Where I’ve Been…


My life feels crazy.  Seriously.  I apologize for abandoning the blog for a bit – but something had to give!!  I think you’ll understand when I show you all of the fun I’ve been having…

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I hosted a Holiday Boutique Open House a few weeks ago – and it was SO MUCH FUN!!  I can’t wait to do it again!  I had visions of taking amazing pictures and sharing them with you – but instead you get some terrible & blurry photos I snapped with my phone in between customers.  Ugh.  I am sorry.  They just don’t do the products justice.  But – what’s done is done.  The important thing is I’m sharing what I have as well as the vendor info in case you’d like some for yourself ;0)

The Entry



The Halloween Room

Halloween Room

Here are some closer looks at the room












The Christmas Room 

The Christmas Room




Here’s a closeup of the large snow globe


















The Kitchen






Home & Beauty



















Home & Celebrations





















The best part about this boutique was the vendors!!  Everyone brought great quality, adorable stuff!  If you saw something in the pictures that you just can’t live without – here is a list of the vendors and links to their contact info.  Some of them were first time sellers – so they don’t have a store up yet – but if you click their name it will open an email address.  If you see something that you don’t see listed – just leave a comment – I’ll let you know who to contact!!



A Simple Touch {Vintage Paper Wreaths, Paper Holiday Bunting, Advent Calendars}

Ahh Baby {Adult & Children’s Aprons, Bean Bags, Fabric Tu-tu’s}

Aimee aimeemallory@yahoo.com {Fabric Bunting, Halloween Clocks, Halloween Stockings, Dead & Breakfast Sign}

Ammanda ammanda.pottle@gmail.com {Wire & String Art, Art Prints, Mini Paper Garlands}

Autumn chickysmith@gmail.com {Music Art Prints, Palette Picture Frames, Palette Arrows, Lace Glitter Crowns, Glitter Pumpkins, Goodie Boxes, Burp Cloths, Taggie Blankets}

Bubblegum Alley {2014 Chalkboard Desktop Calendars, Fridge Magnets, Art Prints, Button Flare}

BeautiControl by Mary Smith {Spa Sets, Lighted Lipgloss, Microderm Abrasion & lots more!}

Courtney’s Creative Cards {Greeting Cards for every occasion}

Choppers Creations {custom furniture including vintage mirror, vintage door with chalkboard panels, vintage bench}

Dog Decor {Custom Collars for the Pampered Pooch}

Jaymi vulclass@aol.com {Holiday Blocks, Home & Family Blocks, Hand Towels, Rolled Fabric Flower Wreaths, Hair Bows}

Nancy Noodle {Santa Mug Rugs, Ruffled Tree Skirts, Quilted Ornaments, Cupcakes in a Jar}

Nix-N-Nax Boutique {Dry Erase Frames, Picture Frames, Christmas Signs}

Origami Owl by Janee Stover {Custom Jewelry, Handmade Quilts, Crochet Dish Cloths, Pillow Cases}

Project 7 marisa@myproject7.com {Apple Cider Syrup, Kleen Sweep Bags, Reusable Snack Bags & Sandwich Wraps}

Scentsy by Ann Davis {she provided the wonderful smells in my house}

Then of course, all of my stuff…I’ve put everything I had left into the shop…but I’m happy to take orders on the Jingle Pillows & Chalkboard Placemats.  I sold out of those :0)

But please take a look at what’s left!!  I’ll be adding more over the next week, as well.


{Click on the image to go to the shop}


Hopefully, life has settled down enough that I can start consistently posting again.  I’ve got to admit that I’ve missed all of my friends in blog land :0)








Treat Bags & Gift Tags

Whew…you probably thought I’d gone AWOL, right?  I’m still here and creating fun things to share with you.  I’ve decided to host a Holiday Boutique Open House in October – so I’ve been scrambling getting vendors set up, creating flyers & also creating my own stuff to sell.  It’s going to be SO much fun!  But I need your HELP!!!

I’ve been creating these super fun treat bags to sell…but it’s a little unrealistic to print all of the designs I’ve created…I really need to narrow it down to a few.

Here’s where I need to borrow your creative minds to help me out!

{And of course – I’ll offer a giveaway for your input!}

{‘Cuz I’m nice like that}


Here’s a closer look at the Collections:

{Click on the image to purchase the instant downloads of each collection}







I will also be making the designs into tags like these ones:


To Enter:

Complete the entry form:


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thanks in advance for all of your help & good luck in the giveaway!


P.S. All designs are copyrighted – so please be respectful and no swiping!!

My Go To Place To Shop…and I’m giving away a membership!

You’ve probably noticed HOW MUCH I link up to Amazon.  I did it long before I even became an affiliate – because it’s a service that I use – A LOT!!  They have pretty much anything & everything that you could want.

I’ve been signed up for Amazon Prime for about 2 years – and I will continue forever and ever.  Ha Ha. {except I’m not joking}

And since I know that you’ll want to sign up for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL yourself – I’ll put the link right here in the beginning…

Start My Free Trial

Once you’ve signed up for your free trial – enter our give away!!


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Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.56.12 PM

This contest is open for the month of July.

Winner will be announced August 1st. In the meantime – start your trial and enjoy all of the benefits now!!

Here are the reasons why I love Amazon Prime:

#1 – The reason I initially signed up was for the FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING and better pricing.

I live in the boondocks and jumping in the car to pick up something quickly isn’t an option.  AND I drive a gas hog – which makes it less of an option.

It happened at Christmas time.  I was driving all over creation for gifts and then saw something about Amazon Prime.  So – I signed up for the free trial – just to do my Christmas shopping.

I can’t tell you how magical it was to have all of the gifts show up at my doorstep in 2 days in boxes that my kids couldn’t peek into and instead of buying boxes – I’d just wrap up the one it came in!!  It’s only fitting that they have a smile on their box…I was actually able to enjoy Christmas – no stress!!  And these days…if I need to buy a new roll of $3 ribbon I don’t worry about the fact that I’m not going to the store until 3 days from now or the shipping cost to buy online – because there isn’t any!!  LOVE IT!!


It’s great for more than just Christmas though…

In fact – I’ll find something that I LOVE in my favorite stores and buy it from Amazon for WAY less with free shipping.

I’ll give you an example: I saw this DARLING cookbook in Anthropologie one day

Here is the listing for the Miette Cookbook on Anthropologie’s site:

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.27.26 PM

COST: $27.50 

Too much for my budget!!

But – I can happily leave it there because I knew that I could come home and find it on Amazon for MUCH cheaper.

Here is the listing for the SAME book on Amazon’s site:

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.28.06 PM

and would have it at my doorstep in a box that smiles at me in 2 days with free shipping.

The math tells me it’s a good deal.

Instant Streaming of Movies & TV Shows Included in your Membership!

#2 – We turned off our Cable a while back…we’ve been trying to cut down on expenses and it was the only logical thing to do.  I had NO IDEA that I could stream movies and TV shows with my Amazon Prime Account for the whole 2 years!!!  WHAT!?!?!?! You can stream them through a your computer, smart phone or tablet, Xbox, Wii, on and on and on.  There’s just an app that you install and you can create a queue and everything.  {We stream ours from my computer using an app called Air Parrot that links through our AppleTV.}

So let’s do the math:

the membership is $79 PER YEAR divided by 12 months:

That’s $6.58 per month!!

Cheaper than Netflix AND Hulu + You also get access to ebooks + better pricing + the free 2 day shipping

Don’t take my word for it…try it for yourself for free!!  Just click on the link below and it will take you right to the sign up page.

Start My Free Trial

Life changing.  I promise.  ;0)


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Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.56.12 PM

This contest is open for the month of July.

Winner will be announced August 1st. In the meantime – start your trial and enjoy all of the benefits now!!




The contest has ended and I’m happy to announce that the winner is……Chicky!!!  Congratulations!!  Email me to claim your prize!!


It’s MINE! All mine…


Here it is my friends…the gift I’ve been asking for at least 3 years now.

And it’s mine…all mine.  Bwahahahaha!!  Best Birthday Present EVER!!

{Actually – last year he surprised me with a quick {kidless} trip to Disneyland – that was pretty good, too! }

Think that I’m spoiled?  yea – me too!  AND I LOVE IT!Silhouette-CAMEO


I’m not getting paid to tell you about this…so you can trust me when I say that you want one.

Why?  Here’s why:

Anything you type in any font on your computer – it cuts.  You don’t have to buy cartridges.

Whatever design you create – it cuts.

If you don’t want to create designs – you can buy them – and then – it cuts

{Just a note – if you want to LEARN how to create designs in Photoshop – you can sign up for my online class HERE}

What does it cut?






Freezer Paper – I will show you in future posts why this is soooo exciting!


Go and check it out for yourself – they have a blog where people post all of the crafts they’ve made with their machines.  They also have a free shape of the week to help you build your cutting library.

Start begging your husbands now – and in 2 years – you COULD be the lucky recipient like me!!  Ha Ha.

So many projects to come…can’t wait!!


I Am Here

Christmas Whites Treasury by Amanda of Her Beautiful Life... Fantastic.

Just thought I’d pop in to share… My Merry & Bright printable was featured in this fantastic collection of Christmas Whites at Etsy. So exciting. Mostly I just love how the print looks with all of the other beautiful projects.

On a different note, I’m sick.

Well, mostly we’re all sick around here. I’m just the only one who can’t mask the symptoms with drugs and feel like a normal person. But, I’m planning on getting some December Daily goodness up tomorrow.

If all goes well.

I’m in need of some accountability.

So there you go.

ps. Don’t forget about the FIFTYOFFDIGI and PURDUEAVE15 codes good for both the Purdue Avenue Shop and Bubblegum Alley [links in the sidebar]. Codes are good until Saturday night.

Pin it to Win it Winners with a treat for everyone!!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Store Launch Giveaway!  We are happy to announce the winners of each item! But just as a treat – if there was something you love – but you are not a winner – here are some BIG THANK YOU COUPON CODES (usable in both shops) valid through Saturday December 8th.

For 50% off of all digital items (card customization, digital art, paper kits, etc.) use code: FIFTYOFFDIGI

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And now to announce the winners!!

Bubblegum Alley Shop:

Item #1: Hello December Journal Kit


Winner: Mindy P.

Item #2: Merry & Bright Chalkboard Art


Winner: Autumn S.

Item #3: Santa, Please Stop Here Art:


Winner: Autumn S.

Item #4: Hello December Digital Paper Pack


Winner: Mindy P.

Item #5: Hello December Flair


Winner: Mindy P.


Purdue Avenue Shop:

Item #1: Til’ He Appeared Handmade Christmas Cards:


Winner: Autumn S.

Item #2: Christmas Gift Tags:


Winner: Shelly T.

Item #3:  Vintage Postcard Digital Download


Winner: Wendy H.

Item # 4: May Your Days Be Merry & Bright Digital Download


Winner: Jodi P.

Item #5: Merry & Bright Vertical Customizable Christmas Card


Winner: Mindy P.

Item #6: Merry Christmas Circled Flourish Customizable Christmas Card


Winner: Kristen F.

Item #7: Chalkboard Art Merry Christmas Pennant Customizable Card


Winner: Becky P.

Item #8: Bokeh Lights Digital Image or Customizable Christmas Card


Winner: Wendy H.

Item #9: Merry & Bright Horizontal Customizable Christmas Card


Winner: Becky P.

Item #10 – Merry Christmas Customizable Christmas Card  w/ color choice


Winner: Wendy H.

Thank you so much to everyone that entered the giveaway!!!

**If you are a winner – please go to our etsy shop and click the “contact seller” button and leave a message with your option choices. [If that makes no sense – just leave a message and we will let you know what your options are ;0)] Still Confused?  Email us at purdueavenue@yahoo.com.

**Erin & Mandi

Pin It To Win It Giveaway!!

We are so excited about our Etsy shops finally being open and we’d like to ask for your help in spreading the word… It’s time to play Pin It to Win It!  What’s that? How do you play? Well… You will be given various tasks through rafflecopter [more on that below] and with each completed task you will be entered for a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes…

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Hello December Journal Kit

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Santa Please Stop Here Customized Printable

Hello December Digital Paper Pack

**In the Purdue Avenue Shop Erin will be giving away:

1 OF EVERYTHING  {Click them all.  ha ha.}

All you have to do is click on the link and it will take you to Rafflecopter to complete the contest.  You will be directed from there.  Winners will be announced on Saturday December 1st.  Thanks for your help!!  Good Luck!!


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Happy Pinning!!

**Erin & Mandi


Only it a good type of conspiracy.

I think I may have mentioned it before.

When the universe conspires on my behalf.

This morning I got an e-mail from Pinterest indicating that they’re trying out secret boards. On my laptop [Windows based] I have a program called portfolio that  I love. When I switched over to Mac it was the only thing I really missed. That is when I finally caved and joined Pinterest. But I’ve been dreaming of having a secret board or two for quite a while now. I’ve got some stuff in the works. I like to keep the random ideas I have bouncing around in my head under wraps until I decide how exactly to proceed [or if they’re even worthy of developing]. My desktop is a mess because of all the inspiration ideas I throw to it because I’m not ready to have people guessing what I’m working on. So… hooray for secret boards.

And thank you Pinterest.

And, as if that weren’t enough, Spoonflower has announced they are introducing gift wrap. I’ve loosely been looking for/wishing for/hoping to find a place that prints custom gift wrap in small batches. And now here Spoonflower goes and delivers. Wow. And they’re having a giveaway! The only bummer is that it looks to be a limited time offering. I think it ends with the holiday season.

Thank you Spoonflower [though I wish you’d make it a permanent addition to your offerings].

So there you go, ask and ye shall receive. If you can dream it you can do it. etc.

ps. I’m hoping to introduce something I’ve been working on for the last couple of months next week. Here’s a little peek. As you can see, the actual desktop is a mess [in addition to the previously mentioned virtual one].

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

And the winners are…{FYI – I used the random number generator found HERE}

Winner of our Set of 6 Lemon Poppy Recipe Books:

Comment #2:

How could I NOT write anything fabulous to you girls here! Erin, I have decided I would just like to follow you

everywhere you go for all of the fun things you do and come up with!

I love this blog you girls have! One of my faves for sure! I have wanted these cookbooks

since I first saw them, think I even sent Karin a link on them….but haven’t ever gotten myself one!

Please random generator pick me!! (I pinned you also!!)

Winner of EllaBirds Child Sized T-shirt:

          Comment # 8: 

                          I send a message to Ella Bird in Etsy!
                                        Have a nice day 😉

Winner of JenniBee “Jack” Hand Painted Gourd

              Comment # 1: 

                 Wish I could paint like this! So super cute!



Winner of a Vinylicious “I Spy” Game

Comment # 11: 

             Hello from a new follower. What a great idea. Anything that keeps the young ones entertained & quiet is a                              

winner in my books. Thank you for your review. I’ll definitely head over & check out her shop!

Winner of any in stock 8×10 frame from Elements Frame Co.

              Comment #9: 

               Ok, I’m a dork… I went to her site but couldn’t find a place to coment. Am I missing something? Great selection!

Why don’t they have cool stuff like this around here???

Congratulations to our winners!!!  Email me your shipping info at purdueavenue@yahoo.com and I will pass it along to the sponsor.

And many, many, many thanks to our sponsors!!   They were such fun items!!!

And hey, if you’re sad you didn’t win…don’t forget you can visit their stores and buy what you like anyway!!

Just use the ad links on the sidebar & make sure to tell them that PurdueAvenue sent you their way!!!




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