Superhero Party Decor Ideas

My oldest daughter turned 16 last month!  I’ve been dreaming in my head about the fabulous party that I would throw for her!  There would be glitter…soooo much glitter!!

To get the ball rolling, I created a pinterest board and shared the link with her so that we could collaborate and make it a special day that she would remember forever and ever.  And then the comments rolled in from her account to mine:  “Nope.”  “Not gonna happen”.  “Too girlie”.  Hurtful.  Just hurtful.  Ha Ha.  Actually – I wasn’t that surprised.  She’s not much for the frills and the fancy…so I did what I should have started with and asked her what she’d like to do.

It just so happened that the new Captain America: Civil War movie was hitting theaters that very weekend, and she really wanted to see it.  We had our theme.

Instead of SWEET 16 we were going to go SUPER 16!!  I started designing the invitations right away and used a pretty standard Comic Book layout design – but used muted (more girly) colors to give it a vintage feel.  She loved it and we were in business!

Comic Book Themed Party Invitation

If graphic design is something that you’d love to learn how to do – I have an online Photoshop for Newbies class that focuses on Graphic Design.

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If you prefer person to person live instruction, and you live in the Phoenix area – I teach small group classes in my home, as well.  You can join my mailing list for upcoming class information HERE.

Here are some of the photos of the buffet at the party:

SUPER 16 party decor Comic Book Super hero themed Birthday Party Ideas! -

I LOVE these Gold Party Fans from My Mind’s Eye Fancy Collection.  I’ve used them for my Christmas Party, my Ice Cream Party and  now this Superhero Party.  They’re just the best thing to have in you Party Decor arsenal.  Because I want to thank you loyal readers for being so patient while I was away – I’m offering a discount today in the shop on these versatile gold fans!  CLICK HERE to shop.

The gold glitter stars are just glitter paper cut using my Silhouette Cameo and hung with fishing line.

SUPER 16 - Comic Book Superhero Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Girls -

The comic book fans were made using old comic books.  I bought a bundle of them for $15 on Amazon and used the tutorial found HERE to create them.  Here is a closer look:

Comic Book Party Fans DIY - Party Decor Ideas -

This SUPER bunting was also made using the pages from the comic books that I ordered on Amazon and I printed the lettering onto mailing labels using my laser jet printer, and then foiled them using my laminator and heat sensitive foil. (Whew!  That’s a lot of links!  I think this will require a tutorial! I’m on it!)

Comic Book Paper Party Bunting Banner -

For the drinks I chose to do milk and punch to go well with the cake and cookies. I created the signs in Photoshop, and cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo – and then gold foiled them using the same process as the SUPER bunting.  For the sticks, I used skewers topped with a wooden bead that I had dipped into glue and then glitter – just to pretty it up a little. (I TOLD you there would be some glitter!!)

Comic Book Superhero Themed Party Decor - Gold Superhero Action Figures -

I thought it would be fun to use these Superhero Action Figures to hold buffet cards – but in their colorful natural state, they came off a bit cheesy.  So I grabbed my trusty gold spray paint and made them fit in!  They were so cute – she is currently using them in her bedroom (which is black and gold) and they look darling!  (I used the playskool brand because their feet were so big – they weren’t likely to tip over easily – but there were several other options to choose from if this look is too juvenile!)  Here is a peek of one a little closer:

Gold Super Hero Action Figure - Comic Book Superhero Party Decor Ideas -

The polka dot milk glasses were from Target  – and I took these pictures before they were filled, but I used white gatorade to fill the “punch” and milk to fill the “mighty milk”.

Comic Book Superhero Themed Birthday Party Drinks -

Underneath the glasses, I put more of the comic book pages – just to break up the whiteness of the buffet top.  I also spread some Giant Gold Confetti onto the table to give it some texture.

Superhero Cake - Comic Book Superhero Themed Birthday Party Ideas -

I love to bake – and I take pride in trying be a DIY girl – but I knew what I wanted this cake to be – and I knew my limits!  So I called up my sweet friend, Tawnna, from Happy Baking AZ and ordered this cute cake and 3 dozen of these darling cookies from her.  Best decision I’ve ever made.  This cake was the focal point of the buffet & it needed to look good!

(On a side note – it also TASTED incredible! We ordered the Salted Caramel Cake for the bottom layer and the Citrus cake with Raspberry Buttercream filling for the top – YUM!)

Superhero Cookies Comic Book Superhero Themed Birthday Party Ideas -

I used these fluted gold chargers, topped with a white doily, as the serving platters for the cookies.

Comic Book Superhero Themed Party Decor Ideas -

I hope you were inspired by some of things posted here!  In my next post I’ll give you all of the details about how I kept 20 teens entertained for over 8 hours!




My House is Haunted!

Halloween has been set up at my house and I’m super excited to share it with you!!  Plus some tips, of course…

I found this fabulous warty pumpkin at Walmart. Yay Walmart!! Stick it on a cake plate and top it with a witch hat. Voilà. Of course – you can never have enough plastic spiders.   It’s the little thing that just finishes off the display.

On the same table – I have this fabulous old French Art book from the 1800’s that works perfectly for a witch’s spell book.  And the magic sign is covered in German Glass Glitter.  I love the way it tarnishes with age.  Definitely my favorite glitter!!  And, of course, the spider.  ha ha.

And of course, the table wouldn’t be complete without the witch’s potions…

Food coloring and water are your best friends here.  If you mix all of the colors together you’ll get black.  But, too much and you won’t be able to see what’s inside.  Finding the potion jars was a lot of fun, too.  Decanters work great.  Check around antique shops —  they’ll have fun things!

What’s inside:

Trolls ears: dried canaloupe rinds

Mad Eyes: plastic eyeballs in dark colored water

Rats Tails: cream filled black licorice from Harry & Davids

Creepy Herbs: Just take any herbs that are dying away in your garden, stick them in a jar with colored water.  I used Rosemary.

In the “sugar bowl” I’ve got moss and skull candies – also from Harry & Davids

Moss is another thing I use a lot to finish a display.  The candy looked cute in the bowl by itself.  Add the moss…it looked fabulous.

I have this white tulip arrangement up year round in my house…but for All Hallows Eve, I add some black glittered orchid stems, black feathers, and gnarly twigs to give it a creepier look.

My friends & I got together and made these coffee filter wreaths this year. (We made them a little tighter than the tutorial said to) It took about 2 hours and I’m so happy with the result.  I think I want to make another and leave it  white…it could be used for Christmas, Springtime, Valentines.  Best part?  The coffee filters were on clearance at Sams Club.  1,000 filters for $1.91.  SWEET!!!

We put it together by folding the filter in half, and then rolling it to the desired shape, and hot glueing it in place.

Then just spray paint black.  I kind of liked the first coat look.  It was kind a grayish instead of black.  Kinda wished I’d stopped there…oh well.  I still have about 900 filters.  I could make another.  Ha Ha.

To get the gold tips I used gold glitter hairspray from the costume section at the grocery store.  I may stock up on this stuff.  It was PERFECT!!

Here is a close-up so you can see the gold tips better:

Then we made these banners to go up above my trick or treater collection.

The big one is made of fabric using the same steps from our Birthday Banner Post.


The smaller was made of paper and strung using bakers twine.

Just make a template the size you want.

Fold the patterned paper in half and place the top of the penant on the fold and only cut down the sides.

Add glue to non-patterned inside and fold it over the twine.

Ta-Da!  Super Easy!!

What fun things are you doing??  Email us your favorite Halloween Decor and we’ll do a post showing all of our favorites!!



Cheap Store Bought Curtains CAN Be Fabulous!

I bought these curtains from IKEA.  I loved them because they have a texture like linen and the color is kind of an oatmeal natural color (they also come in white – and with RIT fabric dye – you could … Continue reading 

Chalkboard Menu Board Wall


I love all of the chalkboard fun happening out there.  So – I decided to create a menu wall with it!  My kids LOVE it!  And I love it – because I can remember why I bought cabbage!!  I’m a lot better about making dinner – when I’ve made a menu and shopped for it!  And it makes me happy to look at it!


Here’s how to make them yourself!!

Step 1: Find your Frames.

Some of mine are picture frames, some are mirrors.  I just looked for specific shapes.  I hunted goodwill, flea markets, craft stores, antique shops to find a variety of picture frames & mirrors that would look good together.

I didn’t want them to all look the same.  Luckily I found a top and a bottom that kind of line everything up well.

Step 2: Remove and Clean the Glass/Mirror

Just pop out the glass (or mirror), clean it well.  I recommend using a window scraper, or razor to remove any build up or glue.

Step 3: Prime the glass

I used a gray primer in a spray can.  I didn’t want to see any brush marks.

Step 4: Paint with Chalkboard Paint.

I like: Rust-Oleum 1913830 Chalkboard Spray, Black, 11-Ounce.

{Again, I prefer the spray paint as opposed to canned chalkboard paint because it goes on so smooth with no brush marks}

Step 5: Let it dry

Step 6: Paint the Frame {optional}

While your chalkboard is drying, you can paint the frames.  Most of the frames I chose were gold…which wasn’t the look I was going for – so I painted some white and some ivory.  Once the paint was dry, I used a piece of sandpaper to “rough up” some of the edges.  This actually makes the details of the frame stand out more.  It looks really one dimensional if you leave out this step.

Step 7: Glue the Glass into the Frame.

Place the glass back into the frame and run a line of hot glue around the back.  That way, it isn’t wiggly while you’re writing on them.

Step 8:  Hang Them

When hanging them – try to arrange them with what works best for your space.  I tried to keep any that were too similar away from eachother.  You may notice that I only have 6 days…I’m still on the hunt for frame #7 :0)

I had pondered on using a mask to paint on the days of the week…but decided against it for now.  Sometimes I forget to thaw out the chicken for a meal and have to make something else instead – this way I have the option of moving things around.  But I look at my circle frame and can just envision “Tuesday” written following the lines of the circle on the top…sigh…

Step 9: Stand Back & Admire Your Skills

{Just be prepared for people to try taking them off of your walls.  HA!}

Here is my wall…all done. Really – the hardest part of this project was finding the frames!!


Chalkboard Menu Wall


I hope that you’ll be inspired to make a menu board of your own!!