FEATURE & GIVEAWAY!! Introducing My New Halloween Pillow Collection

I’m super honored that some pillows from my new Halloween Pillow Collection are being featured at  RANDIGARRETTDESIGN.COM today!  Randi is my neighbor and real life friend, and when she asked if she could feature my pillows on her site I WAS SO EXCITED!  Trust me – you’re going to want to STOP EVERYTHING to go and check out her beautiful Halloween Home Tour!

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Black Glitter 31 Halloween Pillow


I hope you’ll tell your friends the exciting news!!




This is why I don’t even put forth an effort anymore on Halloween.

We peaked in 2008.

Themed family homemade costumes. The lion costume was made from one of my grandmother’s old blankets.  Last year, I even re-used the old lion costume.

I’ll never top 2008, so I don’t even try. This year, I bought my son a plastic blood-soaked knife. That’s the extent of my halloween effort.

How’s your halloween shaping up?



No Tricks…Just Treats

This caramel popcorn recipe is the best I’ve ever had.  My adopted Mom in High School used to make it in bulk for the 3 ravenous teenagers that would show up at her door begging for it.  She was the best.  For part of my wedding gift…she gave me the recipe.  I love it.  I make it often. Too often.  That’s why I’m a little chubby ;0)  It is crunchy without breaking your teeth & it’s not sticky at all.  You can play cards while eating this stuff!!

Just air pop 1 1/2 – 2 cups un-popped popcorn{or if you’re like me – you can use 1 C. un-popped popcorn so there is more caramel on the popcorn}  

Place it in a large oven proof bowl to await the caramel topping. 

Here is the recipe for the caramel:

I know you’ll find it as delicious as I do!

And as a bonus treat…You can download the halloween poem too!

This poem is PERFECT for a Visiting Teaching message in October.


if you’re not religious….another treat here is the link to these fun Halloween Freebies from Oscar & Emma.

You could use them instead of the poem.

They are not only giving you the printables, but tutorials on how to make some super cute stuff!!

I hope you enjoy all of these Halloween Treats!!


My House is Haunted!

Halloween has been set up at my house and I’m super excited to share it with you!!  Plus some tips, of course…

I found this fabulous warty pumpkin at Walmart. Yay Walmart!! Stick it on a cake plate and top it with a witch hat. Voilà. Of course – you can never have enough plastic spiders.   It’s the little thing that just finishes off the display.

On the same table – I have this fabulous old French Art book from the 1800’s that works perfectly for a witch’s spell book.  And the magic sign is covered in German Glass Glitter.  I love the way it tarnishes with age.  Definitely my favorite glitter!!  And, of course, the spider.  ha ha.

And of course, the table wouldn’t be complete without the witch’s potions…

Food coloring and water are your best friends here.  If you mix all of the colors together you’ll get black.  But, too much and you won’t be able to see what’s inside.  Finding the potion jars was a lot of fun, too.  Decanters work great.  Check around antique shops —  they’ll have fun things!

What’s inside:

Trolls ears: dried canaloupe rinds

Mad Eyes: plastic eyeballs in dark colored water

Rats Tails: cream filled black licorice from Harry & Davids

Creepy Herbs: Just take any herbs that are dying away in your garden, stick them in a jar with colored water.  I used Rosemary.

In the “sugar bowl” I’ve got moss and skull candies – also from Harry & Davids

Moss is another thing I use a lot to finish a display.  The candy looked cute in the bowl by itself.  Add the moss…it looked fabulous.

I have this white tulip arrangement up year round in my house…but for All Hallows Eve, I add some black glittered orchid stems, black feathers, and gnarly twigs to give it a creepier look.

My friends & I got together and made these coffee filter wreaths this year. (We made them a little tighter than the tutorial said to) It took about 2 hours and I’m so happy with the result.  I think I want to make another and leave it  white…it could be used for Christmas, Springtime, Valentines.  Best part?  The coffee filters were on clearance at Sams Club.  1,000 filters for $1.91.  SWEET!!!

We put it together by folding the filter in half, and then rolling it to the desired shape, and hot glueing it in place.

Then just spray paint black.  I kind of liked the first coat look.  It was kind a grayish instead of black.  Kinda wished I’d stopped there…oh well.  I still have about 900 filters.  I could make another.  Ha Ha.

To get the gold tips I used gold glitter hairspray from the costume section at the grocery store.  I may stock up on this stuff.  It was PERFECT!!

Here is a close-up so you can see the gold tips better:

Then we made these banners to go up above my trick or treater collection.

The big one is made of fabric using the same steps from our Birthday Banner Post.


The smaller was made of paper and strung using bakers twine.

Just make a template the size you want.

Fold the patterned paper in half and place the top of the penant on the fold and only cut down the sides.

Add glue to non-patterned inside and fold it over the twine.

Ta-Da!  Super Easy!!

What fun things are you doing??  Email us your favorite Halloween Decor and we’ll do a post showing all of our favorites!!