Allowance Checkbooks

A few weeks ago I posted our Scratch off Job Cards and Caught Being Good Reward Cards.  So today I thought I would show you the rest of our discipline system with our kids.  This one we’ve been using for about 2 years and it has been WONDERFUL!

I’m one of those mothers that have tried EVERYTHING.  Allowance (I hated constantly getting cash in small bills), buttons(they lost them), tickets (they lost them), you name the system, I’ve probably tried it.

This system was introduced to me by my sons teacher.  The reason I immediately tried it out, is because he has Aspergers Syndrome and it’s hard to get him to follow through with things.  He loses interest quickly & revolts a lot. Things are easily overwhelming for him, and this seemed to work in the classroom – so of course – I implemented it at home.  It works very well for all of my kids!

So during the week – they use their checkbox cards.  They don’t get paid for these.  I think it’s good to have family jobs just because you’re part of the family.  However, every Saturday – we all work together to clean the whole house – they have 3 assigned rooms each.  They get paid $1.00 per room.  If they finish before the timer they earn a $2.00 bonus. (they get 30 mins per room – if they finish ahead of the timer – they have extra time on the next room, etc.)  So a total of $5.00 per week is possible at our house.  Plus – I’ll throw in the occasional – “if you do this for me – you can have $1.00 in your checkbook.”  Of which they get very excited.

We use regular ol’ check registers.  You can use the ones that come in your boxes of checks – or – I got these bigger ones at Staples.  I will eventually get them all a Ledger Book – because I think they are too fun.

My favorite part is that it teaches your kids how to manage their finances

For example: In a store when they are begging for something, I just say “Do you have enough money in your checkbook to buy it?” If the answer is no – then they take note of the price and they have a goal, if they do have enough – they can get it.  It stops the whining, gives them goals, and makes them manage their money responsibly.

We also use it to show them that if a mistake is made, they have to pay a consequence…literally.   If they are being naughty, they have to write us a check.

I made these ones for our kids:

If you want to use them, you can download the photoshop document (you can fill in your own info and change out the background paper) HERE or email me: – I’d be happy to design some for you for a small fee.

I only use the check writing for punishments.  I like them to have to write it out and hand it over.  This reinforces them owning up to their mistake, because they have to write out what they did wrong.  I.E. “Didn’t do my homework” “Talked back to mom”   Also – if they don’t do a job – they have to pay me for doing it.

I suggest taking them to the store every once in a while to get them excited about working toward something.  They do MUCH better when they have a set goal they are working toward.

I hope these work for you as well as they do for my family!  Please ask any questions if the info wasn’t very clear :0)