A Meager Christmas

My husband has been unemployed for 3 months now with no severance package {BOO!!!} which means that Christmas will be meager this this year, and I’m so {STRANGELY} excited about it!

I’m excited to be able to focus more on the Savior & not feel the bustle of the season quite so much – since I won’t need to be out shopping like a crazy person.  I have grand plans & I’ll post about how they go.

Plan #1: our advent calendar

Normally – our advent consists of things to do as a family – usually shopping, or seeing a holiday movie, or going sledding in Flagstaff – most things that cost money.

This year: I found a great advent idea in The Friend {a children’s magazine that our church publishes} where instead of costly things to do or gifts to open – every day has a scripture and an act of service or family experience that correlates.  {I’m tweaking it a little and will share it on the 12th.}


{Click on the image to download}

The Friend Advent

Plan #2: our family gift exchange

Last night we had Family Home Evening and drew our family exchange names for Christmas.  My awesome hubby told the kids about his favorite Christmas memory with HIS family growing up, where all of the presents were homemade.  I’m sure it was necessity – but it stuck with him more than any other.

He talked about his dad helping him use the power tools to make his siblings gifts, and how he was MORE EXCITED about them opening up what he’d spent so much time making – that he wasn’t worried about what gifts he’d be receiving that Christmas morning.

That’s what we are hoping to have happen in our little family.  Pray for us ;0)

I’ve been pinning lots of Homemade Christmas ideas to THIS PINTREST BOARD if you’d like some inspiration.

 Homemade Christmas Board

If you have ANY suggestions for great homemade gifts for ages 7-13 {boys & girls} I’d LOVE to hear them or send them to me on pintrest! {I’m loving that new feature!!}

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to teach my kids about the true meaning of Christmas as well as this life lesson that sometimes we don’t get everything we want – but we can still be grateful for everything that we have!!


P.S.  If you’re a slacker and have some last minute shopping to do – check out these adorable 2014 desktop calendars my big sis designed  – they are available in my Etsy shop now :0)  Perfect for that out of town friend that you need to ship to…it ships in an envelope for the cost of a stamp {maybe 2 stamps…}!!  Can’t beat it!

Merry Christmas – I’m offering $5.00 off of these calendars to my friends until January 1, 2014

Use the code FRIENDSAREFUN at checkout to get these calendars for $15.00 plus FREE SHIPPING!

{click on the image to go to the shop and see all of the cute months!}

2014 chalkboard style desktop calendar


Top 5 DIY Projects at My House

So…while I was hosting the Holiday Boutique last month, I had people asking me about projects I’ve done in my home.  A lot.  I think if I’d have been selling some of them, I would have done very well for myself.

Some people were trying to take things off of the wall to purchase – others sat with me awhile and picked my brain about how to do others.  It was super flattering!!

Then, I realized that I haven’t shared much of my home on this blog.  It was also suggested to me {A LOT} that I should.  So…that’s what this post will be…me sharing the things that people were loving about my house.

Some things I’ve posted about – others I made before I entered the world of blogging, so I saw no reason to take photos of the process.

I’ll link up to any tutorials that I HAVE done  – and get to work on ones that I hadn’t thought to do.


So…here are the top 5 DIY Projects that people were loving at my house.



#1: My “Mud Room”.

This is the area that comes in from the garage.  I’ve built a chalkboard wall calendar {tutorial to come}, back pack hangers, and a “shoe shelf” area.



 This shoe shelf was made using the IVAR shelving system from IKEA.  {this was the 4th place I’ve used these shelves in my house!  I’ve also used them in my Roll Down Pantry Shelves and in my Playroom.  You can see them both in THIS POST.  And also in my new shelving/desk in my craft room {that post is in the queue!}

Here are the links to the different components.

SECTION SIDE UNITS (I used 4 @ $8 each)

LONG CENTER SHELVES (I used 3 @ $6 each)

SHORT OUTER SHELVES (I used 6 @ $4.50 each)

*I just cut each brace to the height I wanted.

*Make sure to cut them all from the same end (top or bottom) so that your peg holes line up for your shelving.  {we don’t want any crooked shelves!!}

*I painted everything in ‘Aged Beige’ by Behr Paint and Primer in One in a satin finish.  I like satin for my furniture painting.  It washes easily, but isn’t tacky.

*The table top for the shelf is just a piece of MDF shelving.  I wanted a little more detailing, so my dear old dad cut the corners fancy using my scroll saw.  I made a pattern by tracing the edges of my dining table.  I wish I’d taken a video of it.  He’s an impressive guy!


The Chalkboard Gigantor Calendar is a tutorial for another day :0)




#2: My Chalkboard Menu Wall

People were literally trying to take these off the wall to buy.  It made me laugh.  How do you politely say “back off, lady!” when something isn’t for sale??  ha ha.  This one, I DID do a tutorial for!  You can find it HERE.



#3: My Store Bought Curtain Make-Over

Again, lots of oohs and ahh’s over these.  This was one of the EASIEST projects I’ve done – but gives store bought curtains a lot of class.  You can see the tutorial HERE.



#4: My Picture Wall

My husband tells me that I’m “trigger happy” when I’m taking photos.  Them’s the breaks when you have cutie kids, I guess.  Needless to say, I have A LOT of photos.

I also love having my photos be the “art” on my walls.  It makes it feel more homey to me and gives the artwork more meaning.  So – my dilemma – I needed to display a lot of photos, but didn’t want to pay for

a bazillion picture frames.  Thus, this project was born.  This tutorial has been added to my project list.  Wait for it….



#5: My Fireplace Mantle

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I made this mantle.  I was blogging at that point.  WHY, OH WHY did I not take pictures of the process??  Silly.

Lucky for you, I have 2 other fireplaces that need to be “mantled” – so I’ll be a better girl and take photos of the process for you.  It was actually quite simple.



I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few peeks at my house.  There’s more to come.  Watch for the tutorials, too!  If you aren’t a follower – make sure that you become one to get these tutorials sent right to your email!




Where I’ve Been…


My life feels crazy.  Seriously.  I apologize for abandoning the blog for a bit – but something had to give!!  I think you’ll understand when I show you all of the fun I’ve been having…

FB Header

I hosted a Holiday Boutique Open House a few weeks ago – and it was SO MUCH FUN!!  I can’t wait to do it again!  I had visions of taking amazing pictures and sharing them with you – but instead you get some terrible & blurry photos I snapped with my phone in between customers.  Ugh.  I am sorry.  They just don’t do the products justice.  But – what’s done is done.  The important thing is I’m sharing what I have as well as the vendor info in case you’d like some for yourself ;0)

The Entry



The Halloween Room

Halloween Room

Here are some closer looks at the room












The Christmas Room 

The Christmas Room




Here’s a closeup of the large snow globe


















The Kitchen






Home & Beauty



















Home & Celebrations





















The best part about this boutique was the vendors!!  Everyone brought great quality, adorable stuff!  If you saw something in the pictures that you just can’t live without – here is a list of the vendors and links to their contact info.  Some of them were first time sellers – so they don’t have a store up yet – but if you click their name it will open an email address.  If you see something that you don’t see listed – just leave a comment – I’ll let you know who to contact!!



A Simple Touch {Vintage Paper Wreaths, Paper Holiday Bunting, Advent Calendars}

Ahh Baby {Adult & Children’s Aprons, Bean Bags, Fabric Tu-tu’s}

Aimee aimeemallory@yahoo.com {Fabric Bunting, Halloween Clocks, Halloween Stockings, Dead & Breakfast Sign}

Ammanda ammanda.pottle@gmail.com {Wire & String Art, Art Prints, Mini Paper Garlands}

Autumn chickysmith@gmail.com {Music Art Prints, Palette Picture Frames, Palette Arrows, Lace Glitter Crowns, Glitter Pumpkins, Goodie Boxes, Burp Cloths, Taggie Blankets}

Bubblegum Alley {2014 Chalkboard Desktop Calendars, Fridge Magnets, Art Prints, Button Flare}

BeautiControl by Mary Smith {Spa Sets, Lighted Lipgloss, Microderm Abrasion & lots more!}

Courtney’s Creative Cards {Greeting Cards for every occasion}

Choppers Creations {custom furniture including vintage mirror, vintage door with chalkboard panels, vintage bench}

Dog Decor {Custom Collars for the Pampered Pooch}

Jaymi vulclass@aol.com {Holiday Blocks, Home & Family Blocks, Hand Towels, Rolled Fabric Flower Wreaths, Hair Bows}

Nancy Noodle {Santa Mug Rugs, Ruffled Tree Skirts, Quilted Ornaments, Cupcakes in a Jar}

Nix-N-Nax Boutique {Dry Erase Frames, Picture Frames, Christmas Signs}

Origami Owl by Janee Stover {Custom Jewelry, Handmade Quilts, Crochet Dish Cloths, Pillow Cases}

Project 7 marisa@myproject7.com {Apple Cider Syrup, Kleen Sweep Bags, Reusable Snack Bags & Sandwich Wraps}

Scentsy by Ann Davis {she provided the wonderful smells in my house}

Then of course, all of my stuff…I’ve put everything I had left into the shop…but I’m happy to take orders on the Jingle Pillows & Chalkboard Placemats.  I sold out of those :0)

But please take a look at what’s left!!  I’ll be adding more over the next week, as well.


{Click on the image to go to the shop}


Hopefully, life has settled down enough that I can start consistently posting again.  I’ve got to admit that I’ve missed all of my friends in blog land :0)








We Have A Winner!!

Congratulations to Monica!!  She will receive a set of 25 treat bags & 25 gift tags of her favorite designs.  Hooray!

Thank you to EVERYONE  for all of your help…I’m so glad that I asked – because I would have picked THEE WRONG ONES!!!   Here are the results of your voting:

From the Delicious Collection:

These votes were actually pretty close…but by 1 vote…the winner is:





The close second was:



So I think that I’ll offer them both.  It was ONE VOTE!!! Right?


From the Christmas Collection:

There was no contest here.  This one got 4 times more votes than either of the others:



And finally, from The Yummy Collection:



I will have them all available not only as bags, but as digital downloads & full printable tag sheets when I reopen my shop after the Holiday Boutique is over!!  When I do open the shop up – I will email everyone that participated a coupon code to use toward your favorite design!!  Thanks so much!












Treat Bags & Gift Tags

Whew…you probably thought I’d gone AWOL, right?  I’m still here and creating fun things to share with you.  I’ve decided to host a Holiday Boutique Open House in October – so I’ve been scrambling getting vendors set up, creating flyers & also creating my own stuff to sell.  It’s going to be SO much fun!  But I need your HELP!!!

I’ve been creating these super fun treat bags to sell…but it’s a little unrealistic to print all of the designs I’ve created…I really need to narrow it down to a few.

Here’s where I need to borrow your creative minds to help me out!

{And of course – I’ll offer a giveaway for your input!}

{‘Cuz I’m nice like that}


Here’s a closer look at the Collections:

{Click on the image to purchase the instant downloads of each collection}







I will also be making the designs into tags like these ones:


To Enter:

Complete the entry form:


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thanks in advance for all of your help & good luck in the giveaway!


P.S. All designs are copyrighted – so please be respectful and no swiping!!

Ice Cream Party Games

Who doesn’t love a game of bingo?  And you can’t go wrong with cards this cute!!

Candy Bingo Card Printables



You will need:

Candy for each player (at least 25 pieces – we used jelly beans but would suggest smarties for younger children so they don’t roll around)

Bingo Cards DOWNLOAD OUR VERSION HERE  {the original images are from THIS WEBSITE – we just gave them a makeover)

Picture Squares (The first page of the printable PDF has the pictures that you cut out )

To Play:  (just in case you don’t know how)

Print and Cut the Sweet Shoppe Bingo Cards onto card stock (you can laminate them if you want them to survive for re-use)

Give each guest a card (there are 16 different cards in the file)

Draw from the Picture Squares



Have guests place a marker (jellybean) on the square of the image that was called



Once they have 5 in a row  – they yell BINGO!  And then they get to pick a prize from the prize bowl!  There were enough prizes for everyone to get BINGO – so you just continue play until everyone has had a chance to choose their prize.  We kept the prizes to things under $1. Some prize ideas include:

nail polish

ice cream flavored lip gloss

jump rope

fingernail stickers



We also played pin the scoop on the ice cream cone.  I just enlarged the cone, scoops and cherries from our Party Invitations to fit on a 12×12 sheet of paper.

Each girl got their own color of scoop so that we could see who got the closest to win the prize!  Of course, we had 2 cherries for the 2 birthday girls to stick on the top!






Very easy & affordable games – and the girls had a GREAT TIME!

Friday I’ll show you the food we ate and the darling goodie bags the guests were able to take home!!


p.s. If you’re like me and love BINGO for every occasion – check out the holiday BINGO cards in my Etsy Shop.  OR – I’m happy to design a set for your next big shindig!  Just convo me and we’ll figure it out ;0)



Jewelry So Cute…You Could EAT IT!

One of the activities for the Ice Cream Party was letting the girlies make this DARLING candy jewelry.


Candy Jewelry Design

 & Earrings

Candy Jewelry Earrings

Here’s a closer look at the Candy Jewelry Supplies: (sources listed below)Candy Jewelry Station

What we used:

1. Crushed Rock Candy (just crush up some of the extra swizzle sticks we used in their glasses when setting the table)

Crushed Rock Candy

2. Large Gumballs (these colors were found at Hobby Lobby, but you can also get them separately on Amazon: pearl shimmer gumballs)

3. White Pearl Shimmer Sixlets Candy

4. Pearl Bright Pink Sixlets

5. ring blanks

6. Earring Blanks

Candy Jewelry Hardware


What you’ll Need To Assemble:

1. Items listed above

2. A Glue Gun w/Temperature Control set to cold glue  (or a few of them to speed things along)


How to Make Them:

For the Earrings – just put a dab of glue on the earring blank, and let them place their candy of choice. (the rock candy was my favorite!!)

For the rings – just add glue as needed for whatever candy they’re trying to add.


And don’t forget the darling Jewelry Jars that they can take their creations home in!  Click HERE for the tutorial & Resources

Ballerina jewelry jar with chalkboard label


The girls had a wonderful time making these!!

Bling Bling


Come back Wednesday for the games we played!


P.S. To see more posts from this party, click on the Ice Cream Party tag below


Ice Cream Party Tablescape


Silly Silly Me!!  I planned on having a party recap for today’s post – and I stewed and fretted about sticking so much information into one eternally long post.  { Thus, the late hour of my post }  I still wanted to show you the games we played, the food we ate, the cute table that we ate them on – so I’ll have to continue the posts into next week as well.  This really was a GREAT party!  {I guess this is what happen when you have a mother that goes overboard X 2!!}  So today – I’ll post about the DARLING tablescape!

Here’s a view from the top:Ice Cream Party Table Setting - purdueavenue.com


And here are some closer views at the cuteness:

The Place Settings

Ice Cream Party place setting - purdueavenue.com



The Tablecloth

Randi made using THIS darling blue chevron fabric.

At each place setting:

Plate, 4 inch doily, Ice Cream Sundae Cup, Spoon

Napkin (Randi made them, and they were DARLING!) held with a candy necklace wrapped around twice and twin cherry lollipops.

You can find a similar fabric for the napkins HERE, and she trimmed them with tiny pom pom ribbon.

Glass with Pink Swizzle Stick, Blue Striped Paper Straws, and Cherry Limeade Yummy Straw Tag, and a candy bracelet around the bottom of the glass.

Cherry Limeade Straw Tags - purdueavenue.com


Ice Cream Scoop Place Card (You can see the tutorial HERE)

Ice Cream Party place card - purdueavenue.com



We gave each girl a glass “jewelry jar” to take home the candy jewelry they made. (more on the jewelry later!)

Ballerina jewelry jar with chalkboard label

What you’ll need:

Crystal Glass Jelly Jars

Pink Spray Paint (or preferred color)

Ballerina Cake Topper

Chalkboard Stickers

Hot Glue Gun

Chalk Marker

How To Make It:

1. Remove the lid & spray paint them the desired color

2. Once the lid has dried, use a hot glue gun to put a ballerina cake topper in the center of the lid.

3. Write the names on the chalkboard labels using the chalk marker

4. Attach the label to the front of the jelly jar


Chalkboard Place Mat

Chalkboard Place Mats


Love those adorable chalkboard placemats?  Wanna know how easy they are to make??  It’s just black card stock, a chalk pen and a circle punch!

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

Black Textured Card Stock

Chalk Marker

1.5″ Circle Paper Punch (or some scissors)

How to Make:

Step 1: Punch the corners using the circle punch (or find something round, trace onto the paper, then cut out with scissors)

Step 2: Using the chalk pen, draw a border about 1/2″ inside the paper.  If you’re not comfortable freehanding it – just use a ruler for the edges and something round for the ticket stub part.

DONE!  See?  I told you it was easy!

Next week  I’ll show off the decorations, activities & food.  You’re gonna love it!!










Chalkboard Pennant and Ribbon Banner Tutorials


As promised in the Ice Cream Party Invitation Tutorial post, here is the tutorial on making these darling banners.  I made 2 – one is a ribbon banner that hung over the Ice Cream Sundae Creation Station:



And the second was a pennant banner with a ribbon cut bottom.  {You could also make it the standard triangle shape pennant banner following the tutorial HERE}



The trick here is the fabric.  I really wanted a chalkboard pennant banner, and had planned to spray regular canvas with chalkboard paint.  Until 1 sleepless night at about 2am – I had a AHA! moment.  I decided to get out of bed and see if there was such a thing as black canvas already!!  There was!  Happy Me.  {I have since learned that there is an actual chalkboard fabric…it is smooth and looks leathery…so if you like the textured look, go with the canvas.}

I’ll start with the pennant banner…I had 5 pennants on my banner, each pennant was 10″ W x 14″ L.  You can make yours with more or less – just adjust your fabric and ribbon accordingly.  If you are doing more – I would adjust the pennant size to 7″ W x 10″ L unless you have a REALLY big room to hang it in and LOTS of ribbon!

What you will need:

1 yard of Black Canvas – you want the heavy weight – I got the 14 oz.  I bought mine on fabric.com – HERE IS THE LINK

4 yards of Ribbon – I used this DARLING Black & Cream 1/5″ wide May Art Ribbon

Sewing Machine OR Hot Glue Gun for a No Sew option.

What to do:

Cutting out this banner was even easier than the pennants!!

1. I like to fold the fabric in half lengthwise, and then in half again.  That will give me more pennants per cut! This fabric is heavy – so make sure that you have a sharp blade on your cutter – otherwise – you can only fold it over once (or use scissors)

2. Take a minute to smooth out the fabric – make sure everything is lining up well and that you don’t have any folds hiding in there.

3. Line up the length of your fabric along a guide on your cutting mat to ensure that your fabric is straight and cut the end 1″ off – to make sure everything is square.


**make sure to have firm pressure on the ruler while using a rotary cutter – like I said – it’s thick and takes some muscle to cut through!!

4. Pull the fabric to the edge of your cutting mat – and move your ruler to 10″


5. Repeat this process until you have the number of pennants needed.  (Mine cut 4 pennants per cut because of the way I folded it)

6. Smooth each cut and Trim 1/4″ off of the top and bottom to cut off the folds making the separate pennants.


7. Fold each pennant in half lengthwise and cut at an angle {personal preference which angle} starting from the folded edge and ending on the outer edges. {The folded edges should be where the arrows are in the photo.}





**Here is a picture of what each angle looks like on the finished pennant – to help you choose…}


8. Iron the pennants and spray the 3 edges with a clear acrylic sealer in matte finish.  You can also use no fray spray 0r paint on matte mod podge to the edges (it’s just more time consuming)

{if you don’t want to mess with the sealer you can always hem the edges!!}

9. Once you have all of the pennants cut and ironed – it’s time to sew/hot glue them to the ribbon.  This ribbon makes it especially easy because the horizontal lines make it so easy to sew the pennants on straight!

***NOTE***I think that attaching the pennants to the ribbon with velcro dots would be even better – because then you can add/remove the number of pennants you need to ‘say what you need to say’!  Just a thought…


I hope that you’ve enjoyed the tutorial.  I have a few tips for writing on them as well:

1. MAKE SURE TO PRIME THE FABRIC FIRST!! I can’t stress how important this is. Just take a piece of chalk lay it sideways and rub it all over the pennants.  Then wipe it off.  It will give it a smoky look that looks great, too!

2. Using small chalk like THIS ONE makes it easier to control the chalk.  I LOVE THIS CHALK PENCIL!!



If you don’t feel like you have the greatest ability to free hand…there is a really easy way to transfer printed text to the pennants:

1. print out what you want to write on the pennants.  If it’s individual letters, it helps to cut around them so you can center them better.

2. Rub chalk on the back side of the printed image/text

3. Center it on the pennant.  Then, using a ball point pen (I like to use red so I can see where I’ve been) trace around the outer edges of the image/text.

4. This will transfer the chalk onto the pennant and you can just fill it in (as seen above)


To make the ribbon pennant – it’s basically the same steps – except:

1. instead of cutting the width to 10″ – cut it to the length you want.

2. Still cut the v-notches as shown above – but make sure to notch both ends!!

3. Sew/Glue the ribbon onto the edges of the “writable” area.  Leave about 8 inches on each side of the ribbon for the v-notched ends to “flow” (see the picture at the top of the post to see where I put the ribbon)

4. If your fabric isn’t stiff enough – you can slide some wire in to help give it the “folded back” ribbon look.


Okay – the novel is over!  I hope that you make one – they’re SO much fun!!  Friday I will post more pics from the party with the party games!


You’re Invited…to an ice cream party!

Summer is officially over at my house.  The kids are back in school and my quiet house feels super lonely.  So – I’m glad that I have all of my friends in blog land to keep me busy & happy!!  Thanks in advance!!  It was really nice to take the summer off and just enjoy being a mom, having some fun with my kids, and not be at my computer all day every day…but…it’s GOOD TO BE BACK!

I thought that this month I would catch you up on some of  what we did over the summer – and hopefully inspire you in the process!

The first thing was my daughters ice cream birthday party!  Since she and her BFF share a lot of the same friends, and their birthdays are so close together, and we both wanted to do an ice cream party, we did it together – and I’m so glad that we did – because her BFF just happens to be the daughter of my BFF.  Perfect.

If your kids aren’t back in school yet – this party would make a FUN back to school get together as well!!  Whatever reason you do it – ice cream parties are always a good idea.

To keep the post from becoming a novel – I’ll break it up into different projects we did leading up to the party, and then have all of the pics from the party on Friday.

Obviously – when throwing a party – the first thing that needs to be done are the invitations – and these ones are DARLING!!

{if I do say so myself}

Ice Cream Party Invitation

They were very simple!  I added the clear glitter to make it look a little bit “frosty” – here’s a closer look: {scroll down for the tutorial}

Darling Ice Cream Party Invitation Printables!

To make your life easier – I’ve attached the printable files for these darling invites!  Just CLICK HERE to preview them and download.

You can:

Print & Cut out with scissors the old fashioned way!  This means that you will need to hand write the party information in yourself.

If you have photoshop, you can edit the file to add in your party info or make any changes.  You’ll need to download the fonts I used: Airplanes in the Night Sky & Engravers MT

{If you would LIKE to use photoshop – but don’t know how – I’ll teach you!!  CLICK HERE for more info on my Photoshop for Newbies Online Classes.}


**If you have a Silhouette Electronic Cutting Machine**

I’ve made a video tutorial that will walk you through creating the cards.  I can’t give you the studio files because I don’t own the artwork :0(  Sorry!


To Make 6 Cards You Will Need:

{adjust your numbers for the amount of invites needed}

Cardstock (mine was textured bazzil stock from Hobby Lobby) in these colors:

     For Scoops: 1 sheet of each color 


Light Pink

Dark Pink

     For Cones:

Light Brown

     For Back: 3 sheets

Dark Brown

     For Cherries: {1 sheet will make TONS of cherries!}

*Note: I put the cherries for the place cards on the same file as the invitation cherries.  If you don’t want to make place cards – just disregard those cherries.


Glue Stick or Pen


Step 1:

Print & Cut the Scoops, Cones, Backs & Cherries

**NOTE: I suggest printing on the NON-TEXTURED side of the cardstock on the cones, backs and cherries – that way if your cuts aren’t perfect – you don’t see the printed image.**

Step 2:

Start gluing pieces to the BACK starting from the CONE and work your way up, ending with the CHERRY on top.  HA!

Apply the glue around the outer edges, and then add a little scribble of glue in the middle.

Repeat with all of the pieces until your card is assembled.

*OPTIONAL: tutorial on adding the glitter to give it that “frosted” effect.

It’s super quick and easy and it really gives it some wow factor!  {This is actually of me glittering the place cards for the table – but the steps are the same}

What you’ll need:

invitations, printed & cut & glued together

glue pen (I like the EK Success Zig 2-Way Chisel Glue Pen)

clear glitter (I used Martha Stewart Coarse Crystal Glitter)

Step 1: Apply glue randomly on the cherry and each scoop of ice cream.

(I painted blue on the places that I applied the glue)





Step 2: Cover the entire card in glitter

(I do this on a glitter tray or piece of paper to cut down the mess and transfer the excess glitter back to the jar)



Step 3: Tap off excess glitter & admire your awesomeness!


This next picture shows the glitter better



**Note: I like to set the glitter using hairspray or Mod Podge Spray. It dries clear and isn’t sticky at all!

That’s the invitation – Wednesday I’ll show you how I made this darling chalkboard banner to go above the Ice Cream Creation Station!



and this one in the window:



See you then!!