the sources for the items seen in this Party in a Box can be found HERE.

Visit THIS post for more details on how to win…don’t forget – the key words and phrases can be found in ALL of last weeks posts.  {big hint – even Monday’s}

Good Luck!!  The first person to post the correct phrase will win!!


Congratulations to McKenzie Kennedy on being the first to piece together our Mystery Phrase: “This Amazing Party in a Box is MINE!”

Congratulations McKenzie!

If you’re feeling like it should have been you…it still could be!!  I am giving away a SECOND Party in a Box!!  See our Facebook Page for more details on how to win!




His & Hers Soiree: Party in A Box Giveaway

I’m cracking up at all of the messages I’m getting of people trying to guess the phrase already.  Ha Ha.  Sillies.  Makes me smile!  I will give the final part of the phrase on Monday morning and then you can throw up your comment on THAT POST to win!!  I decided today that you would probably like a sneak peek at what it is that you’re winning…


For more details on how to win, see THIS  post.  I’ve hidden key words & phrases throughout this weeks post – be the first to the phrase together on Monday and win!

{The final piece will be given on Monday}

Good Luck!!!


p.s. Here is a list of the links to the products shown above.

Ruffled Bed Skirts {used to make the ruffled table skirt -the link contains a tutorial}

Mustache Molds, Crown Molds, Edible Gold Glitter {from the Food, Glorious Food}

Honeycomb Balls, Tissue Paper Fans, Bunting Banner {tutorials found in the Hanging Decorations post}

**Legal Garb: All items for the giveaway were purchased by PurdueAvenue.com; I will receive a commission on any items purchased through the links on my site.


His & Hers Soiree: The Ruffled Table Skirt Tutorial



I know what it is that you’re all just praying I put up a tutorial for… the VERY most fabulous thing about the table.

The Table Skirt


Talk about WOW FACTOR!  It’s absolutely stunning!  And the best part is – you can use it under any table cloth for a totally different look.

The second best part?  You can make this with pretty basic sewing skills…or no sewing skills at all!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ruffled Bed Skirt

{Mine was ivory colored – it’s also available in white}

MultiRuffle-Ivory-15inch-Drop-Bedskirt-P14066287A good pair of fabric scissors.  I love MINE!

LOTS of pins

Sewing Machine {or a hot glue gun for a no-sew option}

Here’s How You Make It:

Step 1: Lay the first skirt over the table you are fitting it to.  {Ha Ha – you are making your table a skirt after all – it has to be tried on and fitted!!}

Step 2: Arrange it so that the ruffles fall evenly on the 3 ruffled sides


Step 3: Secure the “non ruffled” edge to the table with some tape.  This fabric is slick – and you don’t want it sliding around!!


Step 4: Take the second bed skirt into a large room and spread it out on the floor.

Step 5: Cut the ruffled part of the skirt OFF of the center all the way around like this:


Step 6: Take the ruffled edges to the table and start pinning this ruffle above the existing ruffled skirt just below the edge of the table.

*After taking this picture – I realized it was better to pin one corner first and the pin my way to the next corner, and then move up the long sides.

You should have excess ruffle that you can wrap around the front part the has no ruffle.


**Note: to do this – I folded over the extra fabric from the cut ruffled section, then folded it again to give it a nice finished edge. **


Step 7: Go back and add A LOT MORE PINS!!  This is slick fabric – and it’s hard to sew without it REALLY pinned well!!


Step 8: Go around and make sure everything looks good – tuck and pin where needed – the corners might need some creative pinning!

Step 9: Once it looks good hanging on the table and you have LOTS of pins…you can take it to the sewing machine.

If you aren’t a seamstress – a hot glue gun would do great!

Just unpin a short section at a time and run a bead of glue between the fabrics, press closed and then move on.

Step 10: Throw it onto your table, throw a cute table cloth on top and step back and admire your work!


I wanted to add this ruffled table skirt to the giveaway – but since it’s so specific to what shape and size your table {#is#} – I can’t :0(

But I hope that you’ll make one!  Pin it now so you don’t forget ;0)

I hope that you’ve been looking through our other posts and searching for the key words to win this Party in A Box on Monday!!

You can learn more about it in THIS post.

And here are links to the rest…

The Hanging Decorations

Food, Glorious Food

Put the mystery phrase together and win!!

Until tomorrow…


His & Hers Soiree: Food, Glorious Food


Food presentation is a HUGE part of the “enjoying eating it” experience!

Randi has an amazing ability to present food…so everything looks and tastes amazing!

Here are a few tricks to follow – and you’ll soon have a few tricks up your sleeve!

Let’s start with the Cupcakes:


The first trick is to use a great big tip when piping your frosting like THESE

You’ll get a professional look, even if your piping bag is a ziploc baggie. {Don’t knock it til’ you try it!}

Don’t forget to top it with a sprinkle of Gold Edible Glitter

The cupcake liners were purchased at home goods – but you can find similar ones HERE
– or make your own with this template:


{Click on the image to download the template}

If you have an electronic cutter like the Silhouette, then you can zip them out on your striped paper looking FABULOUS!

You can also cut them with scissors and then use a scalloped edged scissor at the top.

For the Mustache Toppers: Just cut them out from our TEMPLATE and glue them to a flat topped toothpick.

I’ve also made a TEMPLATE for the Happy Birthday Pennants…just cause I like ya so much!



The pennants were attached to wooden skewers {cut in half} and topped with a glittered wooden ball on top. (the balls can be found in the craft stores by the wooden dowels)

 Click HERE for a tutorial on making the glitter ball sticks. (just scroll all the way down)

The Drinks

The decision for how to make this drink was made because she had a color that she wanted it to be!  Genius!

So she found a juice that was the right color and built the drink from there.




What’s great about this drink is that it can be a formula for any party drink

1. choose a color them – pink for example

2. add coordinating frozen fruit – raspberry

3. fill 1/2 with juice that matches the color palette

4. fill remainder of the glass with gingerale.


We also made darling

Buffet Signs

to go in front of the different goodies on the table.

Here is the one we made for the drink:


It says “Drink Me, I’m just peachy”

You can download the buffet sign template HERE.

I’ve left the template blank so that you can add in whatever you’re serving…

Like the sign for the cupcakes:


It says: “Let Them Eat Cake, Lots of It”  Hee Hee.

 {Let’s just say it was midnight and we were getting silly with our sign making.}

and for the



The sign says “Lots of Chocolates for Me to Eat”


You can get the mustache chocolate mold HERE

It really is as simple as:

1. Place the sticks in the mold

2. Pour in your melted chocolate

3. Wait for the chocolate to set (refrigerator works great to speed this along}

4. Pop the chocolate pops out of the mold

To keep the pops standing upright she filled a trophy cup with rice…GENIUS!



Follow the same steps for the Crown Molds

Before you pour in the white chocolate – sprinkle some Edible Gold Glitter
into the mold.  Then you’ll have sparkly crowns ;0)

The truffles are just lindt truffles, unwrapped with a sprinkling of Edible Gold Glitter
…so easy!  So smart!

chocolate-ballsSound like a lot of work?  You could save yourself the trouble by winning our {#PARTY IN A BOX#}!

You can read more about how to win this box in THIS POST!

Good Luck!


His & Hers Soiree: The Hanging Decorations

We’re going to start at the top of this party and work our way down this week…

First up are the decorations that we hung:


The great thing about the decor for this party, is that it was very centralized over the table.


No need to stress about decorating the whole house – just pick your spot and make it {#amazing#}.

Here is a list of what was used with links to where you can find it…

The Honeycomb Balls

Ivory Tissue Paper Fans

{When you see the image on Amazon – their color is NOT the color that comes.  It has an almost pink tint to it like it the photos above.}

Black & White Bunting

{all of the fabrics were purchased from Fabric.com – here is a snapshot of my purchase list}

Just plug the item numbers at the top of each image into their search bar and it will pull up the right fabrics.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 9.26.53 AM

The bottom image is the satin ribbon that we used to hang the bunting.  Make sure you buy enough to fit your space + 18″ on each end to tie it up.

To quickly make a template for your bunting:

Fold a piece of cardstock in half down the length


Then use a straight edge of something to draw a guide from the outer {unfolded} corner to the inner {folded} corner


Then trace it onto your fabric in this pattern:


Flip the direction of the triangle to fit the maximum number of flags on your fabric.

Then just cut using a Rotary Cutter, Mat & Ruler
{or really good, sharp scissors} along your guide lines.

Repeat for all of the fabrics that you are using.

I use the natural canvas for the backing and the patterned prints for the front…so for every patterned flag – I made sure I had a canvas backing.

You’ll want to figure out the number of flags you need to stretch across the area you’ve selected.  One flag covers about 9″.

Here was my cut list (the number is the flags I needed to have of each fabric)

4 large stripe

4 small stripe

3 polka dots

15 canvas

To Put it Together:

Place wrong sides of patterned fabric and backing (I used canvas)


Sew along the outer edges leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance


To turn the corner neatly – just sew almost to the point and then – with the needle down in the fabric, lift your foot up


Then turn the fabric so that you are lined up on the opposite edge and continue sewing.



for a “No-Sew” option – just run a bead of fabric glue along the inner edges of the canvas – then place the “wrong side of the patterned fabric on top.

Once you have each flag sewn or glued – lay out you pattern so it looks the way that you want it to…


Then sew or glue the satin ribbon to the front side of the bunting flags.

You can pin them into place before you sew – or just feed them in holding them straight.

I put the banner underneath the ribbon about 1/2″ .


When you’re almost to the end of the first flag – add the second flag in and continue sewing.


We also have another tutorial HERE for our Happy Birthday Bunting Banner.

Italian Crepe Paper Fringed Garland

I’m kind of in love with Italian Crepe Paper now…it’s thicker and tougher than regular crepe paper – so you can be rough with it, and it’s so wide!!

All we did to make the fringe banner was unroll the crepe paper in a large area


Then we folded it in half down the length


Then used scissors to cut  the fringe – about 1/4″ apart


If you fold it over on itself – it makes it a little harder to cut – but you get done MUCH quicker because you’re cutting several layers.


Once you have it all cut…


Unfold the garland {it looks like a centipede!!}


Then using hot glue or tape secure twine or ribbon to about 4 places along the crease.  Outside edges and 2 or 3 more in between

I used this gold flecked twine from May Arts.  Don’t forget to leave about 1.5 feet on each end for tying up the garland.


fold it back over and roll it up until you’re ready to hang it!


The bunting and the fringe garland will BOTH be in the “Party in a Box” that you could  win!!  See THIS post for more details on our Treasure Hunt!!


His & Hers Soiree Treasure Hunt!

Throwing a party that Dudes will be attending?

My fabulous friend, Randi, has thrown another spectacular party that left even the men impressed…


Ya…I know…you want to know how every last detail was done…so for the rest of this week – I’ll pick apart the details and give you the resources and free printables so that you, too, can throw a fabulous Soiree.  Best part?  Tucked into the posts this week I will give you key words that you can use to decode a secret message.   They will look like {#this#} Be the first to put the secret message together you will win this “Party in a Box”.  Key decorations from this party all neatly wrapped up in a box just waiting for you to throw a FABULOUS party!  Good luck!  It should be SO much fun!  Make sure to let your friends know so that they can play along, too!!