Chalkboard Pennant and Ribbon Banner Tutorials


As promised in the Ice Cream Party Invitation Tutorial post, here is the tutorial on making these darling banners.  I made 2 – one is a ribbon banner that hung over the Ice Cream Sundae Creation Station:



And the second was a pennant banner with a ribbon cut bottom.  {You could also make it the standard triangle shape pennant banner following the tutorial HERE}



The trick here is the fabric.  I really wanted a chalkboard pennant banner, and had planned to spray regular canvas with chalkboard paint.  Until 1 sleepless night at about 2am – I had a AHA! moment.  I decided to get out of bed and see if there was such a thing as black canvas already!!  There was!  Happy Me.  {I have since learned that there is an actual chalkboard fabric…it is smooth and looks leathery…so if you like the textured look, go with the canvas.}

I’ll start with the pennant banner…I had 5 pennants on my banner, each pennant was 10″ W x 14″ L.  You can make yours with more or less – just adjust your fabric and ribbon accordingly.  If you are doing more – I would adjust the pennant size to 7″ W x 10″ L unless you have a REALLY big room to hang it in and LOTS of ribbon!

What you will need:

1 yard of Black Canvas – you want the heavy weight – I got the 14 oz.  I bought mine on – HERE IS THE LINK

4 yards of Ribbon – I used this DARLING Black & Cream 1/5″ wide May Art Ribbon

Sewing Machine OR Hot Glue Gun for a No Sew option.

What to do:

Cutting out this banner was even easier than the pennants!!

1. I like to fold the fabric in half lengthwise, and then in half again.  That will give me more pennants per cut! This fabric is heavy – so make sure that you have a sharp blade on your cutter – otherwise – you can only fold it over once (or use scissors)

2. Take a minute to smooth out the fabric – make sure everything is lining up well and that you don’t have any folds hiding in there.

3. Line up the length of your fabric along a guide on your cutting mat to ensure that your fabric is straight and cut the end 1″ off – to make sure everything is square.


**make sure to have firm pressure on the ruler while using a rotary cutter – like I said – it’s thick and takes some muscle to cut through!!

4. Pull the fabric to the edge of your cutting mat – and move your ruler to 10″


5. Repeat this process until you have the number of pennants needed.  (Mine cut 4 pennants per cut because of the way I folded it)

6. Smooth each cut and Trim 1/4″ off of the top and bottom to cut off the folds making the separate pennants.


7. Fold each pennant in half lengthwise and cut at an angle {personal preference which angle} starting from the folded edge and ending on the outer edges. {The folded edges should be where the arrows are in the photo.}





**Here is a picture of what each angle looks like on the finished pennant – to help you choose…}


8. Iron the pennants and spray the 3 edges with a clear acrylic sealer in matte finish.  You can also use no fray spray 0r paint on matte mod podge to the edges (it’s just more time consuming)

{if you don’t want to mess with the sealer you can always hem the edges!!}

9. Once you have all of the pennants cut and ironed – it’s time to sew/hot glue them to the ribbon.  This ribbon makes it especially easy because the horizontal lines make it so easy to sew the pennants on straight!

***NOTE***I think that attaching the pennants to the ribbon with velcro dots would be even better – because then you can add/remove the number of pennants you need to ‘say what you need to say’!  Just a thought…


I hope that you’ve enjoyed the tutorial.  I have a few tips for writing on them as well:

1. MAKE SURE TO PRIME THE FABRIC FIRST!! I can’t stress how important this is. Just take a piece of chalk lay it sideways and rub it all over the pennants.  Then wipe it off.  It will give it a smoky look that looks great, too!

2. Using small chalk like THIS ONE makes it easier to control the chalk.  I LOVE THIS CHALK PENCIL!!



If you don’t feel like you have the greatest ability to free hand…there is a really easy way to transfer printed text to the pennants:

1. print out what you want to write on the pennants.  If it’s individual letters, it helps to cut around them so you can center them better.

2. Rub chalk on the back side of the printed image/text

3. Center it on the pennant.  Then, using a ball point pen (I like to use red so I can see where I’ve been) trace around the outer edges of the image/text.

4. This will transfer the chalk onto the pennant and you can just fill it in (as seen above)


To make the ribbon pennant – it’s basically the same steps – except:

1. instead of cutting the width to 10″ – cut it to the length you want.

2. Still cut the v-notches as shown above – but make sure to notch both ends!!

3. Sew/Glue the ribbon onto the edges of the “writable” area.  Leave about 8 inches on each side of the ribbon for the v-notched ends to “flow” (see the picture at the top of the post to see where I put the ribbon)

4. If your fabric isn’t stiff enough – you can slide some wire in to help give it the “folded back” ribbon look.


Okay – the novel is over!  I hope that you make one – they’re SO much fun!!  Friday I will post more pics from the party with the party games!


His & Hers Soiree: The Ruffled Table Skirt Tutorial



I know what it is that you’re all just praying I put up a tutorial for… the VERY most fabulous thing about the table.

The Table Skirt


Talk about WOW FACTOR!  It’s absolutely stunning!  And the best part is – you can use it under any table cloth for a totally different look.

The second best part?  You can make this with pretty basic sewing skills…or no sewing skills at all!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ruffled Bed Skirt

{Mine was ivory colored – it’s also available in white}

MultiRuffle-Ivory-15inch-Drop-Bedskirt-P14066287A good pair of fabric scissors.  I love MINE!

LOTS of pins

Sewing Machine {or a hot glue gun for a no-sew option}

Here’s How You Make It:

Step 1: Lay the first skirt over the table you are fitting it to.  {Ha Ha – you are making your table a skirt after all – it has to be tried on and fitted!!}

Step 2: Arrange it so that the ruffles fall evenly on the 3 ruffled sides


Step 3: Secure the “non ruffled” edge to the table with some tape.  This fabric is slick – and you don’t want it sliding around!!


Step 4: Take the second bed skirt into a large room and spread it out on the floor.

Step 5: Cut the ruffled part of the skirt OFF of the center all the way around like this:


Step 6: Take the ruffled edges to the table and start pinning this ruffle above the existing ruffled skirt just below the edge of the table.

*After taking this picture – I realized it was better to pin one corner first and the pin my way to the next corner, and then move up the long sides.

You should have excess ruffle that you can wrap around the front part the has no ruffle.


**Note: to do this – I folded over the extra fabric from the cut ruffled section, then folded it again to give it a nice finished edge. **


Step 7: Go back and add A LOT MORE PINS!!  This is slick fabric – and it’s hard to sew without it REALLY pinned well!!


Step 8: Go around and make sure everything looks good – tuck and pin where needed – the corners might need some creative pinning!

Step 9: Once it looks good hanging on the table and you have LOTS of pins…you can take it to the sewing machine.

If you aren’t a seamstress – a hot glue gun would do great!

Just unpin a short section at a time and run a bead of glue between the fabrics, press closed and then move on.

Step 10: Throw it onto your table, throw a cute table cloth on top and step back and admire your work!


I wanted to add this ruffled table skirt to the giveaway – but since it’s so specific to what shape and size your table {#is#} – I can’t :0(

But I hope that you’ll make one!  Pin it now so you don’t forget ;0)

I hope that you’ve been looking through our other posts and searching for the key words to win this Party in A Box on Monday!!

You can learn more about it in THIS post.

And here are links to the rest…

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Put the mystery phrase together and win!!

Until tomorrow…


Bunny Ear Napkin Rings


I saw these darling bunny ear napkin rings at Pier 1 and they were one of those projects that I just knew would be easy to make…and I was right.

20 minutes later I had 12 darling napkin rings.  The supplies were all things that I have around my house…but you may not have these:


Supply List:

Burlap – I tried some white that I had and some from THIS RIBBON.  The ribbon worked TONS better – it didn’t fray and fall apart as much as the cut burlap.  However, with that said, the burlap from the fabric counter is definitely cheaper.  It runs about $3.99 per yard and you only need 1/4 yard to make 12 ears.  Then use a 40% off coupon .  Pretty cheap.

Fusible Interfacing – you don’t HAVE to use this – but I think it makes the burlap stay together better while you’re cutting it.


Mod Podge (or some other type of glue that dries clear)

Hot Glue Gun


Glitter (optional) I used Martha Stewarts Crystal Glitter, because it’s clear and just adds a nice shimmer.

Hairspray (If you’re glittering)

Fuse Your Fabric to your Interfacing

1. Plug in an iron and turn off any steam settings that you have.  You want it hot, but dry.

2. Lay your interfacing with the bumpy/textured side facing the fabric.

3. Follow the package directions for the amount of heat and time you need to iron the interfacing to the fabric.

How to Make the Bunny Ears:

1. First you’ll need to print out our template HERE


2. Then cut out the template following the directions on the page. Cut the strip first:


2. Then Fold the Ear piece in half:


3. After you’ve cut this piece you should have one long strip and 2 ears.

4. Lay them out onto your fabric and trace the pattern onto the interfacing side.


5. Cut, following your guides


You should end up with 3 pieces that look like this:


6. Then turn over so that the interfacing is up (you don’t want to see your pencil marks on the burlap side)

7. Arrange the ears so that they are overlapping slightly and mark on the bottom where you will cut your slits.

***Note: My picture shows the marks up high – but after trial and error – I found that they are much cuter tucked in toward the middle or bottom.


8. Fold your strip on the mark  {to make cutting easier} and cut.  Repeat for the second mark.

Cut the slits SMALL!!!!  If they are too big it won’t round out the ears.


9. Fold the ears inward (like you want the curve of the ears to be)


10.  Slide the “tabs” at the bottom of the ears into the slits


11. Then place glue on the “tabs” and press until set. (I like hot glue – because it sets so quickly)

12. The glue the back side of the band (decide how big you want the opening for the napkin to slide through and glue it there.)


13.  To keep the burlap from fraying – just paint the edges with some sort of glue that dries clear.

**I used Mod Podge.  It helps to stiffen the fabric and hold it’s shape, too!


14.  Then – if you love for things to sparkle {like I do} you can sprinkle on some glitter.  I used Martha Stewart Crystal Glitter

15. Spray with Aerosol Hairspray to set the glitter.




Once your mod podge is all dried – you can slide it onto your napkin and stand back and admire your craftiness!!!

Here they are in white and brown burlap:



And if you aren’t really the napkin ring type – you can always use them as egg holders:



If you just aren’t a bunny ear fan – here are some cute butterfly napkin rings we made last year:



And if you have leftover burlap – I’ll show you next time what I did with mine!  You’re gonna love it!!


P.S. If you loved this tutorial – please share it on facebook and pintrest!  We love people that share!!  Thanks so much!

Ballerina Dress Form…you are so lovely…

Picture the great Lionel Richie singing the title…ha ha.

This project would be darling in a little girls room…or a big girls room…or in the bathroom draped in fabulous necklaces.  Lots of possibilities.  Great thing about it…it’s super easy. All you have to do is gather the tulle and pin it in place.  I used pretty coarse tulle because I was going for a stiff tu-tu look, but softer tulle would work as well.

It probably would be super cute with a colored tu-tu as well.  I have lots of color in my girls room – so I opted for a pretty neutral look.

For a more modest ballerina – you can criss cross the fabric on the top…

I bought the Mannequin Dress Form Jewelry Holder/Stand from Amazon.  But then {of course} a few days later I was at Home Goods and found some smaller ones for MUCH cheaper!  So – I guess – just keep your eyes open for a good deal.



Patriotic Stars & Stripes Pennant Banner

When I see cute things on Pintrest or in a magazine – my husband dreads the words “I could make that.”  Because sometimes I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.  I feel like I have finally gotten a grasp on what is realistically easy & cost effective to reproduce, and when to just admire it or purchase it.

So when I saw this super cute banner from Her Beautiful Life I knew I wanted it.

But, I have to make things my own – so now you have 3 ways to make it. Because this project definitely falls into the

“I could make that” category.

Totally a Do-it-Yourself-er. Very Easy, Very Cheap.

Those are magical words.

What You’ll Need:

White Burlap or Canvas

(my friend recommended a canvas drop cloth that she washed to give it a more “worn” look & bonus: WAAAAYY Cheaper!)

**Decide how many pennants you want.  I used 1/2 yard and it made 24 pennants.

Red & Blue Spray Paint (or you can brush it)

Freezer Paper


Painters Tape

Star Paper Punch (or you can cut it with an electronic cutter, like a silhouette)

Ribbon (I used May Arts 1-1/2-Inch Wide Ribbon, Red Grosgrain Stripe on the banner at the top of the page)

or Twine.

Creating The Pennants:

Step 1: Create a pattern.  I just used a piece of card stock that I folded in half lengthwise. Then using a straight edge, draw a line from the top outer edge to the opposite bottom edge.

Cut along the line and unfold – this will leave you with a pennant shape. You can make it smaller by moving the flat edge.

Step 2:

Fold the canvas in half lengthwise – this will give you 2 pennants per cut.

Use the pattern to trace cut lines onto the canvas.  If you flip the guide from top to bottom you will fit more onto your fabric.

Notice the bottom of the pennant is next to the top of the next one.  Make sense?

Step 3:

Cut along your guide lines. I like to use a rotary cutter and quilting ruler – but you can use plain ol’ scissors.

Now all of your pennants are cut out…it’s time to make them pretty :0)

For the Stars:

I don’t own an electronic cutter – I want one in a bad way – but don’t have it yet.  So – I asked my sister-in-law to cut some for me on her silhouette in vinyl.  I just thought they would stick nicely and make it super easy.

I was wrong.  They peeled up and let the paint bleed through.  Bummer.

I remembered hearing about freezer paper being magical for this kind of project – so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  It worked PERFECT!  If you iron it to your fabric waxy side down, it leaves no bleeding edge.  It’s perfect coverage, even on textured fabric like canvas.  Plus, it peels off without leaving any stickiness behind!  I highly recommend.

Step 1: Punch a bunch of stars out of freezer paper

**I’m guessing you could run the freezer paper through your silhouette and cut them that way – but since I don’t own one – don’t quote me on that.

Step 2: Arrange the stars the way you want them on your pennant and iron into place.  SOOOOOOO Easy!!

For the Stripes:

You could probably cut strips of Freezer Paper, or cut them with your silhouette, but I had painters tape on hand – so I used it.  It’s already uniformly 1 size, and that makes life easy.

Step 1:

Lay your pennant onto your ruled cutting mat (or use a ruler and a pencil to mark stripe spacing)

Using the ruler lines, lay down your tape in straight lines. Leaving the desired amount of space between each stripe.(mine are 2″)

**make sure to start each pennant on the same line – so they are uniform.

To Assemble:

Once all of your stars & stripes are ready – head outside and paint them.  I just used spray paint – red for the stripes and blue for the stars.

Then sew or hot glue the ribbon or twine on & hang it up.  I think it will be perfect for the food table.  Yay!

Happy 4th of July!


Ruffled Table Cloth (sigh)

As promised…

I’ve been wanting to make this since I made the Ruffled Table Runner.  This Birthday Party was just the excuse I needed. :0)

What  you’ll need to buy:

To make it easier for me – I bought:

1 round table cloth

2 long table cloths

**Note: you could just buy fabric for the ruffles – I wanted them to be out of the same fabric – so I bought the matching long table cloths.

Tulle Ribbon (You can buy it by the yard and cut it – I just wanted to simplify)








Hemming Tape








RUFFLER FOOT! (or you can ruffle by hand)


Rotary Cutting Kit


A lot of you will already have these things on hand:

Sewing Machine


Thread to match your table cloth

Something to measure with


To Make the Ruffles:

Step 1:

Fold the long table cloth in half lengthwise, and then in half again, and then one more time.  Make sure all of your edges are lining up.  You want it to look like this when you’re finished folding:


Step 2: Line your ruler up to the width you want your ruffles.  Remember to leave a hem & seam allowance

Step 3: Apply pressure to the ruler to avoid slipping and cut fabric using your rotary cutter.

Step 4: Repeat until you’ve cut the table cloth into strips.

Step 5: Use the hemming   (or press and sew)

**Note: the hemming tape is really easy to use – just lay it inside the edge – fold over the fabric and press with your iron.  I use one hand to fold and the other hand to iron – so it’s one continuous motion.

Step 6:

Ruffle the other raw edge

Repeat this until all of your strips are hemmed and ruffled.

I tought it would be cute to have a tulle layer in the ruffles.  The ruffler blade really wanted to rip the tulle – so be gentle!  One roll of tulle was exactly enough to go around the table cloth!  It’s like it was meant to be :0)

Step 7: Ruffle your Tulle (optional)


Step 8: Lay out your table cloth


Step 9: Mark the sewing guides around the perimeter of the your table cloth.  I spaced my first ruffle at 6 inches.  Then every 4 inches after that (so it covers the other layers) If you’re doing more the one ruffle layer – mark at 6″, then 10″, then at 14″ and so on.

**Note:  It gets disorienting sewing in a circle – so the guides really help follow the line of the table cloth edge.

Step 10: Sew the ruffles to the table cloth following the guides.

**Note: Your ruffler will actually ruffle and sew on the ruffle at the same time – but that scares me – so I don’t do it. If you’re a super spectacular sewer – it would save a lot of steps!!  The instructions are in the ruffler box.  I don’t feel comfortable explaining them – since I haven’t tried it. :0)

Step 11: Place on your table and step back and admire!!

So pretty!  I’m sorry I’m not showing it on the circle table it was made for – it’s raining today and it’s my patio table :0)  But I will definitely have pics from the party on Saturday!!  Yay!

Next project:  Watermelon Ice Cream Bowls!!



Happy Happy Birthday Banner!!

It is birthday season at my house.  There are 6 people in my family – and beginning in March – we have a birthday every two weeks.  It’s hectic to say the least – but it’s fun!!  Last year I made this birthday banner with my fabulous friend, and I have LOVED it!  It makes the place look decorated in a big hurry, and it was REALLY easy!

To make the penants:

1. Choose a fabric

**Note: We made ours out of printed duck cloth (canvas).  It’s a heavier fabric, so it hangs nicely.  (you could also use paper)

2. Decide what size you want your penants to be and cut a pattern out. (mine in 9″ wide at the top and 13″ long down the side)

3. Cut double the number of triangles you need for what you’re spelling. (front and back)  For instance –   I wrote out “Happy Birthday” so I cut 26 triangles.

4. Place each triangle “wrong sides” (side with no pattern or back side of the fabric) together and sew about an inch in from the edge around the entire triangle.  You can do a zig zag or straight stitch.  Whatever look you’re going for.  I figured the canvas doesn’t really fray, so I didn’t need the zig-zag for durability, and the fabric patterns were busy – so I opted for the straight stitch.

**Note: Don’t forget to back stitch where your beginning and end come together – we don’t want the stitches coming out!

5. Repeat on all of your triangles.

Putting the banner together:

**Note:  This is easier before adding all of your elements to the banner

1. Choose a ribbon or trim slightly longer than your triangles laid out end to end.

2. Pin the triangles to the trim in an arrangement that you like.

**Note: I tried to keep similar colors and patterns away from eachother.  It helps to lay it out first to make sure it looks good.**

3. Sew the triangles to the trim (make sure the trim is layered above  the triangle)

Decorating the Penants:

Obivously – you can wing it here …everyone has different tastes.  I will show you what I did – and would love suggestions on things you thing would be great!  Here is a close-up of one of my penants so you can see the layering…

Layer 1 –  paper medallion:

1. Choose paper for your medallion.  I used pages from a small paperback dictionary. But scrapbook paper, sheet music, a regular book, whatever makes you happy.  My fabric was so bright, I opted for something more muted.  If you use the dictionary pages, you need 2 pages per medallion.

2. Ink the edges.  This is optional, but it makes the paper stand out more.  I used the colorbox chalk on mine.  It has a softer look than ink pads, and the shape makes it easy to work with.  (you can click on the image below to get some!)  Just slide the ink pad along all 4 edges of each page.

**Note: you can ink them all at once.  Just hold them together.**

3. Fold down the length of the page alternating forward and backward (like you’re making a fan) all the way down the page.

4.  Fold the fanned page in half lengthwise

5. Spread the fan open at the top and staple or glue in the open position.

6. Place two of the stapled halves together to form a circle and staple into place.

**Note: Don’t worry that it comes apart in the middle – the next step is hot glueing them onto our banner.**

7. Glue the medallion to the center of your triangle.

Layer 2: Tule – I used tule to give it a little texture.

1. cut squares of tule – 1 per penant.

2. Place a dab of hot glue in the center of the paper fan medallion.

3. Scrunch up your tule square in the glue.  Play with it until it looks the way you want it.

Layer 3 – The Letters

**Note: I used chipboard letters, but if you have a electronic paper cutter – then I think cardstock would work just fine.**

1. Choose your letters – I went to my local scrapbook store and punched them out using their die cutting equipment.  Truth be told – I wish I had cut them bigger.  I made one for my sister in law for her birthday and used bigger letters – it looks a lot better!!

2. Paint mod podge onto the letter (I’ve tried spray adhesive, but it seems to not hold glitter so well.)

3. Cover with glitter (I used german glass glitter, because it’s so chunky and it tarnishes over time)

4. Shake off excess glitter

5. Spray with aerosol hairspray to set the glitter without losing the sparkle.

6. Repeat with remaining letters.

Yay!  Your banner is done!  At my house – we’ve decided it’s just easier to leave it out from March to June. ;0)



Cheap Store Bought Curtains CAN Be Fabulous!

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