Top 5 DIY Projects at My House

So…while I was hosting the Holiday Boutique last month, I had people asking me about projects I’ve done in my home.  A lot.  I think if I’d have been selling some of them, I would have done very well for myself.

Some people were trying to take things off of the wall to purchase – others sat with me awhile and picked my brain about how to do others.  It was super flattering!!

Then, I realized that I haven’t shared much of my home on this blog.  It was also suggested to me {A LOT} that I should.  So…that’s what this post will be…me sharing the things that people were loving about my house.

Some things I’ve posted about – others I made before I entered the world of blogging, so I saw no reason to take photos of the process.

I’ll link up to any tutorials that I HAVE done  – and get to work on ones that I hadn’t thought to do.


So…here are the top 5 DIY Projects that people were loving at my house.



#1: My “Mud Room”.

This is the area that comes in from the garage.  I’ve built a chalkboard wall calendar {tutorial to come}, back pack hangers, and a “shoe shelf” area.



 This shoe shelf was made using the IVAR shelving system from IKEA.  {this was the 4th place I’ve used these shelves in my house!  I’ve also used them in my Roll Down Pantry Shelves and in my Playroom.  You can see them both in THIS POST.  And also in my new shelving/desk in my craft room {that post is in the queue!}

Here are the links to the different components.

SECTION SIDE UNITS (I used 4 @ $8 each)

LONG CENTER SHELVES (I used 3 @ $6 each)

SHORT OUTER SHELVES (I used 6 @ $4.50 each)

*I just cut each brace to the height I wanted.

*Make sure to cut them all from the same end (top or bottom) so that your peg holes line up for your shelving.  {we don’t want any crooked shelves!!}

*I painted everything in ‘Aged Beige’ by Behr Paint and Primer in One in a satin finish.  I like satin for my furniture painting.  It washes easily, but isn’t tacky.

*The table top for the shelf is just a piece of MDF shelving.  I wanted a little more detailing, so my dear old dad cut the corners fancy using my scroll saw.  I made a pattern by tracing the edges of my dining table.  I wish I’d taken a video of it.  He’s an impressive guy!


The Chalkboard Gigantor Calendar is a tutorial for another day :0)




#2: My Chalkboard Menu Wall

People were literally trying to take these off the wall to buy.  It made me laugh.  How do you politely say “back off, lady!” when something isn’t for sale??  ha ha.  This one, I DID do a tutorial for!  You can find it HERE.



#3: My Store Bought Curtain Make-Over

Again, lots of oohs and ahh’s over these.  This was one of the EASIEST projects I’ve done – but gives store bought curtains a lot of class.  You can see the tutorial HERE.



#4: My Picture Wall

My husband tells me that I’m “trigger happy” when I’m taking photos.  Them’s the breaks when you have cutie kids, I guess.  Needless to say, I have A LOT of photos.

I also love having my photos be the “art” on my walls.  It makes it feel more homey to me and gives the artwork more meaning.  So – my dilemma – I needed to display a lot of photos, but didn’t want to pay for

a bazillion picture frames.  Thus, this project was born.  This tutorial has been added to my project list.  Wait for it….



#5: My Fireplace Mantle

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I made this mantle.  I was blogging at that point.  WHY, OH WHY did I not take pictures of the process??  Silly.

Lucky for you, I have 2 other fireplaces that need to be “mantled” – so I’ll be a better girl and take photos of the process for you.  It was actually quite simple.



I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few peeks at my house.  There’s more to come.  Watch for the tutorials, too!  If you aren’t a follower – make sure that you become one to get these tutorials sent right to your email!