Table Styling: A few tips and tricks

I was SO excited & beyond flattered when I was asked to collaborate with Laura from Pink Cake Plate on her Christmas Themed Downton Abbey Tea Party for World Market. We had so much fun! For this post, I thought that I’d just share a few tips and tricks that I used to style her table that will help to make your own table setting stand out this Christmas!



Trick No. 1

Think about new uses for traditional items.

Laura was asked to feature the Downton Abbey Tea Set from World Market:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 3.07.11 PM

 Photo from World Market

My first thought:  Laura and I are both LDS and we don’t drink tea.  So this “tea party” was really more of a schmorgesborg of yumminess – which meant that the tea cups were kind of the odd man out.

My second thought: Let’s turn the cup & saucer to make every place setting their own little personal cake pedestal!

Kate Eschbach Photography-13

Photo by Kate Eschbach Photography

Make the most of what you have available & find a functional use for it. It would have looked silly to have the tea cups sitting there empty.  But with all of the desserts at this party – a cake pedestal was a great use of a great item.

Trick No. 2Layering.

It works with clothes – why not decor?

Since this was a Christmas themed party – we used a wreath as the centerpiece and made it functional by resting a 3 tiered platter in the center.

Kate Eschbach Photography-16

Photo by Kate Eschbach Photography

Trick No.6  You could use a regular run of the mill wreath – OR – you could layer two to make a bigger impact.


Trick No.3Elevate.

Add height and dimension to the table using dishes that you have hanging around.  I like to work in 3’s…but this table was already pretty crowded, and we needed places to put the food!  I didn’t like how it looked to have 2 plates together, and knew that we needed the 3rd.  The solution?  I flipped a dessert plate upside down and placed the 3rd platter overlapping the 2 sitting side by side.  It gave it just enough height to clear the two plates and added some much needed height and dimension to that part of the table.  You may have to go through some trial and error to achieve the right height – it feels like Tetris sometimes, but the result is worth the effort!

Kate Eschbach Photography-29  Photo by Kate Eschbach Photography

Trick No.6Add glue dots for stability.

We used this trick on the centerpiece as well.  Resting the 3 tiered platter directly on the wreath left if super wobbly and unstable.  The Solution: Placing a ramekin upside down in the center of the wreath, I added some glue dots to the bottom.  When I added the platter, not only was it the right height, but it wasn’t going to be knocked over by a hungry guest trying to get the last scone!

Trick No. 4

Make the most of your Space.

We had a ton of goodies to fit onto a pretty small table! The solution was to combine the place cards with the napkins to save on our valuable space!!

To make it pretty: I used thin ribbon that coordinated with the color scheme, and a vintage clip on earring to secure the place card to the ribbon.

Kate Eschbach Photography-10Photo by Kate Eschbach Photography

As promised on Laura’s site – here is the Place Card Printable:

{I’d just love you forever if you’d pin this image for me!}


Glittered Download Button

***NOTE*** If you like the font I used – MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD & INSTALL THE  FONT BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE!  Otherwise – you have to delete the PDF, download the font, and then re-download the PDF.

{Ugh – too much work.} Also – you will need to have Adobe Reader installed to download this file.  You can get it for free HERE if you need to.  :0)

You can download the font HERE.

Trick No.6
Personalize it!

Fillable means that you can add your own text to the PDF.  Alternatively, just print the PDF without typing anything to hand letter the names for a more personal touch!

Trick No. 5Enjoy Yourself!!!

There is a reason that I like to have everything crammed onto the table.  I don’t like getting up and down to refill platters.  I don’t want guests to have to get up and down either.  By having the full spread on the table, you can enjoy yourself and the conversation doesn’t get cut off every time the hostess needs to take care of another detail.  Your guests aren’t there to eat your food – they are there because they are your friends and they want to enjoy their time with you!  Work the details out in advance so that the party runs smoothly and it’s possible to just sit back and ENJOY YOURSELF!!

Those are a few of the tips and tricks that worked well for this party – What are some of your go-to Tips and Tricks?  I’d love to hear them!!


Merry Planning!



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